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Modern high gloss lacquer kitchen cabinets are stylish and durable. Using the best paint for cabinets, which makes them smooth, shiny, and easy to clean, and withstand scratches, stains, and moisture. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Kitchen cabinetry can fit your unique style and needs with our custom design. Our free 3D design service lets you see how they look in your space before you buy. No more cluttered countertops, only a more organized and functional kitchen. Upgrade your space today with our kitchen cabinetry. Contact us now and get started.


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Kitchen lacquer cabinets styles and finishes

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, making it easy to find a design that matches the decor of your kitchen. Here are some of the most popular styles and finishes of lacquer kitchen cabinets:

High gloss lacquer cabinets

High gloss lacquer cabinets

High gloss lacquer kitchen cabinets have a shiny and reflective finish that creates a sleek and modern look. They are available in a wide range of colors and are a great choice for contemporary kitchens.

Lacquer Paint for Cabinet Colors

Matte lacquer cabinets

Matte lacquer cabinets

Matte lacquer cabinets have a flat and non-reflective finish that creates a soft and understated look. They are available in a range of colors and are a great choice for traditional or transitional kitchens.

Metallic lacquer cabinets

Metallic lacquer cabinets

Metallic lacquer cabinets have a shimmering finish that creates a sophisticated and elegant look. They are available in a range of metallic shades and are a great choice for modern or contemporary kitchens.

When selecting lacquer kitchen cabinetry, it is important to consider the overall style and design of your kitchen. Think about the colors and materials used in your countertops, flooring, and backsplash, and choose a lacquer cabinet finish that complements those elements. You can also work with us to help you choose the right lacquer cabinets for your specific needs and style preferences.

Lacquer kitchen cabinets excel as a top option among customers in the field of construction projects. This preference comes from their combination of contemporary design, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Made of high-quality materials that are coated with lacquer paint, lacquer cabinets have a smooth and glossy surface that showcases the natural beauty of wood or alternative materials. Notable features and advantages of lacquer kitchen cabinets include:

High Gloss Finish

Lacquer kitchen cabinets have a high gloss finish that reflects light and creates a spacious and elegant look. The gloss level can be adjusted according to your preference, from matte to semi-gloss to high gloss. The high gloss finish also makes the cabinets easy to wipe and clean, as dirt and grease do not stick to the surface.

Variety of Colors

Lacquer kitchen cabinets come in a wide range of colors, from neutral tones to vibrant hues. You can choose the color that matches your kitchen theme and style, or create a contrast with other elements. Lacquer kitchen cabinets can also be customized with different patterns and designs, such as wood grain, marble, or metallic effects.

Eco-friendly and Safe

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are eco-friendly and safe, as they use water-based lacquer paint that is low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are harmful chemicals that can cause health problems such as headaches, nausea, and respiratory irritation. Water-based lacquer paint is also odorless and non-flammable, making it safer for you and your family.

Durability and Resistance

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are crafted from high-quality materials that are strong and long-lasting. They can endure high temperatures, humidity, and moisture, making them adaptable to any kitchen setting. They are also immune to scratches, stains, and fading, as the lacquer layer shields the base material from harm.

You can see that our lacquer kitchen cabinets remain intact, no matter if they are hammered, slashed, or run over by a car. This demonstrates their strength and resilience. This is the advantage of our lacquer kitchen cabinets.

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for your kitchen renovation or upgrade. They offer style, durability, and functionality that will enhance your kitchen experience. Contact us today to get a free quote and see how our lacquer kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen space.

Why Choose Us?

Full System Customization

PA is a brand specializing in full-system customization, with 16 years of industry expertise, which covers covers five full system customzation: Door System. Wall System. Cabinet System. Window System. Full Bathroom System, etc.

Professional Team Support

You can expect multiple language, knowledgeable PA staffs provide prompt, professional assistance, from the initial order, through all the ways of design and production, to the shipping and delivery, with after-sales service.

Extensive Export Experience

As a professional cabinet manufacturer, it’s our business to know exporting at PA Kitchens. Our experienced experts can answer your questions timely and accurately, we could walk you through all the process.

Production Equipment

We only use the suitable materials along with precision of the German Machinery and production software by HOMAG to craft sturdy, beautiful cabinets. In cabinet manufacture field, we are trustable!

Measurement and Design

At PA Kitchens, we offer 2D and 3D conceptual drawings for your project. If you require, we could send a designer to your location to secure accurate measurements and order quantities.
Before we manufacture your order, we usually prepare a mock-up of your order to confirm the details.

Quality Control

We label each panel with correct QR code, allow us to scan each piece to get all the necessary information simply to avoid human error.

Production Ability

We have 10 industry 4.0 fully automatic production lines for cutting, lacquering, edge banding, hole drilling and all kinds of filming. The factory’s annual finished product output is 200,000+ pieces.

Delivery Time

We always strive to meet our customer’s demands. We process all orders on time and deliver the final products as soon as possible. Typically, you will receive your kitchen cabinets in about 25-40 days.

