Top 10 Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2024 – Find Your Style!

Top 10 Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2024 – Find Your Style!

When it comes time to renovate or improve the look of your kitchen, you’re going to want to take a few things into consideration before you start looking through the different colors of wood cabinets. The first step is to analyze the space of your kitchen and also to choose the style that you’re going for. In most cases, your style will be based on your taste and you’ll want to incorporate the colors that suit you. The cabinet is the largest piece of furniture in the kitchen, and its color has an important impact on the overall beauty of the kitchen. When planning out your ideal kitchen renovation or improvement project, budgeting is a crucial part of it all. In most cases, property owners allocate a larger part of their budget to their kitchen cabinets as it’s one of the aspects of the room that will stand out the most.

However, in addition to the traditional wood grain cabinet design, there is often a lack of diverse color options. Today I’m going to share with you 9 eye-catching cabinet colors that will give your kitchen a new look.

1.White cabinets

White is the most practical cabinet color in the kitchen, and its visual effect is light, which can effectively reduce the compact feeling of a small kitchen. The color of everything is not picky, and can be perfectly matched with any color of the kitchen wall to avoid the situation of color collision or incoordination. And, whether dark or light walls, white can be easily worn, making the kitchen look more comfortable and spacious.

White easily exposed scratches, stains, cracks and potholes and other defects, need to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance work. If you are hesitant to choose the color of the main finish of the cabinet, then white is definitely a choice that can’t go wrong.


2.Grey cabinets


Gray can bring a modern and advanced sense to the kitchen, especially the choice of some gray cabinets with metallic luster, more to create a fashionable atmosphere. Light gray is an unassuming, non-noisy color, which brings a sense of calm and gentleness to the kitchen of fireworks. With the lighter wall color, it can effectively alleviate the cramped and depressed atmosphere of the space, and as one of the light gray without color, there is no special requirement for the color of the kitchen wall, so there is no need to worry about color collision or incoordination.

In the small area of the kitchen, the light gray brightness is low, so in the choice of wall color should try to avoid choosing dark color, so as not to aggravate the feeling of “small” space.

3.Blue cabinets

Dark blue or light blue cabinets give people a calm feeling, and also have a soothing effect on the discomfort caused by dry heat in the kitchen. In addition, it can also improve the cramped, tense and cluttered atmosphere caused by small space. When paired with lighter wall colors, lighter blues can make the whole space more fresh. The choice of darker blue will give the space a calm, dignified atmosphere.

The color of the kitchen wall should be avoided as far as possible to choose a darker color, otherwise it will increase the feeling of embarrassment in the small kitchen. The color selection should take into account the coordination of the overall space.


4.Light yellow cabinets

Light yellow cabinets

The light yellow cabinet gives a warm but not hot feeling, which can increase the “temperature” of the kitchen wall and floor, so that the small kitchen can become more warm. When paired with lighter wall colors, pale yellow cabinets can also create a bright, clean and uncluttered space effect.

When choosing the color of the wall and the floor, it should be coordinated with the light yellow cabinet to avoid too much color jumping or conflict. This can achieve better visual effects and overall coordination.

5. Burgundy cabinets

Burgundy is a deep, elegant color that can add a luxurious and luxurious atmosphere to the kitchen. The wine red cabinet is more eye-catching, which can make the whole kitchen more personalized and can become a highlight in the overall decoration.

Burgundy cabinets are darker, and if the kitchen is dark or has less space, it may make the kitchen look more depressing. In this case, consider adding a sense of space with bright lighting fixtures and other bright-hued decorations.


6. Brown cabinets

Brown kitchen Cabinet

Coffee-colored cabinets are stylish and classic, and blend well in both modern and traditional kitchen styles

It can not only create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, so that the kitchen is full of family feeling, but also usually gives a feeling of high-end quality, can enhance the grade of the entire kitchen. The main thing is that the surface of coffee-colored cabinets is usually easier to protect than white or other light colors, and is less likely to be damaged by stains and wear.

Coffee-colored cabinets absorb some of the light, so make sure you have enough lighting in the kitchen. Appropriate lighting can be installed above or below the cabinets to provide adequate brightness.

7. Pinkish pink cabinet

Lotus pink cabinet is a soft, gentle, quiet color, used in the kitchen can bring a gentle space, for the small area of the kitchen compact, depression and other “negative emotions” have a certain “suppression” effect, with the light color of the kitchen wall color can create a spacious and bright space effect.

