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    Why Choose PA KITCHEN as Wholesale Cabinets Manufacturer?


    Projects All Over The World


    Years of Service Focused on Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing


    ㎡ China Factory Plant


    ㎡ Indonesia Branch Factory Plant

    150, 000

    Product Annual Output 150,000 Sets


    Machines Working at the Same Time


    Production Lines with CNC Machines


    In-house Employees

    white lacquer shaker kitchen cabinet wholesale

    Reduce Time Cost

    1. Advice on better design for the most reasonable solution.
    2. Foresee possible issues and make smart adjustments to reduce mistakes at the site.
    3. Project bidding documents/samples and tools to settle orders.

    navy blue kitchen cabinet wholesalenavy blue kitchen cabinet wholesale

    Speed Up Order Communication

    1. Measurement at site if big project needed.
    2. Inspection factory or production online or in-person.

    white shaker kitchen cabinet wholesale

    Reduce The Probability of Errors

    1. Offer mock-up and assemble.
    2. Before massive production, will prepare a mock-up to confirm all the details.
    3. Will have a production & delivery schedule for the whole project based on your site schedule.

    Dowload Catalog
    • black glossy lacquer & melamine kitchen cabinet 01
    • grey-matt-lacquer-&-UV-kitchen-cabinet-01
    • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-01
    • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-02
    • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-03
    • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-04
    • PVC-kitchen-cabinet-01
    • white-glossy-lacquer-&-melamine-kitchen-cabinet-01
    • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-03
    • white-glossy-lacquer-&-melamine-kitchen-cabinet-03
    • white-glossy-lacquer-&-melamine-kitchen-cabinet-02
    • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-01
    • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-02
    • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-04

    Wholesale Cabinets Importation: the Guidance for the US Market

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    Wholesale Cabinets leads the cabinetry business to the newly increased. And there are always these questions concerning the business for the US market coming after. How to import cabinetry for the US market? What does the American Standard RTA Cabinets look like? What are the parameters for the standard RTA Cabinets? Or what is a qualified American RTA Cabinets supplier/manufacturer?

    PA KITCHEN specializes in American RTA Cabinets designing and manufacturing, it successfully cooperated with reputed cabinets wholesalers in the US market. The following details approach to import cabinets for the US market, and the advantages of PA KITCHEN on RTA Cabinet cooperation.

    Wholesale Cabinets Factory of PA KITCHEN

    More About Us

    1. 40000+㎡ China Factory Plant
    The annual output is 150,000 sets of cabinets. With automatic production, intelligent products, and customized demand, PA is practicing automatic Industry 4.0, improving production efficiency, greatly shortening the delivery cycle, and reducing costs.

    PA wholesale cabinets factory 01
    PA wholesale cabinets factory 02

    2. PA Indonesia Branch Factory 15000+㎡

    PA Indonesia branch factory is set up and started in the 3rd quarter of 2019 in Jakarta. The same model of production machines as the China factory is put into use.

    The advantages of PA Indonesia factory (exclusive for US market):

    • Feasible solution: we can ship from Indonesia to the US market and get rid of AD/CVD;

    • Cost-saving: it is duty-free for importing from Indonesia;

    • Massive production of RTA frameless cabinets meeting the US market standard.

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    PA Indonesia Branch Factory wholesale cabinets 02
    RTA cabinets wholesale 01
    PA Indonesia Branch Factory wholesale cabinets 01
    RTA cabinets wholesale 03

    Quality Control for Wholesale Cabinets

    The biggest challenge for furniture customization is quality control. Since each job is customized, whenever mistakes like wrong holes, missing pieces, unclear labels, misleading drawings happen, the progress of installation at the site will be messed and delayed, and eventually damage the schedule of inspection and completion.

    In order to get rid of the problems at the site, PA has been persisting in removing the mistakes from the beginning, which is making sure the quality during production. To get the full solution to control the quality of every procedure, PA spent millions to build up the full system for connecting design and production data. This system, with the name Intelligent Design and Production System (IDPI system in short), manages all the data in the workflow and controls the outcome of manufacture. This is an efficient network covering every step and every position during production and making the workflow smooth.

    Know More About Our Factory
    Quality Control 1
    numerical control saw
    Quality Control 2
    German haumann computerized saw
    • 1. HOMAG production devices from Germany are brought in to make sure the precision of the manufacturing.

