Recently, the “PA KITCHEN Thirteen-City Dealers & Tangping Smart Manufacturing Conference” was held in the franchised store of PA KITCHEN, Guangzhou. Heads of the Franchised Stores coming from 13 cities of China gathered together to participate in the sharing of cooperation models.

According to the cooperation plan, PA KITCHEN will join hands with Tangping Smart Manufacturing. with the help of the whole-house custom supply chain and empowerment tools provided by Tangping Smart Manufacturing, PA KITCHEN will further link the production and sale, promote the integration of the offline and online, and deploy the C2M ecology of the home furnishing industry. “Tangping” is an innovative business under Alibaba. Its modules include Tangping APP, Tangping Home Furnishing, Tangping Designer, Tangping Supply Chain, and Tangping Smart Manufacturing. Among them, Tangping Smart Manufacturing has the meaning of “infrastructure”, which offers full-link digital SaaS solutions to the industry, and provides partners with digital solutions from customer acquisition, sales, design, production to contract fulfillment.

Facing the “difficult and miscellaneous diseases” in the full-link for the whole-house customization, Hongmei Chen, manager of Tangping Project, explained the “three magic weapons” of the digitalization of Tangping Smart Manufacturing in the conference:
1. Tangping Smart Manufacturing will integrate Internet resources in an all-round way, target local online consumers, tap potential customers in the corresponding cities of the store, and efficiently match customer needs with the supply capacity of brands, stores, and factories, and greatly reduce the cost of early communication, which make the seamless connection from online to offline.
2. To realize the integration of the same source from design to production in the platform of Tangping Smart Manufacturing. The designer’s plan can be directly connected with the back-end production software through data, which opens up the design and production link. It improves the accuracy of the ordering process, minimizes cost and increases efficiency.
3. The powerful SaaS workbench made by Tangping Smart Manufacturing provides a complete functional matrix of customer relationship, content marketing, transaction tracking, and data analysis, which improves corporate efficiency and conversion rate while reducing operating costs.

Ms. Yang, store head of PA KITCHEN, then said in her experience sharing that digitization, intelligence, automation, and visualization are the inevitable trends in the future development of the whole-house customization field. The cooperation with Tangping Smart Manufacturing this time can provide PA KITCHEN with a new multi-directional integrated front-end and back-end home furnishing manufacturing platform, which can efficiently empower and work together to provide PA KITCHEN with a true full-link digital solution.

At present, Tangping Smart Manufacturing has established in-depth cooperative relationships with more than 30 brands in the large home furnishing industry. As an important partner of Tangping Smart Manufacturing, PA KITCHEN has many franchised stores in the field of whole-house customization, as well as a large number of customers from home improvement companies.
The cooperation with Tangping Smart Manufacturing this time is more like creating a high-quality “content producer”, connecting consumers through scene-based shopping guides, and allowing B-end partners to directly connect to C-end. In the future, PA KITCHEN will further realize the full-link digital empowerment of the home furnishing industry, which makes the digitization in all aspects including product model, design, quotation, production and delivery.