Choosing the right wardrobes manufacturers and suppliers can be a daunting task. Hence, to make things easy for you, we have provided a few factors to consider when looking for the best wardrobe manufacturers and suppliers.

Let’s get down to it!

5 Important Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Wardrobes Manufacturers and Suppliers

1. Use Bid-Price Strategy

Invite several bidders and compare the proposed price of the wardrobes. An expensive bid or one with a high price tag might not be the best option, and low bids might also be a sign of low quality. So, I recommend you to go for an average bid.

2. Find out their Least Order

What are the least order requirements? I’d go for a supplier who can make one custom wardrobe for me as a homeowner. Ensure the manufacturer consent to this before proceeding with the contract.

3. Do They Have Proof Of Maintaining Quality Standards?

Check the quality of their products. Look for proof of any quality standard certifications such as ISO 9001. It is better to go for a manufacturer or a supplier who complies with quality standards.

4. Consider Their Manufacturing Capabilities and Lead Time

How many units can they produce or supply in the shortest period? I’m sure you have a specific time frame you want your wardrobe delivered. Can they meet up at that time? Getting answers to these questions will help you make an informed decision.

5. Do They Accept Other Measurements And Design Processes?

How do they go about the design and production processes? Do they meet design specifications and measurements? Like I said earlier, decide the size you want and ask them if they can go by it.

Here is a bonus tip.

Do they offer Project Support like helping you assemble and install the wardrobes? During these steps, a problem can arise, and the best help can only come from the supplier. Ask if they have a dedicated customer support team to provide such services.

How to Buy Custom Wardrobes Online from PA

The process of buying PA products online involves the following steps:

1. Start a Quotation or Drawing

You’ll have to submit your design specifications or drawings to ensure you get your choice wardrobe. Send your specification or drawings so they can start working on it.

2. Drawing Analysis

Here, our team will turn the specifications into a design. If you have already submitted a drawing, we will check and optimize it according to the production standards.

3. Design and Approval

You will receive different designs to choose from. You can also suggest changes, and we’ll consider them. Then you’ll approve the final design.

4. Sign a Contract

After design approval, we will present a paper for you to sign. The paperwork outlines the terms and conditions of the contract and acts as a binding legal document. Next, you pay for the deposit, and production commences.

5. Logistical Service

PA packages the unassembled custom wardrobes and forwards them to your shipping company. You will receive your package in the next 25-40 days from the day we initiated the contract.

6. Installation

You are to confirm the received package and sign the receipt note. Your team or technician can then proceed to install the wardrobes. We’re also available to offer technical support when needed.

Wrap Up

Selecting the right custom wardrobe manufacturer and supplier is not an easy task. Hence, we provide a few tips to make your wardrobe purchase or design journey easy. These include;

  • choosing the right price,
  • ensuring your supplier adheres to quality standards
  • considering their least order and measurement process

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