2023 Kitchen Cabinets Trends

The kitchen is the coziest part of every house, especially in winter. Besides the aroma, what makes a kitchen more attractive is the layout of your furniture and, specifically, your kitchen cabinets.

Are you a big business or a contractor looking for some elegant and efficient kitchen cabinets for your place? The latest trends in kitchen cabinets give you a chance to look into the kind of kitchen cabinets that are most in demand.

As a cabinet maker, you must know the basic facts about kitchen cabinet designs and installing cabinets to ensure that you get the kitchen cabinets that make the kitchen look spacious; go for the one with the minimum countertop clutter.

But there is a lot more, so let’s discuss some new kitchen cabinet trends that will easily upgrade your kitchen construction or renovation.

1. Drawers in Kitchen Cabinets

Drawers in Kitchen Cabinets

Most Kitchen cabinets will be designed to facilitate the users as much as possible. The presence of automatic drawers in kitchen cabinets is an emerging trend in the industry, and people now prefer to have those kitchen cabinets that tend to open and close on their own.

Another fantastic feature that people prefer is the drawers that come all the way out so that even the items placed at the back are easily accessible.

The full extension makes the drawers look more prominent, and under-mount glides help to open the kitchen cabinets quickly and have a soft close, so there isn’t too much noise.

2. Shelving in the Cabinets

Shelving in the cabinets will be trending in 2023 because of how organized it makes the entire space look. The cabinets with proper shelves can store more items, and their design looks more appealing since the things inside look neat and organized.

Open shelves tend to get dirty, which takes more time and energy. They could be more efficient since the chances of getting the items dropped increased. They might require less material to make, but they might not be something that the buyers might be looking for.

Instead of investing in getting the open shelves, we suggest you contact the shelving in cabinets. This is because the shelved cabinets have proper borders and doors to keep the items saved.

3. Frames in Kitchen Cabinets

Frames in Kitchen Cabinets

The upcoming trends for kitchen cabinets prefer frameless designs, usually wall cupboards, because they are both less costly and more appealing. More time and effort are needed to purchase the suitable material for the frame and its installation.

In terms of quality, framed and frameless kitchen cabinets are similar; therefore, people usually prefer frameless ones. As there are frames, the doors aren’t edge-to-edge and therefore don’t give a seamless look which most people go for.

So more contractors have started getting frameless kitchen cabinets in several designs to make their kitchens look more efficient and appealing to customers.

4. Door Styles of Kitchen Cabinets

Solid Wood Door Styles of Kitchen Cabinets
White Door Styles of Kitchen Cabinets

There is a sea of styles for kitchen cabinet doors to choose from. A simple shaker door is a small square, five pieces, that doesn’t usually have a lot of moldings and color differences and has a central penal instead. The cherry on top, it’s cost-effective and appeal.

The most exciting part is the knob used. If you want to give the door an elegant look, you can add a sleek knob to it, and if you’re going to give it a traditional look, then installing a conventional knob will do the honors.

Why is the bulk purchase of shaker cabinet doors cost-effective? Because you can paint and design it according to your needs. Keep the door knobs and paint trending colors with you so you can change them easily whenever needed.

5. Overlay Versus Inset Kitchen Cabinets

Overlay Versus Inset Kitchen Cabinets

Overlay kitchen cabinets have doors on top of the frame, which might take more material to produce but less effort than inset kitchen cabinets. In inset kitchen cabinets, the door has to be inside the edges; therefore, there is little room for mistakes.

The inset kitchen looks more beautiful but is also costly. If you have a lesser budget, this item is not for you, but if we talk about the kitchen cabinet trends in 2023, inset kitchen cabinets are preferred.

6. Plywood Cabinets and Laminate Finishes

Plywood Cabinets
Laminate Finishes

A trend that might take over most kitchens in 2023 is plywood cabinets and laminate finishes. This is the best combination that is new in the market but will boost due to its effectiveness.

As a wholesale company, your first preference could be to satisfy your customers. Your customers will only be happy if you provide them with a mix of durability and style. The plywood cabinets and laminate finishes are the perfect combos in this regard.

The color possibilities if you choose laminate are endless, so providing your clients with the colors they are interested in makes it easier to select the laminate finishes. Plywood is durable and easy on the wallet, making it a better choice.

