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Modern kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinet

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Traditional Kitchen Cabinet

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L Shaped Kitchen

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U Shaped Kitchen

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RTA Kitchen Cabinet

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Projects

Our kitchen cabinets are designed to fit your unique style and needs. With our free 3D design service, you can see exactly how they will look in your space before you buy. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to a more organized and functional kitchen. Get started now and upgrade your space today!

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Process

1. Send quotation or drawing

After identifying your preferred kitchen cabinet manufacturer, you can contact our sales team or customer support representatives. In this phase, you will specify the kitchen's characteristics such as size, materials, design and finishes. If you already have drawings or pictures, you can also submit them.

2. Graphic analysis

Evaluate submitted design specifications or drawings and generate an optimized design. At least two different versions should be made.

3. Design and Approval

Our design team will hand over our work to you to inspect and verify that it meets your requirements.

4. Sign a contract

PA Kitchen manufacturers only pay a portion of the total cost to get started, while others expect you to figure everything out first.

5. Logistics Services

In many cases, the manufacturer will work with your shipping company to deliver the produced kitchen cabinets to you. They are packaged and forwarded to the company that will handle the goods.

6. Install

There should be an installation guide that you can follow to install your kitchen cabinets, but you can also ask the PA manufacturer for help. You should get help from our installation team.

Quality & Warranty

PA KITCHEN & FURNITURE devotes to offering cabinet products with top quality and satisfying after-sales service.


Healthy Kitchen

A healthy kitchen is one in which the materials and methods of installation are free of harmful carcinogens – in addition to always being sturdy and durable. PA Kitchen & Furniture uses FSC-Certified/ California Air Resource Board (CARB)/ E1 classification level of formaldehyde wood materials to help reduce any toxic fumes often used to build a kitchen.

Certified by

The Advantage of Cabinet Materials

Particle Board

PA particle board only has very low Formaldehyde release, can reach E0 standard, no any pungent smell. It is a moisture proof material. Its density is about 680kg/m³.

Plywood Board

PA plywood has eleven layers wood and only has very low formaldehyde release,can reach E1 standard,no any pungent smell.

MDF Board

PA MDF board only has very low formaldehyde release,can reach E1 standard,no any pungent smell.It is a material to make shaker doors.Its density is about 730kg/m³.


PA PVC has many color selection, the thickness of PVC film is 0.035mm,it can be used for 15 years long.PA uses Germany glue which is very important material for PVC products, high adhesion which makes the PVC film strongly stick on the panel, hard to shell off.


PA lacquer has even color,smooth surface without bubbles, good mirror effect, not easy to drop paint.


PA melamine board is scratch resistant,even we use a iron brush to brush it,the surface still looks good.

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