Lacquer cabinets are made by applying lacquer paint to the surface of the cabinet material, which can be HDF, MDF or PLYWOOD, BUT NOT PARTICLE BOARD. Particleboard is not suitable for lacquer cabinets due to the gaps and holes in the material. Lacquer paint is a water-based paint that contains resin and pigment, which gives it a high gloss level and a rich color. Lacquer paint is sprayed onto the cabinet surface using a spray gun, which creates a thin and even layer of paint. The paint is then cured in an oven at a high temperature, which hardens the paint and makes it durable and resistant. Lacquer cabinets are then polished and assembled to create the final product.

At PA Kitchen, lacquer cabinets require a high level of craftsmanship and quality control. The surface of lacquer cabinets is sprayed and baked with imported paint six times, three base coats, two top coats, and one gloss coat. This process is complex and time-consuming, but it ensures that the lacquer cabinets have a flawless and uniform appearance.

Lacquer Acrylic cabinet surfaces offer a high-gloss, contemporary look with smooth and reflective finishes. They come in various colors, providing excellent customizability. While they are easy to clean and visually appealing, they are less durable and prone to fingerprints. In contrast, Melamine surfaces are affordable and resistant to stains and moisture, but may chip over time. PET surfaces are affordable and easy to clean but susceptible to scratches. Thermofoil/PVC surfaces have limited texture variety and may peel over time. Wood Veneer surfaces offer a natural wood grain appearance but require more maintenance and come at a higher cost.

FinishsLacquer AcrylicPETThermofoil / PVCWood VeneerMelamine
Durability✔ High-Gloss
✔ Contemporary Look
✖ Prone to Scratches
✖ Less Durable
✖ Durability Concerns
✖ May not withstand
✖ More Expensive
✖ Maintenance
✔ Affordable
✔ Resistant and Stains 
 ✔ Smooth, Reflective Surface✔ Easy to Cleanheavy impact✖ Requires MaintenanceMoisture
✔ Easy to Clean
 ✔ Various Colors✔ Moisture Resistant  
Customizability✔ Various Colors✔ Various Colors✖ Limited Texture Variety✔ Highly Customizable
Home Value Increase
Affordability✔ Affordable✔ Affordable✖ More Expensive
Ease of Cleaning✔ Easy to Clean✔ Easy to Clean
✖ Prone to Peeling
✖ Requires Maintenance✔ Easy to Clean
✖ Prone to Chipping
Ease of Painting

We spend more than millions to develop the lntelligent Design and Production System(IDPI system in short) , which integrates design, production and quality control. The data from order, design and production can be shared and used in one system.

This system can significantly reduce the labor involvement and human errors. (The record we had shows that the error rate is less than 0.1% now instead of 5% before because of this advanced system).

We use technology to keep our prices low, product quality high, and manufacturing times short.We stake our reputation on providing everything you could ask for at competitive prices.


Lacquer kitchen cabinets are cabinets that have been coated with a high-gloss, durable finish made from a type of resin called lacquer. This finish provides a smooth, reflective surface that is resistant to moisture and stains, making it a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Lacquer can be applied in a variety of colors and finishes, including matte, satin, and high-gloss, allowing for a wide range of design options.

Lacquer can be a good option for kitchen cabinets because it creates a hard, durable, and smooth finish that is resistant to moisture, heat, and stains. However, it may require professional application and proper ventilation due to its strong fumes, and it may not be the best choice for cabinets that will be subject to frequent use or high impact. Ultimately, the suitability of lacquer for kitchen cabinets depends on factors such as the specific type of lacquer, the cabinet material, and the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Lacquer is a type of finish that creates a hard, durable coating, while paint is a pigmented liquid that covers the surface. Lacquer is often used for high-end cabinets because it provides a smooth, glossy finish and is resistant to moisture and wear. Paint can be a good option for cabinets if you want to add color or texture to the surface, but it may not be as durable as lacquer. Ultimately, the choice between lacquer and paint will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

The price of lacquer cabinets is mostly dependent on the type of material you choose. Hardwoods are going to be the more expensive options while MDF, particleboards and melamine are more affordable. Other factors that will affect the costs are size, type of lacquer (gloss, matte) and layers you need to apply.

1. Clean the cabinets thoroughly with a degreaser and let them dry completely.

2. Sand the cabinets lightly to remove any rough spots and create a smooth surface.

3. Apply wood filler to any gaps or holes in the cabinets and let it dry.

4. Sand the cabinets again to smooth out the wood filler and create a uniform surface.

5. Apply a primer to the cabinets and let it dry completely.

6. Lightly sand the cabinets again to remove any imperfections.

7. Apply the lacquer with a sprayer, working in thin and even coats. Let each coat dry completely before applying the next one.

8. Once the final coat has dried, lightly sand the cabinets again to remove any imperfections.

9. Apply a clear coat to protect the finish and let it dry completely.


* Durable and long-lasting

* Smooth and glossy finish

* Resistant to water and stains

* Can be easily cleaned and maintained


* Expensive compared to other types of cabinets

* Prone to scratches and chips

* Difficult to repair if damaged

* Limited color options as lacquer typically comes in solid colors

Lacquer kitchen cabinet are an exceptional choice for any kitchen. If you are looking for some inspiration on what customization option is best for you, take a look below.

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