7. Customization

In 2023 people will prefer customized kitchen cabinets. This is because of increasing kitchen renovation and customization services, and this trend will be a bit pricey, so only some will shift to customization.

You can get your clients a bespoke kitchen, but many need more design capabilities to customize their kitchen cabinets properly and might hire a custom cabinet maker. So choosing the kitchen cabinet designs prevalent in TV serials or movies is an intelligent effort.

Just like people buy brands, they love getting the appliances and furniture used by the elite class of society.

Despite the increasing custom pantry cabinet trend, we suggest you invest more in spatially optimized and cost-effective designs.

8. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trend

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trend

Hardware on cabinet faces can elevate the look of any kitchen, which is why many people pay attention to this before choosing any cabinetry. Making sure you use stainless steel or hardware in your kitchen cabinets will boost sales.

All those glitters may not be gold, but shining steel will be worth it. Try looking for kitchen cabinet styles and colors that complement the steel-based adjustments since that will be a massive investment for your company. Installing a dishwasher in existing cabinets looks appealing when you have chosen chic hardware.

9. Advanced Design Technicalities

Most buyers are looking for kitchen cabinetry that does not need much effort to open, close, or manage. In such a scenario, if you have access to some kitchen cabinets with advanced design technicalities, your demand among the people could increase.

Providing kitchen cabinets based on modern technology can help you facilitate the client in countless ways, and therefore most might also choose your services based on this factor. Homeowners prefer to have kitchen cabinetry complementing their needs and lifestyle.

If your clientele is busy working people, having these cabinets in your stores or the building you are constructing will be nothing less than a blessing for you.

10. Single Layered VS Tiered

There is always a debate about what works better, single-layered or tiered kitchen cabinets. For offices, primarily a single-layered kitchen cabinet works the best since they get items in a bigger size to accommodate the staff.

While constructing buildings for accommodation, tiered cabinets are preferred as having specific layers to the entire shelf provides more space for the items to be stored. A mix of single-layered and tiered kitchen cabinets should be ensured while designing or purchasing the kitchen cabinets for accommodation purposes.

11. Trending Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you want your kitchen to be on the safe side where no criticism or extra appreciation might be given to your kitchen, then shaker cabinets are all you are looking for. Make your kitchen punctuate your style with a shaker cabinet style.

Famous for its versatility and chic look, the shaker kitchen cabinet style is first on the list, which is both impressive and elegant and will make your business boom in 2023.

It has no extravagant outlook, but it makes your kitchen look fine. Shaker cabinets have flat-panel doors and are also called “five-piece” with rails (horizontal pieces) and stiles (vertical pieces), presenting comfortable kitchen cabinet ideas.

If you have a calm and composed personality, a shaker kitchen cabinet style in one color of your choice, like the white shaker cabinets, will give your kitchen an expensive look. If you wish to give your kitchen cabinet a luxurious touch, we suggest a gold or chrome finish cabinet.

Open Shelves

Another significant trend for kitchen cabinets noticed in 2023 is the open shelves. However, this is not the first choice of most buyers because the trend of open shelves is slightly fading away.

It might be a popular thing among the students to go for these shelves because students can’t afford other frames and prefer to have such open shelves on which they can put both their pantry and other items, but this trend is decreasing.

Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinets are those cabinets that have a dark hue to them. These Cabinets are not just confined to the kitchen but can also be transformed into an office setting. Having dark kitchen cabinets gives you an edge over the others as a construction manager since these are loved by those who work from home.

If you are building a student accommodation or studio apartment, this could be the best choice.

Mix and Match

The mix-and-match design offers the best deal, but it is essential to be careful with this design. While teenagers would love this design, people with prior knowledge of kitchen cabinetry and designing or who have a specific taste might only like it a little.

So this trend is recommended for the contractors who are usually dealing with students or adolescents or maybe the people who are solely focused on getting accommodation.

But for the clientele with their unique taste, getting this design could be a gamble because they would either get it customized themselves or will go for a specific style. The installment of this style is also different from average cabinets, so a skilled worker is required for this task.

Natural Woods Cabinets

After a decade of different colors being introduced to the kitchen cabinet industry, the trend of natural wood cabinets is knocking at the door of the kitchen cabinet industry once again.

