Lacquer cabinets work as one of the parts only in different interior furniture such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes/closets, and bathroom vanities. They have their own traits to attract much attention from the field of interior design, furniture, and building materials. But few resources detail them to an all-round Level. To professionals from the field or household individuals with zero experience, this article thus will go and give a detailed explanation including the Definition, Importance, Category, and Function of Lacquer cabinets.

White Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

What are Lacquer Cabinets?

Lacquer Cabinets are better defined as “cabinets with the surface finish of the lacquer paint”. The cabinet consists of the door and carcass two parts, and the lacquer paint is applied to the surface for one or both of the two parts. An essential precondition here, the cabinet has to be made of wooden panels.

Why are Lacquer Cabinets Important?

According to the data from Global World 2021, the demand and supply for wooden cabinets have been steadily increased in the past 5 years, and around 70% of wooden cabinets are painted with lacquer finishes. They are important to the public, especially for household individuals, interior designers, and cabinet manufacturers.

  1. Home Decor Option

Choosing the right cabinets for home use has been a problem for household individuals, especially on the options for the cabinet surface finish. There is because most households are too picky in the over options to choose one, which they assume is in the trend or high quality. So, the increasing consumption of lacquer cabinets offers hints to all household individuals and tells them that choosing cabinets with lacquer finish will be a not-wrong option for home decor.

  1. Interior Design Trend

Lacquer cabinets are still having their popularity in the field of interior design. On one hand, the demand for cabinets with lacquer paint finish is still going up; on the other hand, all the work for the interior designers should follow the needs of the consumers. So go ahead with no hesitation, interior designers can just design the interior furniture fully or partially taking the lacquer finish.

  1. Production Stimulation

Lacquer cabinets input the production stimulation for cabinet manufacturers. Stocking up with the goods and relevant raw materials has been an issue for manufacturers, custom furniture makers in particular. There is because of the shortage of relevant data or evidence that guides them the exact way. Go and prepare the lacquer paint and raw materials for the potential customers, for it is the market that demands it.

Four Categories of Lacquer Cabinets

How many types of lacquer cabinets are in the market? Usually, there are five categories according to the traits of their color, glossiness, shape, and coverage:

  1. Colors of  Lacquer Paints

There are decades of different colors that have been used in the lacquer paint currently. But the mainstream colors are always the same, and they are white, black, gray, brown, green, and blue as the preferences from the public. Other colors are actually the variant from these mainstream colors.

Lacquer Colors for Cabinet Doors

  1. Gloss / Matt Lacquer Cabinets

The lacquer finish for the cabinet can be Glossy or Matt according to the glossiness of the lacquer finish. The gloss lacquer finished cabinet is commonly used in the modern kitchen design, which brings the kitchen a sense of the in-trend fashion. But the Matt lacquer is most used to decorate the kitchen with a low-key profile. Therefore, both have their own features for the different needs of kitchen decor.

Gloss White Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Shapes of  Cabinet Doors

The shaped lacquer cabinets vary, and they completely depend on the exact shape of different cabinet doors, the lacquer finished doors. So what are the common types in the market currently? The list includes Framed/Frame-less Doors, Arched Doors, Squared Doors, and Lacquer-Framed Glass Doors. The selection for different shapes of cabinet doors is to meet the different needs of the interior decoration.

Cabinet Door Shapes

  1. Single/Dual-Face Lacquer

According to the degree of the lacquer paint coverage, the cabinet is usually painted with single-face lacquer or dual-faced lacquer. Cabinets with single-face paint are relatively cost-saving, and only the face of the cabinet needs to be visible. On the contrary, Dual-face lacquer offers better protection for the cabinet.

Two Basic Functions of Lacquer Cabinets

Lacquer cabinets are working as a part of the interior furniture in different rooms of the house. When they combine with different kitchen appliances, fitting, and accessories, they are kitchen cabinets in the kitchen room; when they are equipped with the bathroom mirror, faucet, and washbasin, they are called bathroom vanities; when they serve people in the bedroom, they turn to be the name wardrobe/closet.

They appear in almost all rooms in a house. But they serve people with only two basic functions: storage and decoration: (1) put away the right stuff just into the right cabinet; (2) the house is getting more beautiful/comfortable with the cabinets. The balance point for the two turns to be one of the top concerns to cabinet manufacturers, agents, and consumers.


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Key Takeaways

Lacquer Cabinets work as a crucial part of different interior furniture: (1) They are better as “cabinets with the surface finish of the lacquer paint”; (2) They have their own importance for cabinet manufacturers, interior designers, and even household individuals because of the increasing demand for them; (3) They can be mainly classified into four categories according to the traits of their color, glossiness, shape, and coverage; (4) They serve people with only two basic functions: storage and decoration.


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