PA Kitchen won the title “top ten brands in whole-house custom services” in china construction expo

The Fifth China Custom Home Furnishing Marketing Development Forum and Home Furnishing Brand Golden Pineapple Award Presentation Ceremony were grandly held on November 10, 2020 in China Construction Expo (Guangzhou).


Focused on the development prospects of the doors and windows and the whole-house custom home furnishing industry, this event invited representatives of brands and distributors from the home furnishing industry across the country to attend this grand ceremony held at China Construction Expo.


Since September 2010, a survey to 1.5 million distributors in the home furnishing industry across the country has officially launched for excellent brands selection. From the day it started, it had quickly received active responses and strong supports from home furnishing brands and distributors nationwide. Today, this huge industry event has gone through ten years. More than 4,200 companies have participated in it, making it an annual event in the home furnishing industry.

This year’s survey lasted 5 days, and voted online. The voting page had nearly one million exposures. Based on a number of survey data and the comprehensive strength of the brand, the Awards “Top Ten Brands for Whole-House Custom”, “Top Ten Brands in Whole-House Custom Services”, “Gold Supplier of Whole House Customization”, “Top Ten Brands of Doors and Windows”, and “Golden Supplier of Doors and Windows” are finally competed.

As an important part of the custom home furnishing industry, PA KITCHEN stood out by nearly one million votes and won the honor of “Top Ten Brands in Whole-House Custom Services”, and it was invited to attend and accept the award on stage. This award reflects the trust and affirmation to the service and product quality of PA KITCHEN in the custom home furnishing.


With the development in recent years, the custom home furnishing market has achieved unprecedented prosperity. According to the analysis and report from the mass media: customization will continue to maintain the mainstream status of household consumption, and the dividends will continue to be output. Consumers spending on custom home furniture continue to improve, and good home furnishing products will be even better in terms of design and materials.
As far as the current market situation is concerned, affected by the epidemic, consumers will have higher and higher health requirements. PA KITCHEN knows the needs of consumers deeply, always takes “health and environmental protection” as its mission, takes “creativeness and design” as its soul. From material selection to manufacturing, it strictly and critically carries out product creative design with an international vision, and its products cover Fashion Modern, Light Luxury, Simple European, and New Chinese style series to meet people’s continuous pursuit of personalized customized needs. PA KITCHEN is CREATIVE indeed in the home customization industry.
The Fifth China Customized Home Furnishing Marketing Development Forum and Home Furnishing Brand Golden Pineapple Award Presentation Ceremony were successfully concluded. Through this platform, PA KITCHEN and peers exchanged ideas and discussed the development trend of the home furnishing industry. In the future, PA KITCHEN will start from custom services, and upgrade the focus of future development from one-stop service to custom in-depth services for customers.

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