Because the lotus pink color is slightly sweet, the “appearance” is more feminine, so it is more suitable for use in the kitchen commonly used by women.

Pinkish pink kitchen Cabinet

8. Dual color cabinet

The front of the cabinet can be combined in two colors:


(1) Upper and lower splicing

Including floor cabinets and hanging cabinets, using different colors. Usually the upper part is lighter, the lower part is darker, and the hanging cabinet is relatively lighter to reduce the sense of oppression of the cabinet on the space and increase the sense of stability for the whole.

(2) Local splicing

The front of the floor cabinet and the high cabinet are at least the same color, and the hanging cabinet is a combination of different colors with them. It is usually a combination of dark and light colors, so that the large area of the floor cabinet and the high cabinet are visually “backward” and “invisible”, and the smaller area of the hanging cabinet is “forward” and “prominent”, in order to reduce the oppression of the cabinet on the small space. When the local cabinets and high cabinets are relatively light colors, and the hanging cabinets are relatively dark, the large floor cabinets and high cabinets will “highlight” but “appear light”, while the small hanging cabinets are “backward” and “invisible” to reduce the visual weight of the larger part of the cabinet area and achieve the effect of reducing the overall cabinet’s suppression of small space.

Piggy-backing off of the teal and the mint-green painted kitchen cabinet colors idea is the trend of using two-tone colors in a broader sense. This year, the trend is gaining a lot of strength and it’s going to continue to do so in the next few years.

It started off with painting the kitchen island a more contrasting color and now it’s being incorporated all around the room. Combining two colors or picking different stained cabinet colors for the upper and lower cabinets of the kitchen can add the perfect amount of depth and dimension. Most styles include using a more neutral color and combining it with a striking earth-tone. These striking earth tones have recently been mustard yellow, sage, and terracotta.

Some popular combinations that have been found in some 2024 kitchen designs include cold and warm grey as well as grey and green.

9. More color cabinets

Elegant Green Kitchen Island

The front of the cabinet can be combined with more than two colors, or include three structural parts of the floor cabinet, hanging cabinet and high cabinet, and each part uses a different color. One option is to use a lighter color for each section to make it less oppressive. Another option is to use a darker floor cabinet, while the hanging cabinet and high cabinet use a lighter color to increase the sense of stability and reduce the sense of depression. You can also choose to mix a variety of colors to create a multicolored cabinet. By using a variety of colors to attract attention and reduce the attention of the space area, thereby reducing the sense of cramped and oppressive space with small area.

However, not all colors are will look good together from a style standpoint.  Feel free to pick a color that suits your standards, but also remember that it’s important to consider your property’s resale value and what’s trendy.

Trends are changing constantly and the colors listed above are just a few of the many trendy colors for kitchen cabinets. Following the latest trends when it comes to your kitchen cabinet colors can help increase the value of your property.  Aside from that, it can improve the overall appearance of your home.

A variety of cabinet color options can give your kitchen a unique charm and create an unusually beautiful space. It’s important to pick a kitchen style before you choose the color for your kitchen cabinets. You might be interested in a more traditional style, contemporary, modern, farmhouse kitchen, or another kind of style. Based on your ideal choice of kitchen style, you’ll be able to narrow down your options for kitchen cabinet colors in order to suit your needs.

In the choice of cabinet color, you can take into account the gender and preferences of kitchen users, in order to create a more personalized kitchen space.

If you want to make your kitchen stylish and distinctive, it is a good idea to choose PA to design your kitchen.

Colors Ideal for Small Kitchens

Most people want to give off the impression that their kitchens are spacious, even when they’re not. Paying attention to the small kitchen cabinet colors is crucial in this case. When you have white kitchen cabinets and walls, you can brighten the room while also having visual uniformity and simplicity which can make any small kitchen look bigger than it is. 

The best color for cabinets in a small kitchen is white, but mixing shades of white can make it look even better. Some options can include creams and even taupe which will add warmth, depth, and sophistication. It’s important to determine the rest of the style of the kitchen before choosing the perfect white tone. If you’re going for a more traditional-style kitchen, choose a warmer white tone while a more modern kitchen should have a white or bluish-white tone.

One of the great things about having a white kitchen is that if you get bored with the color, you can always add a bright color on top or to an accent wall.

You can go darker with some of the accents in your white kitchen by adding a deep shade of navy blue, black, red, or even green in small areas in order to add some personality and contrast.

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