Open up the space to allow the house to absorb as much sunlight as possible. ——PA KITCHEN

Neighboring the natural waterfront, connecting between clouds and waters has been a portrayal of people’s ideal life since ancient times. PA KITCHEN is fully aware of the deep meaning of this. By using pure and restrained minimalism techniques, it grabs inspiration from natural poetry and artistic aesthetics, and optimizes the design with three themes of Modern Fashion, Elegant Oriental, and Italian Entry Luxury, which greatly integrate space, lifestyle, and aesthetic, increase the interest of urban life, and enhance the living experience.

The combination of the entrance locker and the shoe cabinet gives beauty and function. The public area combines with the layout structure, and uses a large number of geometric elements to make the space more relaxed and no longer restrained. The strong contrast between black and white increases the visual scale of space. The wood texture is warm and comfortable.

The living room, dining room, and kitchen are covered in simple and elegant colors. Tezian Collection balances the space with a comfortable and soft life aesthetic.

Integrating the beauty of nature and the spirit of heaven and earth, and putting natural features into the space design, Ligacy Collection of PA KITCHEN uses a large natural gray-tone stone to form a single color in the background, and then uses a snowflake white marble TV wall to break the dullness of the space, and uses modern artistic techniques to create an aesthetic space. There are multiple functional combinations in the living room: Mom is watching TV, children are playing on the ground, and Dad is leaning on the bay window and reading a book, as if the sunlight is telling a happy family.

When we interweave the created or new-born art with profound and subtle expressions, the space has order and life has a deeper meaning.

The meaning of whole-house customization is to convey different feelings to people: light, steady, elegant, or classic… in a way to explore the cultural heritage of urban residents. PA KITCHEN takes minimalism and light luxury as the core, creates the ideal home filled with a living soul.