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Import Wholesale Cabinets with Empty-Dumping

Kitchen Cabinet Wholesale from China & Indonesia

14 years exporting experience of cabinets manufacturer for projects & wholesale

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Why Choose PA KITCHEN as Wholesale Cabinets Manufacturer?


Projects All Over The World


Years of Service Focused on Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing


㎡ China Factory Plant


㎡ Indonesia Branch Factory Plant

150, 000

Product Annual Output 150,000 Sets


Machines Working at the Same Time


Production Lines with CNC Machines


In-house Employees

white lacquer shaker kitchen cabinet wholesale

Reduce Time Cost

1. Advice on better design for the most reasonable solution.
2. Foresee possible issues and make smart adjustments to reduce mistakes at the site.
3. Project bidding documents/samples and tools to settle orders.

navy blue kitchen cabinet wholesalenavy blue kitchen cabinet wholesale

Speed Up Order Communication

1. Measurement at site if big project needed.
2. Inspection factory or production online or in-person.

white shaker kitchen cabinet wholesale

Reduce The Probability of Errors

1. Offer mock-up and assemble.
2. Before massive production, will prepare a mock-up to confirm all the details.
3. Will have a production & delivery schedule for the whole project based on your site schedule.

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  • black glossy lacquer & melamine kitchen cabinet 01
  • grey-matt-lacquer-&-UV-kitchen-cabinet-01
  • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-01
  • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-02
  • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-03
  • grey-matt-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-04
  • PVC-kitchen-cabinet-01
  • white-glossy-lacquer-&-melamine-kitchen-cabinet-01
  • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-03
  • white-glossy-lacquer-&-melamine-kitchen-cabinet-03
  • white-glossy-lacquer-&-melamine-kitchen-cabinet-02
  • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-01
  • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-02
  • white-glossy-lacquer-kitchen-cabinet-04
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    Wholesale Cabinets Importation: the Guidance for the US Market

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    Wholesale Cabinets leads the cabinetry business to the newly increased. And there are always these questions concerning the business for the US market coming after. How to import cabinetry for the US market? How does the American Standard RTA Cabinets look like? What are the parameters for the standard RTA Cabinets? Or what is a qualified American RTA Cabinets supplier/manufacturer?

    PA KITCHEN specializes in American RTA Cabinets designing and manufacturing, it successfully cooperated with reputed cabinets wholesalers in the US market. The following details approach to import cabinets for the US market, and the advantages of PA KITCHEN on RTA Cabinet cooperation.

    Wholesale Cabinets Factory of PA KITCHEN