Kitchen Manufacturer

PA Kitchen offers 10 production lines including edge banding, cutting, lacquering, hole drilling and PVC filming. We use production machines and software from HOMAG in Germany. This precision equipment ensures a high level of accuracy with good production speed. We can produce and deliver up to 15,000 kitchen cabinet sets every month.

Do you have a large project? Are you looking for an experienced kitchen cabinets China manufacturer? If so, here’s our Production Process


1. Designer finishes the drawing through PA Kitchen design & production software.

2. Designer submits drawing through the system to the production department.

3. Production Department uses the software to automatically analyze the drawing and feed the mechanical specifications and the data requirements to our machine systems.

4. Our precision machines automatically produce project components according to the engineering data.

5. We institute QC checks at each step along production and track everything through a project bar code attached to each panel or package.

Quick Response Code:

We use QR codes to track and follow your order. After initially checking the material list required for your order, we send your data automatically to our production machines.

Every board or panel gets its own printed tag so all we have to do at each step in the production process is to scan the QR code for all the information necessary to produce and complete your order.

After packing your order for shipment, we recheck the material and packing list with the QR code to confirm your order is complete. Everything is visible and ready for shipping!

IDPI System

PA KITCHEN takes pride in its Intelligent Design & Production Integration System(IDPI SYSTEM) . This system integrating design,production and quality control is a major guarantee for PA to maintain its comprehensive competitiveness. The data on design and production can be shared and used in one system, which can largely reduce the labor participation and human errors. (The record we had shows that the error rate is less than 0.1% now instead of 5% before because of this beautiful system)

PA KITCHEN specialize in whole house customization, using IPDI System to design and production, after the order is completed by the designer, a data package will be generated and sent to the manufacturer department for order optimization. All the data for order constitution will then be transmitted to each stop and machine for producing preparation. What the worker choose to do now is just to enter the order number, or scan the QR code of the order, and then to follow the instructions on production operation showed on the digital screen.

What does any of this mean to you? PA Kitchens is a leading Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer because we use technology to keep our prices low, our product quality high, and our manufacturing times short. We stake our reputation on providing everything you could ask for at competitive prices.

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