In 2021 the kitchen will have a much different role. Today, the kitchen is the focal point of the home, the place that brings everyone together at the start of the day or after a long day away. Kitchen cabinets are the most defining feature of all kitchens. Make sure the right ones are chosen.

This is Leo Ou marketing manager of PA Kitchen, a cabinet supplier with over 12 years of experience for global market. I have witnessed the changes of favorite kitchen styles of different people by supplying cabinet products for all kinds of residential and commercial projects and I am happy to share it. It will be exciting if any of my tips can benefit those in need of advice for picking the right kitchen cabinets for their kitchen remodeling or new kitchens.


What to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Considering kitchen layout before designing

Kitchen layout determines the kitchen design to a great degree. The layout of the kitchen operation desk has different choices according to different unit types and areas, while different kitchen layouts have great differences in the later use of the function. A practical and comfortable kitchen can make cooking more comfortable.
You could plan your kitchen layout in infancy, and also make changes and alterations according to your requirements, user usages and behaviors.


U-shaped kitchen

A. U-shaped kitchen
In my opinion, it is the most practical and convenient way to install a kitchen in a U-shaped shape. The washing, cutting, and cooking can be arranged in a reasonable area. Basically, all operations are generated in one point; the feature is that the door is in the middle of a long side, in addition to the high availability of the countertop, there is sufficient available space on both sides of the stove, so the cooking experience is practical and convenient.

L-shaped kitchen

B. L-shaped kitchen
Owing to the width of kitchen units are limited; an L-shape kitchen is a suitable option. An l-shaped kitchen is one of the most convenient and commonly seen ways of small space.

Corridor kitchen

C. Corridor kitchen
Some kitchens have living balconies, Corridor kitchen is a common type of kitchen and had been applied extensively in a lot of Europe and America family. This type of kitchen separates the cleaning and cooking functional areas. It is suitable for the kitchen with large space or narrow length. Besides, Cabinets can be set on both sides to accommodate families with large demand of storing.

Open-plan kitchen

D. Open-plan kitchen
This fully equipped kitchen opens up to the outside to serve a family’s alfresco dining and entertaining needs. Usually, Open-plan kitchens are of ample cabinets and light filtering in from all sides. But the biggest problem is lampblack pervasion. If you do not want to change the open kitchen setup, the best way is to increase the power of range hoods.

Storage function of the kitchen

Storage ways of kitchenware
As for a lot of people, Kitchen is an important living space for daily life. A considerable number of kitchenware will be placed in the kitchen everywhere, so is likely to look messy in the kitchen. So how to store the kitchenware is a question which we should take into deep consideration.
A. Hanging
Hanging is the most convenient way of storage, which is very suitable for the commonly used kitchenware.
The hanging bar is the most common hanging storage solution in the kitchen. It is usually used to store spoons, shovels and storage baskets which are frequently used. And It is easy to handle and can drain water immediately.
For knives, condiments and pot covers, it is necessary to select suitable hanging tools and store them in a convenient place.
B. shelving
Using shelves or partitions to store, is also the centralized placement of commonly used items.
Partition storage is also a common way of storage at present. It is more convenient to Store grains and cereals in a cool, dry place, and commonly used pots, cups can be separated through a partition.
C. Cabinet storage
To separate and adapt to the shape of the object so that it can be put down in the right place like pullout baskets and drawers, which are good ways of storage.
Classification, actually, separation processes are accompanied by the classification process. But the difference is that the core of classification is whether the objectives can be found quickly and accurately.

Color and Style matching

Kitchen floor tile should match with the style of cupboard. The kitchen floor tiles should consider safety and utility. If you want to pursue a harmonious and unified visual effect, then the color of the floor tiles should keep the same color style with the cabinet as much as possible.


To make a budget, first of all, we need to figure out which parts of the remodeling your budget will include.
The budget roughly includes material cost, labor cost, design cost, and management cost.
A. Decorative material cost, which includes wall tiles, floor tiles, ceiling, doors and windows, lamps and other decoration materials and labor costs.
B. Cabinet cost will count for about 60% – 80% of the total cost, which is the main cost of kitchen decoration.
C. Accessories cost, for example, washing basin, faucet and all kinds of basket and other accessories.
D. Kitchen appliances, for example, range hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave oven, etc.
E. Tableware and kitchenware.
Are you going to build a luxury techno kitchen like the ones in the movie or just a basic functional one to feel like home?

