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90% powder and 10% resin, is very popular in abroad currently


Safe and its hardness ranks on Mohs 6.0 ;Scratch and impact proof, long lasting and easy to maintain;Non Toxic, non-porous.and no radiation.
; Fireproof, heat resistant is up to 300°C, melting point is 1300℃

For the Crowd:

People who is mature and stable
and the high-end people who pursuits natural lines.

Artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone is bound from ground natural stone or natural stone grains and the addition of binders (usually special resins) and pressed under high pressure. It is thus a stone, but not a natural stone. The artificial stone worktops offer a wide range of design options by mixing in colors and granules. The artificial stone cope with environmental influences, acids and chemicals much better than the natural stone, because the artificial stone does not allow any kind of liquid to penetrate into the plate. It is highly scratch and impact resistant. The artificial stone plate is very stable but still elastic. The surface is so tightly connected that cleaning is easy and the plate is therefore very hygienic. Artificial stone surpasses natural stone in its functionality and resistance. But who loves the primeval and just appreciates the natural grain, is out of place with the artificial stone.

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