video-YYDS! The Plywood Board has no Expanded & Corroded after being soaked in the water for months!

As one of the common base wood materials, the plywood board has been widely used in panel cabinets. But here a question comes, and it lingers in lots of people’s minds: what traits does the high-quality plywood board have? Generally, a good plywood board should be
1. E1 (or below) Wood Test Standard;
2. Water-proof over the 6 surfaces;
3. Tight between the wood layers;
4. No distorted after being soaked in water;
The below is a clip of the video that shows how does the high-quality plywood board performs after being soaking in the water for months. Wants to know more on plywood board, can please come and contact by:
WhatsApp: +86 138 8992 4688

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