If you want an experienced Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacture, think PA Kitchens.
We’ve become a leading Chinese manufacturer by producing high quality and beautiful work, delivered on time for the lowest possible price. The German precision equipment we use ensures a high level of accuracy with good production speed. We can produce up to 8,000 kitchen cabinet sets or 5,000 customized sets every month.

Here are a few ways we’ve automated to keep production quality high and save you money:

Design Software Automation – Once our designers create an item to your specifications and confirm your order, the details are automatically sent to our integrated production equipment, reducing data entry errors, labor and time.

Production Equipment – We use HOMAG computer saws from Germany. These saws cut boards with exacting precision, without any chipping. It’s fast and efficient, producing enough cuts daily for 10,000 pieces. Our saws are integrated with our design software so we never have to retype specifications and risk errors. We have 3 edge banding machines, 2 KDT and 1 Nanxing. These machines allow us to finish 100 board pieces on all four sides every hour. We also have 3 drilling machines: One drills 1200 pieces every hour and has a sensor that stops the system if a panel is cut wrong. Another machine has a dual position for drilling holes; we can drill 1800 holes every hour.

Dust Removal System – We have a thorough dust removal system in every area. This is important because dust affects our precision machining and can foul newly-applied finishes, not to mention affect the health of our technicians. PA Kitchens is careful not to let that happen so we’ve spared no expense to do things right. Our devotion to our production process saves money in the long run and improves the quality of our manufactured pieces.

QR Code – We label all the parts to your cabinets and vanity order with a specific code that provides all the information about your order. We scan the code at every step of the production process, which ensures use of correct materials, sizes, hardware, inventory control and tracking. Again, we avoid human error and material waste so we can keep costs low and production moving forward on schedule.

PA Kitchens understands that succeeding in business requires diligence and professionalism at every stage. We don’t cut corners on quality.

Door Assembly – Our sliding doors are made in a German factory but assembled in our door assembly area. The roller for the sliding door is from OPK, the top Chinese brand. The raw aluminum used for our manufacturing processes is 1.2mm thick whereas the standard in the market is only 0.8mm thick.

Raw Boards – Every board we use in our manufacturing process is E1 standard. The formaldehyde release passes the strictest guidelines of ASTM International, which is even 2-3 times lower than the American standard.

Glue – We only use German glue called Jowat, best hot-melt glue in the world for our purposes. It only melts when it reaches 350°F (177°C). This means when we use it with the edge banding machines, it will melt and stick where it is supposed to, but when it cools, it will be very strong. It will never peel off under normal temperatures like other glues can.

PVC – The thickness of the PVC we use is 0.035mm, which means it will last 10 to 15 years in good condition as long as it’s maintained where moisture is not too great.

Painting – We paint the base coat and let it dry for 3 to 4 hours before we sand it. We repeat this process of applying a base coat, drying period of 3-4 hours, then sanding three times. We apply a lacquer topcoat finish over the chosen color. Like the base coat, we apply the topcoat, let it dry and reapply twice more. Our process produces a very shiny and smooth finish. The lacquer finish is the same as for the BMW car, so we call it our BMW finish.

Baking – Applying the topcoat in this fashion is more laborious and takes more time. Drying time requires at least 8 hours in baking room under 140°F (60°C).

Hardware – We use our QR system to check the total quantities of hinges, handles and other hardware needed for your order. We use top of the line hardware accessories from Blum. By using Blum products, we process top-level technology with maximum use of storage space.

Packing – We use the strictest international shipping guidelines for packing your order. The packing materials we use are strong and we include corner protection as well.

We can design and manufacture kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and bedroom wardrobes on a large scale for your next project and pass substantial savings onto you even after import and transportation costs. Talk to us first about our one-stop sourcing to find out if importing kitchen cabinets from China is right for you.