The combination of practical sense and stylish sense—Multipurpose Islands:

Can you imagine when you walk to the coffee pot in the morning, pour a cup, and sit down next to your family at the kitchen island?
Along with development trend of the living standards, the functions of kitchen islands are no longer a place of eating food. Modern people are pursuing single level larger sizing and serving multiple uses to meet their practical needs, and it’s really hard for us to find the extra room in kitchen design; space utilization is important aspect of consideration.
In 2021, the design of kitchen islands will create an innovative solution to fit the time. The kitchen will extend into living room spaces in homes with an open plan as one of the solutions, being fitted with various under-counter appliances while also providing seating–serving as casual dining or drinking bar. Islands will play an important role in kitchen design.



Kitchen Cabinet Types and Styles

First of all, Framed and Frameless are two major categories within cabinetry.

Framed and Frameless cabinets

  1. FRAMED CABINETRY (Traditional Style)
    Framed cabinets are manufactured with a solid wood frame made of hardwood that is built into the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet box. Learn more about the differences between framed cabinet and frameless cabinet here.
  2. FRAMELESS CABINETRY (Streamline Designs)
    In addition to framed cabinetry, one of the best advantages of frameless cabinets is its flexibility and freedom of choice.


Materials of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet is all about wood material since most of the parts are made of wood. Here are the major wood-based materials for kitchen cabinets:
1. Hardwood
Some of the most popular woods include oak, hickory, cherry, hard maple, birch, ash and pine which are all popular among most of the common families.
There are many obvious reasons to choose hardwood as the material. It’s natural, unique in texture and color, durable, appealing to the home-style lovers.
There are also reasons not to. It’s expensive and not easy to handle. Especially when customization is required, there will be lots of wastage which is making the cost high as well.
2. Plywood
Plywood is created by laminating thin layers of wood on top of each other through a mix of glue, heat, and pressure for strength.
It’s significantly suitable for cabinets for its moisture resistance and flexibility for production and installation. Good strength and reasonable cost are also advantages.
However, it takes a good thickness of material to maintain strength over time.
3. Particle Board
Particleboard is under a poor impression for its bad quality from some of the cheap products in the market although it is unfair. Unless you can find a supplier like PA Kitchen using top quality PB for the cabinets, the lifespan of the kitchen is not guaranteed. Anyway, it’s so affordable that apartment homes and contractors for large projects are very likely to use PB as material.
4. MDF
Due to its unique composition with smaller fibers, MDF is strong and highly durable.
MDF is resistant to warping and expansion from temperature changes and moisture.
The biggest advantage of MDF is, since the surface of medium-density fiberboard is smooth in finish, it lends itself well to being painted or stained. It’s commonly used for kitchen doors in lacquer with shaker style.
5. Wood Veneer
This is an affordable alternative if a wood look is to keep. A 2mm thick wood veneer is typically glued and pressed to particleboard or MDF to produce flat panels, as a result, the cost is much lower.
But in the end, it’s a finish instead of a material.
6. Laminate
Laminate is usually a composition of three layers: a base layer of paper, a printed and colored layer, and a protective transparent layer. It is very similar to wood veneer.
7. Thermofoil
Thermofoil or thermoplastic is another popular non-wood option but can be made into a wood finish look. Both laminate and thermofoil are cost-saving cabinetry options. Pure color and wood grain are both available.


Effective Storage Cabinets

One of the foundations of a functional kitchen is kitchen storage. These can include appliances garages for small appliances, drawer dividers for cutlery & utensils, pull-outs for spices, tray dividers, roll-out trays and caddies for pots & pans; as well as wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables and/or deep drawers. These will make it easier to store foods, drinks, and small appliances.
We will also see a range of new kitchen storage options throughout the whole kitchen–focused on making daily lives more effortless and making cooking fun. My advice on choosing the accessories will be:
1. A good brand means reputation and guarantee. Get a durable mechanism and try to avoid the one without brands or with brands you never heard of. Do not frequently replace or change the accessories.
2. Pay attention to the warranty.
3. Look at the instructions to see if it fits in the right size and space.
4. Ask yourself “do you really need it” before you check out.

