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Providing local service in the United States with better quality and prices than US cabinet manufacturers

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PA Kitchen is one of the top ten professional cabinet manufacturers in China. And we have a factory in Indonesia so that you can source cabinets from China without tariffs.

We have 20 professional designers who can customize your dream kitchen well according to your needs.

Custom Cabinet

We have 27 professional designers who can customize your dream kitchen well according to your needs.

Assembled Cabinets

Assembled Cabinets

Pre-assembled cabinets are delivered to your site fully assembled by us, saving you significant labor time.

semi custom kitchen cabinet

Semi-Custom Cabinet

With a wide variety of the most popular door styles and colors available in semi-custom cabinets, you can easily find the look at a great price.


RTA Cabinet

Ready-to-Assemble cabinets are our most affordable cabinets. You can expect to save 15%-20% when purchasing RTA cabinets compared to the same pre-assembled cabinet.

PA kitchen cabinet factory

About PA

Guangdong PA Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 in Foshan, China. There are 2 headquarter factories in China and 1 overseas factory in Indonesia and 4 major overseas sales branch offices under PA.

Prices are more affordable than US cabinet makers and the quality is better

Quality Assurance

PA KITCHEN & FURNITURE develops the advantage of resources integration to enlarge the supply chain, and hope to set up strategic partnership with top raw material suppliers from technique, panel materials to hardware accessories so we could ensure the quality for each small process. 


German Homag automatic production line

Precise production to ensure stable product quality


Austria Blum imported hardware

Using Blum door hinges, the service life reaches more than 200,000 times, more than 10 years of use guarantee.


Nuomi whole house hardware customization

High quality steel, simple and beautiful shape, very good anti-corrosion performance, long service life.


Opk Group Furniture Pulleys

Smooth, unobstructed, smooth and silent sliding


Examining the BMW baking process

BMW baking paint, paint stability, mirror effect is outstanding, no chipping, strong light for a long time without discoloration.

Super environmental Production E1 grade board

Environmentally friendly panels, safe and healthy

Kitchen cabinetry can fit your unique style and needs with our custom design. Our free 3D design service lets you see how they look in your space before you buy. No more cluttered countertops, only a more organized and functional kitchen. Upgrade your space today with our kitchen cabinetry. Contact us now and get started.


Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!

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Kitchen Cabinetry Production Process

We spend more than millions to develop the lntelligent Design and Production System(IDPI system in short) , which integrates design, production and quality control. The data from order, design and production can be shared and used in one system.

This system can significantly reduce the labor involvement and human errors. (The record we had shows that the error rate is less than 0.1% now instead of 5% before because of this beautiful system).

What does this mean to you? PA Kitchens is a leading Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer. We use technology to keep our prices low, product quality high, and manufacturing times short.We stake our reputation on providing everything you could ask for at competitive prices.

Our Material Advantage

Our materials are all environmentally friendly

Particle Board

PA particle board has a very low formaldehyde release that meets the E0 standard. It does not have any pungent smell and it is resistant to moisture. The density of PA particle board is around 680kg/m³.


PA plywood is made of eleven layers of wood and has a very low formaldehyde release that meets the E1 standard. It does not have any pungent smell,  strong and stable.


PA MDF board has a very low formaldehyde release that meets the E1 standard. It does not have any pungent smell and it is suitable for making shaker doors. The density of PA MDF board is around 730kg/m³.


PA PVC offers a wide range of colors, and PVC film is 0.035mm thick. It can last for 15 years with proper use. PA uses German glue, a key material for PVC products, that ensures a strong and high adhesion between the PVC film and the panel.


At PA Kitchen, lacquer cabinets require a high level of craftsmanship and quality control. The surface of lacquer cabinets is sprayed and baked with imported paint six times, three base coats, two top coats, and one gloss coat.


PA melamine board is a durable and attractive material for your furniture. Melamine board has a scratch resistant surface that can withstand harsh treatment. Even if we use an iron brush to scrub it, the surface remains smooth and shiny. 

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