10 Best Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers and Makers in Indonesia

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Are you stuck on the best kitchen cabinet supplier in Indonesia? Check this guide for the best ten kitchen cabinets suppliers in Indonesia you can trust.

1. VIVERE Group

The business has shown commitment to the production of premium furniture products. Since its establishment, it has won 34 awards showcasing its exceptional skills in this industry. The company offers a range of home, office, and other furniture products that make your dream come true.

Additionally, Godrej Interio has committed to preserving the environment by ensuring all its products have less carbon footprint.


Jakarta Barat, Jakarta

Key Products:

  •  Office furniture
  •  Home Furniture
  • Home Décor
  •  Furniture Component
  • Wardrobes

Recommended Reason:

VIVERE Group is trusted for its quality products and dedicated customer care services. Moreover, they offer extensive selections of home furniture and kitchens that clients can choose from.

2. Republic Furniture Group

Company Information

Republic Furniture stands out as a leading business in outdoor furniture supply. The company has experience of more than twenty years, and it is experienced in making many Indonesian furniture models. Moreover, the company has invested heavily in modern machines to ensure their designs are of the best quality.

Moreover, Sleek ensures every furniture product is crafted from the best quality materials and hardware to help their clients achieve their desired style.

Key Products:

  • Outdoorfurniture
  • Kitchens

Recommended Reason:

The company has two decades of experience in furniture making, and any other company can not beat its quality. Also, their products are of international quality standards.

3.CV Raisa House Indonesia

The Indonesian furniture manufacturer is recognized for its French furniture style. The company was established in 2010 and is known as the center of the furniture industry. After the company realized the market demand for furniture varies, they divided their company into three divisions, each with its specialization to satisfy clients’ needs. Moreover, their products are available in any finish, ensuring no customer is turned away without being served.

Additionally, Meine Kuche has ensured its products are environmentally friendly. That explains why their products rea completely recyclable.


Jepara, Indonesia

Key Products:

  •  Island
  •  Velvet
  •  Glory
  • Amazing
  •  Varieta
  •  Harmony

Recommended Reason:

Raisa House of Excellence has established its brand as a trusted brand offering nothing less than quality and affordability. Moreover, they offer a variety of furniture products.

4. Integra Group

Integra group has been recognized for its exceptional products that fit the export market. The company produces for domestic and export, and whenever you are across the globe, you can get their products.



Key Products:

  •  Kitchen cabinets
  •  Wardrobes
  • Vanities
  • Outdoor furniture

Recommended Reason:

Integra understands its market hence it can maintain business growth. Moreover, their products are of exceptional quality, and you don’t have to worry about unaffordable price rates. Additionally, the company is one of the largest wood manufacturers, and it is committed to environmental sustainability.

5. Tipomi Workshop

Kitchen Net has been operating for over 38 years, offering 100% aluminum cabinetry. The company’s primary aim is to satisfy customer needs with passion and professionalism. Moreover, the company has showrooms in various regions in Saudi Arabia to ensure they reach their customers in almost all areas.


Key Products:

  •  Kitchens
  • Bedroom set
  • Wardrobes
  • Walk in closets

Recommended Reason:

The company is the best in offering a comprehensive collection of furniture products. Moreover, they offer custom-made furniture products at an affordable price.

6. Fabelio

The Indonesian online furniture retail business works with local designers to manufacture unique furniture and home décor. Although the company currently sells its products in Indonesia, it aims to supply the entire South East Asia. The company was founded in 2015 and has continued to grow to a leading supplier of authentic furniture.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Key Products:

  •  Home Décor
  • Kitchens

Recommended Reason:

Fabelio works with the best designers dedicated to creating original and creative designs. They also work closely with the best factories to ensure their products have the best quality and affordable prices.

7. IKEA Indonesia

KAFCO was established in 1983, and since then it has been manufacturing all the states of Gulf and Middle East quality furniture products. The company has built a reputation for its impeccable innovation, cost efficiency, and maximum client satisfaction.



Key Products:

  •  Kitchen cabinets
  •  Free standing kitchens
  •  Living room furniture

Recommended Reason:

IKEA has built its name for delivering quality products to its clients. They have a wide collection of furniture at attractive prices and ensure your needs are fully met.

8. Goodwood

The international company was founded in 1995 and has since manufactured and supplied solid wood furniture globally. The business has grown from humble beginnings to a respected world-class furniture manufacturer that inspires others.

Currently, the company employs over one hundred trained workers with an extreme passion for ensuring the Goodwood business continues to grow. Employees treat each other as family, which has helped the company grow and earn its place in the international market.

Jepara, Indonesia

Key Products:

  •  Indoor furniture
  •   Garden furniture
  •  Custom furniture
  • Hotel projects


Recommended Reason:

The company has over two decades of experience in manufacturing luxury furniture products. If you are looking for exceptional durable goods and attractive prices, Goodwood company is the best.

9. Karya Rhema

Established in 1977, the company has supplied the people of Saudi Arabia with the finest kitchens. The company started as a fabricator for Aluminum doors and windows, with one company that had around 20 personnel. It takes pride in having among the largest collections of showrooms and factories all over Saudi Arabia.



Semarang, Indonesia

Key Products:

  • Modular living room set
  • Modular Kitchen set
  • Modular vanity set
  • Modular bedroom set

Recommended Reason:

The company produces the best customer satisfaction results. This has been attributed to their high-quality furniture products that fit anywhere in your home. The company is the best in easily transforming dream kitchens into a beautiful reality.

PA Kitchens

Established in 2008, PA Kitchen Cabinets has grown into an outstanding company that supplies quality furniture products to residents of China and globally. The company has established manufacturing facilities in various locations like Jakarta, Indonesia ensuring their international clients get timely delivery of products.

The team at PA Kitchen Cabinets is experienced in manufacturing, marketing, and customer service, which has made the business rapidly grow and gain popularity outside China. To ensure continuous high-quality of their furniture products, the company has automated its manufacturing process, ensuring only a few employees are involved.


Foshan, China

Key Products:

  •  Kitchens cabinets
  •  Bedroom wardrobes
  • Bathroom Vanity

Recommended Reason:

PA Kitchen gets its motivation from offering high-quality furniture products. Their main aim is to transform your dream kitchen into a reality and stay within your budget. PA ensures there is something for every budget and at an acceptable quality.


Going through the internet to search for the best kitchen cabinet suppliers in Indonesia can be time-consuming. That is why we have prepared this guide for you to save you time and bring you the best and most trusted companies. Depending on the products you need, we have presented the best companies you must choose from when deciding on your kitchen cabinets supplier.

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