    • 2. IDPI system is an intelligent and automatic system that reduces the error rate by having less manual labor involved.

    • 3. ERP system manages all steps from sales order confirmation to order fulfillment. The order status is visible and traceable during the whole process on ERP.

    • 4. High standard and strict inspection protocols for supply chain products make sure the final quality of finished products by PA.

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    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing for Wholesale Cabinets

    Cutting Machine-HOMAG
    Grooving Machine -HOMAG
    Edge Banding Machine-HOMAG
    Drilling Machine-HOMAG
    PVC Vacuum Machine-HOMAG
    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing-HOMAG

    Professional Exporting Team with Rich Exporting Experiences

    1. Professional solutions for all kinds of customers including project builders, wholesalers, agents, designers, traders, etc. Easier to communicate and get the jobs done, ensuring the projects proceed smoothly.

    2. Smooth communication with PA team: with the rich exporting experience, we can understand your requests quickly, and provide professional service from pre-sale, in-sale & after-sale.

    3. Rich projects experience with more than 14 years of cabinetry exporting business: 41,000+ projects experience which can fully understand different countries’ requests for quality and designs.

    Contact Our Professional Team Today
    Professional Exporting Team with Rich Exporting Experiences

    PA Casement Trusted by 41000+ Projects All Over The World

    104 Sets Livepool  Project

    spice project

    Spice Project, Australia

    Spice Project, Australia

    Cooperate with us

    What kind of substrate do we have?

    particleboard detail


    Particleboard Details

    Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

    MDF Details


    Plywood Details

    What shape cabinets can we design?

    I-shaped kitchen

    I-shaped kitchen

    It is one of the most common layouts designed in compact houses.

    island kitchen

    Island kitchen

    The layout reserves better space for both the food cooking and preparing.

    Double-I-shaped kitchen

    Double-I-shaped kitchen

    The layout fits for the kitchen that owns the long and narrow square area.

    L-shaped kitchen

    L-shaped kitchen

    It is another one of the most common layouts for both compact and big kitchens.

    U-shaped kitchen

    U-shaped kitchen

    It fits the compact house as well, which integrates the dining into the kitchen.

    G-shaped kitchen

    G-shaped kitchen

    Similar to U-Shaped Kitchen, it integrates food preparing, cooking, and taking. But it has a more unique design in the shape.

    Wholesale Cabinets Order Procedure

    Dimension or drawing from customer


    Dimension or drawing from customer

    Revisions on drawing


    Revisions on drawing

    Budget planning


    Budget planning

    Order confirmation


    Order confirmation

    Deposit before production


    Deposit before production

    Drawings of 2D or 3D and confirmation


    Drawings of 2D or 3D and confirmation

    Send finalized drawings to PA


    Send finalized drawings to PA

    Upload production data to ERP system


    Upload production data to ERP system




    Balance payment and shipping


    Balance payment and shipping

    Delivery and Assemble


    Delivery and Assemble ( if available )

    Customer service & feedback


    Customer service and feedback

    FAQs of PA Kitchen Wholesale Cabinets

    The materials are used:

    MDF, E0;

    MFC, E0;

    PLYWOOD, E0.

    Before the order to be confirmed, we would check the material and color of leather/ fabric by sample which should be strictly the same as mass production.

    • We will be tracing the different phases of production from the beginning.
    • Every product quality is checked before packing.
    • Before delivery clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality. We will try our best to help clients when the problem occurred.

    Send your kitchen Dimensions and Requests (or send your plan), we will make the design and then quote exactly the cost. Proforma Invoice will be issued once the order is confirmed and production will be started once advance payment is finalized.

    Following payments are accepted:

    a. T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
    b. Western Union
    c. L/C ( Letter of credit )
    d. Money Gram

    It will be from 30 days to 60 days, the exact delivery time will be specified in the proforma invoice once the order is confirmed.

    Shipment and sample quality tracking include lifetime.

    • Any small problem happening in our furniture will be solved at the most prompt time.
    • We always offer relative technical support. Quick response, all you required will be replied to within 24 hours.
    • Indonesia Factory Address
      No.5 Batusari, Tangerang, Indonesia
    • China Factory Address
      No.16 Hegui Rd. Nanhai,Foshan, China
    • Marketing Headquarters
      Building 7, Meiju IBME Center, Foshan, China
    • Phone: 0086-13889922422
    • Email:

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