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PVC Kitchen Cabinet

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a trendy, popular and commonly used material for kitchen cabinets. Its flexibility, easy availability, and durability make it an in-demand material.

Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

Lacquer is not a wood material but a type of finish on the wood. It is popularly used in kitchen cabinets because it has a gloss finish. One of the biggest advantages of lacquer kitchen cabinets is easy to clean. 

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Acrylic kitchen cabinet is characterized by a non-toxic and glossy finish that creates a smooth texture. It gives off an elegant ultra-gloss design and creates a sleek modern kitchen design. 

MDF Kitchen Cabinets

For those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to solid wood, but still strong, look no further. Since there are no grains in MDF boards, you can get an extremely smooth and sleek look on your kitchen cabinet.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets have been used for several decades and are commonly found in professional kitchens. Nowadays, these stainless steel kitchen cabinets can be seen in private homes.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinet refers to a nicely framed structure .Which is made for keeping kitchen utensils and some other things for the purpose of making them safer from any form of damage. 

How We Work?

Send Your Enquiry & Drawing

Let us know the type of melamine kitchen cabinets you need with details on dimensions, style, layout, and the allotted budget.

Custom & Manufacturering

Once the contract starts, we will start to process your order. We execute your order step-by-step to deliver a perfectly completed output. Our team will keep in touch with you.

Custom & Manufacturering

Once the contract starts, we will start to process your order. We execute your order step-by-step to deliver a perfectly completed output. Our team will keep in touch with you.

Logistics & Installation

We carefully package and ship the cabinets to your destination via our shipping partners. They are highly knowledgeable about import regulations in different countries and will deliver the goods on time!

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Customization is our strong suit at George Buildings. As such, you can personally choose your layout, color, material, finish and style for your solid wood kitchen cabinets. As we say, you imagine, we create.

Manufacturing Capabilities

To meet mass customization without compromising quality, our machines are mainly Germany HOMAG for greater precision and stability. To accommodate bulk orders, we use big data and cloud computing for our information system.


We have industry-recognized certificates to show we carry out a well-streamlined, ethical, and high-standard manufacturing process. We outsource only the highest quality raw materials to provide high-quality output. Our brand is reputed globally for its products.


We have a strong and capable team of employees working hard to complete your orders within the agreed duration. They have years of experience in the industry. They are highly motivated to offer you the best products and fabulous service.


High-quality kitchen cabinets are a guarantee from George Buildings in China. Our Design and Production Integration System (DPIS) checks each unit’s design feasibility to ensure they are a good investment on your end. We have a quality control system to eliminate any manufacturing defects.


Our kitchen cabinet prices are unbeatable in the global market, thanks to our large-scale manufacturing capabilities. You get the best products at low prices! Our factory in Indonesia helps us offer the U.S customers duty-free rates for melamine kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Cabinet Styles

As a company, we are a wholesale kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Thus, we offer a wide variety of kitchen cabinet styles from eclectic looks, streamline modern styles, traditional, transitional solid wood cabinets and more.

Kitchen Cabinets Colors

In terms of color choice, we also offer different color sets for your solid wood kitchen cabinets. We have subdued and bold neutral tones, pastel and flamboyant colors to customize your solid wood kitchen cabinets. So, whatever color you want for your kitchen cabinet, name it and we have it.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Layout

The kitchen cabinet layout is an important factor in the overall vibe of the kitchen. If you are unsettled as to the layout choice, you can opt for the classic L and U kitchen cabinet layouts. You can also get more modern with the galley and island layout. If you want a more statement look, we can customize your kitchen cabinet layout for yo

Modern Kitchen Cabinetry Material

When it comes to modern kitchen cabinetry material, we at George have so much to offer. You can choose from our solid wood material, MDF, PVC, wood veneer, melamine, acrylic, lacquer, stainless steel and other kitchen cabinetry material of your liking.


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