8 Kitchen Cabinet Materials to Consider Before You Renovate [2023]

8 Kitchen Cabinet Materials to Consider Before You Renovate [2023]

Have you ever considered how much cabinets contribute to the kitchen’s overall functionality? In terms of both visual appeal and efficient storage, cabinets are a crucial component of the kitchen. They may be built-in furniture found in many modern kitchens or storage furniture that contains doors and drawers. The quality of a kitchen cabinet depends on the materials used in designing the cabinet. A kitchen cabinet’s materials set the kitchen’s functional tone and overall style. Furthermore, the materials used in designing the cabinets determine their strength, durability, lifespan, maintenance, and changeability.

1. Kitchen Cabinet Overview

While everyone is aware of a kitchen cabinet, most aren’t aware of the parts that make up a kitchen cabinet. For instance, designers do not make an MDF Cabinet out of MDF. They design different cabinet parts from other materials, so it is essential to have a brief understanding of cabinet parts. Understanding a cabinet’s construction improves an individual’s chances of selecting the best cabinet materials. 

A cabinet consists of the following parts: 

Cabinet box

A place for storing items within the cabinet to which the frame attaches.

The cabinet box frames have three major styles:

  • Inset: It is where the manufacturer installs the door with the frame to give a flat seamless appearance. It keeps the entire structure exposed.
  • Partial overlay: The door sits on top of the frame, exposing a couple of inches of the frame.
  • Full overlay: The cabinet doors cover the cabinet box frame.

Cabinet Frame

The manufacturers attach the cabinet frame to the front of the cabinet box. Often the cabinet doors attach to a framed cabinet box. Framed cabinets contain extra materials, especially wood overlaying and framing the cabinet box. European-style cabinets, popularly called frameless, offer a cleaner, sleeker design, as it opts for no frame or extra wood. Therefore, frameless cabinets require stronger, thicker base material to hold up the storage and use.

Cabinet panels

One can quickly locate kitchen cabinet panels affixed to the exposed sides of islands, cabinets, and appliances. It covers the exposed and unfinished sides of the cabinet box. You can avail these panels in the market as decorative end panels, dishwasher panels, refrigerator end panels, and others. The panels ensure to create a consistent look throughout the cabinets.

2. Significance of Kitchen Cabinets

Since people cannot afford large cellars and pantries inside their homes. In these cases, having a kitchen cabinet can solve both problems. It can help you in various ways. Some of them are listed below:

Storage Opportunities

Cabinets can use existing spaces, such as under your countertop, stove, or mounted on walls. It leaves sufficient space in your kitchen, preventing it from having a crowded look. People mostly prefer cabinets with multiple shelves, which allows them to store more items such as seasoning, cutlery, jars, and other non-perishable items.


Beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets can transform the entire appearance of a kitchen. Often people prefer to avoid going for major renovations. In such a scenario, replacing the old broken, creaky doors offers your kitchen an effortless look. Since kitchens make up a major part of any kitchen, any remodeling effort must focus on them.


The quality of kitchen cabinets determines their longevity. Therefore, people try to save and pinch their pennies when renovating or replacing them. Homeowners opt for kitchens with the best materials, such as durable and beautiful hardwoods, strong plywood, and the best hardware.

3. Ideal Materials For Kitchen Cabinets 

Several kitchen cabinets include a compilation of materials in their structure. Often manufacturers use different materials for different parts of the cabinet. Enlisted are some of the most common cabinet materials manufacturers use in designing cabinets.

Solid Wood Pellet Boards/Particle Board (PB)


A refreshing and trendy option for your home’s kitchen cabinets is a solid wood pellet board. Many homeowners have begun exploring more affordable alternatives to heating their houses as the cost of oil and other fossil fuels is on the rise. One such option is wood pellet board, and investment in it is increasing rapidly over time.

Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF) 


Fiberboards come in two qualities- high-density and medium-density. High-density fiberboards (HDF) comprise engineered wood made with wood fibers mixed with resins and glue. Often called hardboards, they offer hardness and appearance. Medium-density fiberboards (MDF), on the other hand, are less dense than HDF, as it has less pressure. MDF mainly constitutes the inner layer of engineered wood cabinets and works best for panels, shelves, and drawers.



It is the most common type used in kitchen cabinets. The material consists of thinly sliced wood slabs layered in opposing directions and bonded together using adhesive. Plywood cabinets come with a decorative cover of wood veneer, offering the appearance of wood for cabinet boxes.

Solid Wood


Solid woods are premium materials for kitchen cabinets due to their natural beauty, durability, longevity, strength, and versatility. Beautiful solid wood cabinets can be expensive, depending on the type of wood used. Numerous framed cabinets are built of wood or a combination of wood products for a sturdy inside and paintable outside. Solid wood cabinets are frequently utilized in luxurious kitchens with solid wood doors to bring color and grain from the exterior to the interior.

Stainless Steel


Since stainless steel is durable and corrosion-resistant, it is an excellent choice for a kitchen exposed to elements. Often homeowners look for durable kitchen cabinets, and those made with stainless steel will last long.


Glass Door

Glass kitchen cabinets enhance the aura of the kitchen. Cabinets made from glass consist of a glass panel instead of solid shutters. These are ideal for displaying dishes, glassware, and collectibles. Strips of wood or metal divide a window into smaller panes of glass.


Laminates are resin combined with paper. It features desired color, design, and pattern pressed together with heat. A surface material that you need to affix to plywood and other fiberboards. Laminate’s quality affects its price, strength, and tendency to peel from the core component.



It is a type of laminated surface with a plastic coating over plywood and fiberboard. The essential components of melamine include paper and resin, pressed together with heat. However, melamine kitchen cabinets offer a different look, feel, and quality.

4. Significant aspects to consider for kitchen cabinets

Here are some essential things one must remember while choosing kitchen cabinets.


The utility of the material is a crucial aspect for consideration when shopping for kitchen cabinets. Composite materials are excellent for those looking for inexpensive materials. One can avail composite materials in various colors and finishes. They are simple to use and can be stained or painted to match the kitchen’s decor.


Consider your current storage capacity and the amount required for your new cabinets. You must consider the amount required for the lower and upper cabinets. Be sure to consider your needs before selecting a product.

Cost Effectiveness

MDF and particleboards are the most cost-effective materials. These materials come in small pieces, are easy to assemble, and do not require a lot of labor. Besides, they have low maintenance costs and do not require much cleaning time.

5. Conclusion

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of a functional kitchen. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, one must select the materials depending on their needs. You must consider all the essential factors before remodeling your kitchen cabinets. One of the most expensive house investments is cabinetry. Thus you must select the best kitchen cabinet material before installing.

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