White, whether matte or glossy, has been the predominant color in kitchen cabinets for a long time. With a white kitchen you cannot go wrong and even after years, you have not tired of seeing it. Meanwhile, the trend is clearly directed toward the use of other colors. Depending on the style of the kitchen, the range varies from light and natural to dark tones such as anthracite, black or oil. And more often, bright red, pink or yellow colors can be used. The painting of the kitchen’s walls is another quickly realizable possibility to make this area look new and tasteful. Let yourself be inspired and find the right color for you by following our tips.

First of all, your own taste should determine the color of the kitchen. It is important that it has a positive influence on the cooking experience, creating an appropriate atmosphere. Bearing in mind that the most convenient color will depend on the style of the kitchen. In a classic country kitchen, light colors like white and cream are preferable. In a modern country house, the colors can be natural, warm and also gray or black. Even pastel colors such as light blue or green and pink combine very well with this style. In which home materials such as wood and stone, as well as decorations and natural colors are characteristic.

The natural tones radiate warmth.

In modern wood kitchens, natural tones dominate, from light beige to dark brown. The maple wood is bright and gives the kitchens a pleasant and fresh character. The birch is also one of the clear woods that can be used. The spectrum of colors varies from yellowish white, through golden yellow to light brown. The alder wood kitchens have a warm and comfortable appearance if we add tones from orange to reddish brown. The walnut, on the other hand, has a range that goes from light to blackish brown. The dark color of the wood is cozy and elegant. The selection of these kitchen materials also implies a responsible attitude, respectful of nature.

In modern kitchens with a clear and purist design, the color white is the standard. But even natural and warm tones such as brown or terracotta fit perfectly into them. If you wish, you can combine white with black to create an elegant and timeless look. Fashionable materials such as concrete and stainless steel, fronts without handles and high-tech appliances are definitely part of this style.

As in these purist kitchens, beauty and practicality are optimally combined in the elegant variant. Muted colors like white, beige and black are the best. The elegant kitchens also look very chic if you use light wood with handles. The design should be discreet. The elegant kitchen style allows innumerable combinations of materials and colors. Let your ideas unfold freely.

Gray competes with white

The gray is clearly at the forefront in 2019. Almost no kitchen cabinet manufacturer give up this color in its offer. Both in modern concrete kitchens, where the gray in all its imaginable nuances plays the main role, as in the other styles.

In the industrial style, based on rough and sober materials, it is the best to stick to the spectrum of muted colors: there dominate gray, white and black. Even colors like gasoline, dark blue or dark brown are a perfect combination for this rough style.

If you like it colorful and want to experiment, Pop Art kitchens with their striking furniture are ideal. Bright colors such as pink, turquoise or bright red make the kitchen look modern, fresh and cheerful.

What wall paint fits for kitchen cabinets?

Painting the walls of the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. In this way, renovations and redesigns can be carried out quickly. Above all, it must be taken into account that it is necessary to renovate the kitchen more frequently than other places of the house due to the inevitable fumes that originate there. As with kitchen fronts, the choice of wall paint is, above all, a matter of taste. But the design of the furniture and the size of the room should not be neglected when choosing the color.

For the furniture and painting of the kitchen wall to harmonize perfectly, it is necessary to deal with the colors and their effects in advance. Because each color has a different impact on the atmosphere of a room.

BlueIt has a harmonious natural effect and brings peace to the room. Depending on the nuance, blue can provide a warm or cool environment. A bright tone creates the impression of air and space.
GreenGreen, in any of its nuances, works calming and also stimulating. It provides rest, relaxation and balance. In addition, green is ideal for lively and shared spaces.
YellowIt is the brightest color in the whole spectrum. It brings warmth, activity, and creativity. The yellow makes everything more friendly and cheerful. As a wall color, it has a cozy effect.
OrangeOrange is stimulating and creative. It provides comfort and vivacity and stimulates the senses for enjoyment and appetite. The combination of light and warmth creates a pleasant climate in the room.
RedThis color radiates life, activity, joy, dynamism, and strength. But it is only to be applied sparingly. An entirely red room quickly becomes overwhelming, so it is better to set accents and choose a single wall.
PinkIt is airy, light and stands out for its freshness. It is strongly dependent on the surrounding colors. Next to red it looks more red, close to yellow is warmer, with blue is cooler, close to white, it causes the impression of being paler, and next to black it is stronger.
GrayThis color is noble and calm, it can be combined very well and guarantees a greater individuality for each room. Let other colors stand out without stop being noticed.
BlackThe rooms painted in black look much smaller than the bright rooms. If only one wall is black, it creates a great contrast with the ceiling, stretches the room upwards and puts all the furniture in front of it as in a big scene.
WhiteThe white is clear and vibrant, interspersed with accessories such as photos. Large white areas look hard and tire quickly. Therefore, it is convenient to mix and match white with other tones.

Combine the colors correctly

There are infinite variations and, in general, a color matches its “neighbor” in the classic color wheel. All colors fit with white kitchens. With pastel walls, a white kitchen quickly loses its sterility. The wood kitchens go well with fresh and comfortable colors. The gray concrete kitchens are ideal for red, orange and yellow.

If a dining area is integrated into the kitchen, you can conjure up an atmospheric flair with another color. You don’t want to combine many colors in your kitchen? Then mix a neutral color like gray or cream with something colorful.

Be careful with the combination of bright colors with dark and rather serious kitchen furniture: this is not very nice. It is also unfavorable to use too many red tones.

Encourage yourself to use new colors: kitchen with green and white fronts.

7 tips for designing kitchen cabinets colors

  • The simplest way to harmonize the colors is by following the “tone on tone” scheme. The most beautiful colors are those that belong to a family. So you choose a fundamental tone and get subtle graduations over and over again
  •  Complementary colors can also be used – which are the opposites in the color wheel. So that everything becomes not too colorful, it is better to add a neutral color.
  • White is the most neutral color of all and always fits. However, pure white can be cold in large rooms. Cream or pastel tones have a better effect.
  • For dark or small rooms, bright colors are the best option. They reflect the incoming light and make the rooms look bigger.
  • Strong colors are excellent to attract attention. But in this case, less is more. So it is advisable to emphasize a single wall with strong colors and paint the others with neutral tones.
  • Very dominant kitchen colors, such as red, pink or violet, stand out better if combined with a cool white.
  • Use black paint only in doses: a wall or a niche painted in black look modern and elegant. Or leave a small white margin of five inches around. So the colored surface will resemble a large work of art painted on the wall.

Colorful kitchen utensils provide color

Another way to add color to the kitchen is through colorful kitchen appliances and accessories. The interchangeable fronts for refrigerators, such as the Vario Style model from Bosch, are perfectly suitable. The color front is held in place by brackets and hidden magnets and can be easily changed with a few simple steps. 19 attractive colors offer a wide range of possibilities to constantly redesign the kitchen according to your personal taste. Other kitchen cabinet manufacturers, like KitchenAid, also offer brightly colored appliances, with which you can give a special touch to your kitchen.