The overall design of Zunyi store is atmospheric and fashionable, and it is spacious and tidy inside displaying a number of new-released product collections. Consumers can clearly and intuitively feel the actual effect of a variety of customized styles.

There is a saying: “one who can do great things must have wisdom and pattern”. Mr. Qin, general manager of PA KITCHEN Brand Franchised Store (Zunyi, China), saw the opportunity in the current hot home building materials market. He resolutely gave up his management work in a five-star hotel that he had been engaged in for more than ten years, and decided to make a new decision for his life.

Under the background of the promotion policy for hardbound housing in China, Mr. Qin thinks that the “whole-house customization” market is huge and will become the mainstream of the home furnishing in the future. Therefore, Mr. Qin germinated the idea of engaging in “whole-house customization”. After a long time of market research and comprehensive evaluation of the brand PA KITCHEN, he was deeply moved by the product quality, technology, design, marketing and franchise policies. After careful comparison, Mr. Qin was determined to cooperate with PA KITCHEN to win the brand agency of PA KITCHEN in Zunyi, China.

From the hotel industry to the home furnishing industry, it is not merely a small step between two industries, but a big leap in personal career. The change looks simple seemingly, but the mental process behind is no less than the majestic crossing of the mountains and the sea.
The change of Mr. Qin may have more reference significance for those who are in hesitation. He set foot on the starting line of the future, looking back with no regrets, and running forward full of energy.

With the concept of customized consumption deeply rooted in the mind of the people, the market of whole-house customization is showing a prosperous scene. But not all customization can meet the ultimate needs of consumers for “a better lifestyle”. As “China Top Ten Whole-House Custom Brands”, PA KITCHEN has refreshed customization with life aesthetics to the new height.
Just like the display of Zunyi store, compared with the single emphasis on function, PA KITCHEN is an organic combination of function and space aesthetics. PA KITCHEN must use design as a weapon and life aesthetics as the guide, so that whole-house customization can not only realize the functional needs of rational use of space, but also satisfy consumers’ emotions, aesthetics and tastes. Not only is it renovating the house, it is also a beautifying upgrade to the quality of family life, which truly meets consumers’ expectations for a better lifestyle.

The well-prepared PA KITCHEN brand store (Zunyi) is officially presented to consumers now. From whole-house customization to the matching lighting, curtain, wall panel, finished furniture, etc., it aims to create a one-stop home furnishing service & experience center which provides consumers a well-prepared home: bag check. All of this reflects the great ambition of Mr. Qin!