Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding door modular wardrobes are great space savers as the doors don’t require any extra space to open up. It glide horizontally on metal channels fixed to the top and bottom of the closet. These doors afford plenty of room since they just glide sideways and don’t open out.

Sliding door wardrobe

Hinge Wardrobe

Hinge door wardrobes are the most common shutter style. They are the standard wardrobe solution, where the shutter opens directly in front. It is also called Swing Door Wardrobes, this is the commonest wardrobe type where the shutter is attached to the carcass of the closet by a hing

Hinge wardrobe

Walk In wardrobe

Beautify your kitchen cabinets with special decorative details and accessories such as finish molding, glass doors, decorative panels, shelving, and more.

walk in closet