Kitchen Cabinet Door

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Solid Wood

Door finishes: solid wood is produced by basic wood materials from North America and advance large-scale manufacturing equipments fromGerman. It has the highest grade on the manufacturing industry. -Sample display: Feature: The choose of precious wood shows high-end quality ; Show the original wood grain in most extent Varieties characteristics of gorgeous appearance, exquisite carving,and diverse styles ; Have no deformation, high corrosion resistance, no crack and sound insulation For the Crowd: People who is mature, respectable and steady,and people who prefers classical European style


Door finishes: Lacquer has 5 layers and 1.8 surface hardness, and the paint is. chosen from import or top domestic brands. Adopting Italy ICA automatic spraying system, has the highest technology standard among the manufacture industry in Asia -Sample display: Feature: It is colorful, beautiful and fashionable, which give you a strong visual impact ; Good performance in abrasive and scratch resistance ; Have strong characteristics in waterproof and moisture proof ;  Excellent high glossiness and bright as a mirror For the Crowd: People who like fashion and people who prefer various and bright colors


Door finishes:

Melamine consists of three layers: melamine resin overlay, decor layer, core layer and backing layer. It is a tough material that is.resistant to heat. moisture and chemicals

1) Economical but practical, the most popular door panel in many years
2) Scratch & impact resistant, heatproof, not liable to discolor or warp
3) Surface is flat and smooth, easy to clean
4) Plenty of color and pattern choices

For the Crowd:
Budget-conscious homeowners
People who like modern minimalist style


Door finishes:

PVC sheets are composite plastic sheets which give a tough finish.Being waterproof and moisture-proof, it makes a wise option for kitchen cabinetry.

-Sample display:


1) Unique 3D effect, strong stereoscopic feel, both nature woodgrain and solid color are available.
2) Stable performance, never discolor
3) Stain-proof and scratch resistance
4) Applying Germany Jowat eco-friendly glue, durable andenvironmental.

For the Crowd:
Romantic and elegant people
People who like fresh rural style and simple European style

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