If you want to spend a longer time with the accessories that you spent money on, please also use it in a proper and gentle way as much as you can. Even the best quality items have a limited lifespan. Keep it clean and maintained.


How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Match Decor

It is widely accepted that the hardware should go with the style of the whole kitchen.
Generally speaking, there are several good thoughts about it.
1. Keep the finish in a similar or same way. For example, lacquer painting doors should go with invisible drawer pulls or beveled handles.
2. Match the colors. Black doors match with dark color skirting and knobs, or white for visual contrast. Or white kitchen cabinets go with black ones vice versa.
3. Don’t forget about the background tiles and the flooring and the appliances. Everything is in the same picture.
4. Once again ask yourself “do you really need it” before you check out.


How Much the Kitchen Will Cost

When it comes to the sensitive but essential issue, we should be honest to ourselves and keep everything under a budget. Define the level of your kitchen and stick to it.

Particleboard or thermoplastic material with wood grain color door finish is a good economic combination. Keep several basic under-mounted slider drawers for basic use. Swing open doors with short handles instead of push open, leave the fridge away and keep a 15mm countertop and basic hinges are all it takes to have a basic affordable kitchen. To be honest, cheap always relate to a less durable and poor look. But as long as it functions very well it should not be a problem.

The medium kitchen uses Plywood and MDF for the cabinets to make it durable without rotting in a wet condition. A medium kitchen should be equipped with a few storage accessory baskets for waste, bottles, appliances.
White shaker door with plywood carcass is a common combination when you look at medium kitchens. Wood veneer is also an option if a wood look is preferred.

Quality solid wood or hardwood finish is considered as a luxury kitchen. A luxury kitchen will be using BLUM hardware and all the sizes and details are highly customized for space. Most importantly they provide services including measuring and after sales maintenance.


Cabinet Installation Cost

When the cabinet installation cost is considered, there are always several aspects making a difference for a contractor.
1. Size and area. It’s a quick and simple way to estimate the cost.
2. Material. Like what was mentioned above, hardwood cabinets are heavy and difficult to handle while plywood is much easier. That makes a difference.
3. RTA cabinets or bespoke cabinets? That is decisive. Here is the explanation.
RTA cabinets are pre-assembled in a semi or full way. Incredibly cost-effective, good quality, and faster delivery than a typical home remodeling chain stores, that is ready-to-assemble cabinets. Nowadays, RTA kitchen cabinets are catching the eyes of kitchen designers everywhere for the reason that, they offer economic benefits along with style. And the contractor is going to love it.


Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinets?

Explain the available options a homeowner has and their pros and cons.
As far as I know, homeowners go to the kitchen showroom most of the time when it becomes necessary to buy a new kitchen. They have all the steps to guide you through the whole process from walking in and start looking, to completing the job at the site. All kinds of services are optional which covers theoretically everything you need. Most important among those services are, they have designers sitting there in patience or not assisting you with the dimensions and styles. Nothing should go wrong but it will cost you a lot of time and money.

Another option will be going to a material market place like Home Depot, IKEA. Assume you know exactly what you need and how you are going to work things out, you will only need to grab the right size cabinets (which are usually RTA cabinets) and take back home and play with it yourself or with your family and friends. You may not need a contractor at all. This is the most economical and cost-saving way.

There is one more situation that you need a kitchen done in a limited time without spending too much time and energy on it you go to a contractor. The contractor takes care of all the material and installation. You can have something specific for him/her but after the proposal is settled you will only need to sit and wait for a new kitchen. It also works when you are working on a kitchen remodeling.

Just keep in mind that it does not make any sense to go to distributors or wholesalers because they are not the right one to go even if they have a better price.
I hope this article will give you ideas when you are picking the kitchen cabinets, either for a new home or a remodeling job. Please turn to a physical store to get further information before the decision, or visit our HOMEPAGE if you are a dealer.

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