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Our Facilities

We are an 12-years-experience professional manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and bath vanities with 2 massive manufacturing factories located in Foshan, China, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

PA KITCHEN China factory is the HQ company and factory located in Foshan, Guangdong started in May 2008.  It is proud of its advanced production equipment from Germany, an outstanding intelligent production management system (intelligent digital automatic control system), and an experienced team specialized in manufacture, management, marketing, designing, order fulfillment, and customer service.  This automatic system is reducing a lot of the human labor involved as well as the inevitable human mistakes.  The capacity of annual production is over 100,000 sets.

PA KITCHEN Indonesia factory (exclusive for US market) is set up and started in the 3rd quarter of 2019 in Jakarta.  The same model of production machines as the China factory is put into use.  We also bring our skilled and experienced management team to the Indonesia factory to make sure the whole system runs as effective and smooth.  Since the system is a copy of the HQ, the numbers of labors and workers involved in production are impressively small due to high automation.

The advantages of PA KITCHEN Indonesia factory (exclusive for US market):

  1. feasible solution: we can ship from Indonesia to the US market and get rid of AD/CVD;
  2. cost-saving: it is duty-free for importing from Indonesia;
  3. massive production of RTA frameless cabinets meeting the US market standard.
Chinese professional kitchen cabinet manufacturer
Indonesia kitchen cabinet manufacturer

Our Story

Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturer export teamkitchen cabinet manufacturer China factory

When you are designing, contracting or building an apartment complex or planned community, every dollar counts.  We understand that.  We know that ordering goods from Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturer may not have even been on your RADAR.

We also understand that if you have not purchased items made specifically for you from China before, you may be naturally resistant to the idea.  You might wonder about our quality.  Or think that importing will be too difficult, or too expensive. Your country might even place tariffs on imports so the idea of importing may be off-putting at first.

We understand these initial concerns because almost everyone has them.  Yet we work diligently to set the record straight and to pave the way for you to save money.  In just 12 years, we have built PA Kitchens into a leading manufacturer and exporter of kitchen cabinet, wardrobes, and vanities.  We’ve filled more than 500 orders from 60 different countries, making us experts in the process.

We started our manufacturing company in May 2008 with just 15 employees. Now our factory in Foshan, China measures 40,000 square meters with a large-scale workshop so we can serve our customers better and faster.  Our facility capably produces more than 100,000 kitchen sets annually to meet the demands of more than 400 showrooms around the world.  Our experienced team includes more than 50 sales representatives and 150 highly-trained manufacturing and design technicians with advanced skills in production, design, and installation.

As a business person yourself, you know a company doesn’t reach this level of success and growth overnight.  We’ve earned business by serving our international customers well and by delivering quality construction.   We have a great reputation in the industry because we built PA Kitchens through satisfied, repeat customers.

We now live in a global community.  Whether you have placed an order for kitchen cabinets from China before or not, we will do our best to make your experience with us GREAT.

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Our Belief

We are one of China’s fastest-growing manufacturer because we strongly believe we can always improve.  That’s why we aren’t afraid to use different technologies to make things better.  And why we aren’t afraid to innovate, creating designs no one else has.

We don’t try to manufacture everything.  We focus on creating a diverse line of stylish yet utilitarian designs, then manufacturing the best kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanities and bedroom closets available anywhere for any price.

We believe our homes should be enjoyed…let us help you make this possible.


PA Kitchens Stats at a Glance

Our Timeline

11月 10, 2019

A branch manufacture facility has been set up in Jakarta, Indonesia,to expand US cabinet’s market.

8月 18, 2018

100,000+ sets of kitchens, 20,000+ home furniture, 155,000+ bathrooms, are produced annually.

3月 2, 2017

An additional 1,500 square meter showroom is completed. This showroom houses are all our new products, including kitchens, wardrobes, home furniture, bathrooms, and more.The number of showrooms around the world has now grown to surpass 400.

10月 23, 2016

With its flourishing success in overseas markets, PA  sets up offices in  Australia, and Malaysia

9月 8, 2014

PA expands its product line and starts implementing Full House Solution

2月 27, 2013

The new 35,000 square meter factory, which houses carcase, lacquer plants, showroom,and offices, is put to use.PA becomes the one of largest cabinetry manufacturer in Guangdong

6月 2, 2010

We start using the new trademark, PA ,PA  starts to expand internationally, setting up exporting department with a professional sales team

5月 9, 2008

Founded in 2008, Baishan was China’s a leader in modern industrial kitchen manufacturing. Since then, we have been consistently devoted to bettering kitchens and homes worldwide.

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