Kitchen Layout Pros & Cons: 5 Basic Types Demonstration

Kitchen Layout Pros & Cons: 5 Basic Types Demonstration

The kitchen Layout varies according to the different needs of the people in the kitchen. There are five basic layouts for the kitchen, but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Kitchen Layout

Introduction of Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is the most life-saving place in the home. It not only needs to meet people’s cooking needs but also needs to have a good storage function. Once it is not handled well, the stack of bottles and cans in the kitchen will easily make the whole kitchen look crowded and unavailable. order. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a good kitchen cabinet. A reasonable design and layout can make you more effective in cooking, and vice versa, it will make your life a mess.

Nowadays, the styles of kitchen cabinets are diverse, which are not only beautiful in appearance, but also meet people’s storage needs to a large extent, thereby greatly improving the quality of life. So how should you choose the one that suits you? Understand the following advantages and disadvantages, I believe you can easily choose a high-quality kitchen cabinet that suits you.

Kitchen Layout: Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Straight-Line Kitchen Layout

Straight Line Kitchen Layout

Advantages: simple structure, space-saving, suitable for small area kitchens. There are no obstructions during operation and everything is clear at a glance.

Disadvantages: The cabinet is relatively small and can’t store too many things; the counter is small and crowded with many people, making it inconvenient to operate.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Advantages: Complete functional partitions and sufficient storage space. In line with the concept of the “triangular area” in the kitchen, the triangular area of the kitchen refers to the storage area, washing area, and cooking area of the kitchen. The L type can basically meet the settings of these three areas and improve the efficiency of cooking.

Disadvantages: the price is higher than the one-line type, and the wall cabinets at the corners are prone to visual blind spots.

3. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U Shaped Kitchen Layout

Advantages: large area, can accommodate many people, and storage space is also larger. The U-shaped shape can realize a complete and smooth kitchen flow of “(take out) cleaning ingredients-processing ingredients-cooking”, and it can also be more smooth and convenient when cooking.

Disadvantages: There are requirements for the area of the kitchen, and the two corners are more difficult to handle during production, so the price is more expensive.

4. Island Kitchen Cabinets

Island Kitchen Layout

Advantages: It is mostly used in open kitchens, in which the island can be used as an operating table, as well as a bar or dining table, acting as a partition. The island is not only practical but also more welcoming. It can allow multiple people to cook together, increase the interaction during cooking, and reduce the loneliness of cooking alone, which is more in line with the needs of modern people.

Disadvantages: There are certain requirements for the area of the kitchen. The location of the smoke machine pipe, circuit, natural gas pipeline, etc. should be set before installation; and because it is an open kitchen, the oil fume is easy to run into the living room or other places, which affects the smoke machine The function has higher requirements.

5. Gallery kitchen Cabinets

Advantages: Clearly divide the kitchen functional area, one side can be used as a cleaning area, and the other as a cooking area, so there is more storage space. This type is mostly used in the back kitchen of canteens or restaurants, which can effectively use all the space and improve the efficiency of cooking.

Disadvantages: low integrity, waste of space in-home installation.


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