kitchen Cabinet Door Material

Medium density fiberboard (MDF)

is made up of separated fibres. Produced under the high temperature and pressure, it is harder and denser than plywood or particle wood.

1)An excellent substrate for veneers, which is easy to paint or shape.
2)No tendency of abruption, distortion.
3)Uniform in internal structure, moderate in density,, and have consistent dimensions.
4)Have smooth surface and good machining performance.

5mm:Used for carcass back panel
9mm: Used for carcass back panel, drawer, lattice shelf bottom panel,
door core board;
12mm:Used for drawer, lattice shelf side panel, wine rack partition panel
18/25mm:Used for some carcass panels, lacquer and PVC door panel


Particleboard, also known as chipboard, is a composite material manufactured with wood chips and suitable binders.


1) The cost of particle board is reasonable, so it is very popular.
2) Particle board is slick, smooth and very flat.
3)Good performances from scratch proof, moisture proof, screw holding capacity and load-bearing capacity.
4)Be environmentally friendly, because there is no waste when manufacture, and no extra logging.
5)Be safe to health and the formaldehyde emission is far less than 1 mg/L while manufacturing.
18/25mm, Mainly used for the side panel, top panel, bottom panel, shelf and hinged doors.


is a wood material manufactured by many thin sheets of veneer or plies. It is pressed and glued together with several adjacent layers, which wood grains rotate up to 90 degrees. It is also referred to as an engineered wood.


1) Lightweight and beautiful texture.
2) Excellent screw holding ability.
3) Do well in moisture proof, high- temperature resistant, impact resistant and abrasion resistant.
4) No sawdust, which can make rational use of logs. Formaldehyde emission far less than 1mg/L

9mm: Used for Back panel
12mm: Used for drawer, lattice side panel
18/25mm: Used for carcass and door panels of high-end configuration

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