This trend appeared in the market following the popularity of the Scandinavian design known as hygge. Since then, the masses have been after natural wood cabinets, and a trend of buying such cabinets was seen in this domain.

European Style Cabinets

Another name for this style is frameless cabinets, based on the overall design of these cabinets. The framing in this style of cabinets gets covered by the edge-to-edge door style, which makes this design look sophisticated and straightforward.

Having at least two supporting hinges on the top and bottom of both vertical walls is essential. These are usually less expensive as less material is used (since you don’t need a frame).

This style is the most versatile one as it can mix with the other styles. Be it traditional or shaker style, you can quickly get a mix of European Style Cabinets which will give your kitchen a unique look.

This is the best style if you purchase kitchen cabinets in bulk for fall since it beautifully complements the season.

Raised-Panel/Traditional Cabinet Style

The traditional kitchen cabinet style also called “Raised-Panel” could be an excellent investment if you wish to give your kitchen a classical touch and organic ambiance. You can exude the look of your kitchen with the kitchen cabinet radiating Victorian architectural details with a glazing effect.

You can play with some primary colors to elevate its look. The traditional kitchen cabinet doors can do everything from making your kitchen look timeless to an antique look. You have to be careful about the colors to choose.

Modern Style Cabinets

Modern cabinet styles come in countless forms to elevate the well-deserved fan base of your kitchen. These are perfect for the people who love throwing parties in their apartments since these cabinets come with several compartments and features to handle your pantry, drinks, and whatnot.

Handle-free kitchen cabinets are the most exquisite examples of such cabinets since they operate based on the signals provided by touch or are controlled by some buttons. As the name suggests, you don’t have to push and pull; instead, the cabinets will do all the work for you. Crazy, right?

The Slab cabinet styles do not operate independently but have a budget-friendly kitchen cabinet price. Instead, you have to open and close them yourself. A flat panel or slab cabinet design is the most effective since it elevates the face of a kitchen and is deficient in maintenance. Say “bubye” to your duster, as you don’t need to clean your cabinets.

12. Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When it comes to colors, many businesses make the mistake of choosing different colors. Kitchen cabinets look the best in natural colors, and the most trending ones for 2023 are white, creamy, black, or blue kitchen cabinets. And if none of this is your style, then you should get the natural wood kitchen cabinets since that’s both in trend and effortless.

Blue cabinets will also be in trend in 2023 as many places, especially offices, prefer to have white, black, or blue colors. Flashy colors like red, yellow and green, etc., might be less trending in the longer run since both the accommodations and offices prefer not to have these.

Creamy color is solely for the office purposes of homes with a bit of country or rustic vibe. It fits the best for cottage design or exquisite buildings; there’s rarely in between. Dorian gray cabinets are also trending these days.

The average cost of painting kitchen cabinets is $762 (professional cabinet painting), with a typical range of $394 to $1,254.

13. Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Avoid

Cooler tones and a laid-back outlook replace all the flashy kitchen cabinet designs. The material for these is usually solid and not HDF for the panels. To save money, a kitchen cabinet designer might not tell you this, but it is better than a typical, cheaper material.

Another trend to avoid is using thermal foil, which is not that durable and doesn’t last as long as natural wood, which is why its trend seems to be decreasing.

14. Should You Have Kitchen Cabinets in Your Office?

If you don’t want your office to have a dull look, then go for having some chic-looking kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets will elevate the look of your office. Every office has a kitchen since they would need to get the tea made and the baked products heated up in the microwave.

However, the offices’ designs must be according to the space provided in the office. A small office might need a corner with advanced kitchen cabinets to place the pantry and other snacks, and you don’t need a full-fledged set of kitchen cabinets occupying too much space.

If you have a big office, you can have a proper kitchen with different cabinets to have your sink and other appliances like the microwave and refrigerator fixed.

15. Over to You

Now that we have told you about all the current trends in kitchen cabinets for 2023, we hope you will choose the best service for yourself. If you are a business company, contractor, or construction manager and need help selecting the most efficient, durable, and cost-effective kitchen cabinets, check out our cabinet store PA Kitchen.

At PA Kitchen, we ensure to provide you with the best services at affordable costs. You can also get some ready-made kitchen cabinets for sale. We have an organized and user-friendly kitchen cabinet gallery for you. So check out your options right now and start exploring!

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