Top 10 Custom-made Cabinets Manufacturer in China

PA specializes in manufacturing custom-made kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, vanities and all other kinds of home cabinets.

Why PA is a suitable supplier to you

㎡ Cabinets Factory Plant
Years Exporting Experience
Globle Showroom
Units Bulk “all in-house” Production Capacity/Year

Capacity Advantage

40,000㎡ workshop, capacity 15,000 sets/month, can accommodate all kinds of large and small projects

We built large-scale factory more than 40,000 square meters with warehouse. As Top 10 brand and most experienced kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China, PA Kitchen focus on SERVICE while provides you with bulk production capabilities which also concern about detail and quality. 

With our main 10 production lines for cutting, lacquering, edge banding, hole drilling and PVC filming, we can deliver up to 8,000 kitchen cabinet units and 5,000 customized sets in every month.

Professional Exporting Service Team Advantage

250+PA The team, Seiko in the production, research and development, sales, design, installation one-stop service, they always set high standards for themselves, to achieve surpassing and breakthrough, in each project sales performance ranks the top of the company; Withtheir positive and optimistic attitude, they respond to the challenges of the market and win customers and markets with their excellent business skills and consistent intimate services.  

Quality Control Advantage

Very important to custom-made cabinet and insure project proceed smoothly, can cut down the site issues and the total costs.

Total Cost Saving Advantage

PA Kitchen offer extremely competitive wholesale pricing, usually more optimal than cabinet manufacturers in your local area.PA can help you to control the cost reasonably, helping you gain more profits and gain rich sources by working with PA.

What can we do for you

1. Easy to get an idea for your own project

–Precise cost estimation based on client’s drawing/requests;
–Can provide similar project cases for reference;

2. Can understand your needs clearly and provide appropriate solutions according to project information

–Fullly understand design requests of different districts;

3. Can understand your requests quickly and communicate easily

–Provide detailed 2D drawing and 3D rendering with leading software;
–Advice and consultant service on project proposal with cases experience;
–Can adjust materials/designs/proposals based on project budget;

4. Can reduce your time cost

–Advice on better design for the most reasonable solution;
Foresee possible issues and make smart adjustment to reduce mistakes at site;
–Instant communication: quick and real-time response;
Project bidding documents/samples and tools to settle orders;

5. Can speed up the progress of order communication

–Measurement at site if big project needed;
–Inspection factory or production online or in person;

6. Making sure order is produced exactly as engineer drawings, cut down mistakes to save costs and time at site

–Can offer mock-up and assembling;
–Before massive production, will prepare a mock-up to confirm all the details. Installation tests are run to make sure everything is correct;
–Will have production schedule and delivery schedule for whole project based on your site schedule

7. Ensure the whole project can be done under control

–PA team will provide a proper amount of spare items for project site replacement;
–Can provide online QC inspection;

8. Ensure the whole project can be done under control

–Can provide both flat packing and assembly packing;
–Each delivery will provide clear packing list to clarify products, and prepare necessary shipping documents and Installation guide which including assembling drawings, assembling instrustions and vedeo;

Project Supports by PA

Professional Team Support

Our sales, design and production team could provide you with professional service from pre-sale, in-sale & after sale.

Design & Measurement

We will provide 2D &3D drawing of whole big project If needed, we could send designer to measure.

Sample Support

Before big order, we will prepare a mock-up of kitchen cabinet and wardrobe to confirm all the details.

Production Support

We will have production schedule and delivery schedule for project before ordering.

Delivery Support

We will deliver in partial, each delivery we will provide clear packing list to clarify products, and provide required custom clearance files.

Package & Assemble Support

We will provide flat packing or assembled packing If needed, we could send assemble team to the site.

PA Coowork Closely With:

PA thrives on manufacturing superior quality all in customized cabinets for builders, contractors, wholesalers,developers, designers etc.


Wouldn't it be great to have a 'one stop’ service? You can do! We are high quality kitchen cabinet manufacturers for builders and save your big $$$. Our experts will walk you through all the details and steps to plan and import your orders to the destination. Ordering kitchen cabinets from PA Kitchen could not be more easier!

Measurement and Design

We offer both 2D and 3D drawings to support your project. If required we can even send a designer to you to help you measure and calculate your project needs correctly.
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Time delays cost money! You can import kitchen cabinets from PA kitchen. Our large production capacity allows manufacturing your custom-designs or full filling your order of popular cabinet styles and deliver on time. We are the top 10 kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China. We offer flat assembled packing or other container packing for your need. We can even send a team to your project jobsite to support assembly and installation.

Delivery Support

Every delivery includes clear packing lists to clarify items included and to help clear customs quickly.
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To save costs and increase benefits, you need an experienced team! Our sales, design and production teams are stable and reliable. We know how to craft beautiful kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and bedroom wardrobes and closets for you wholesale using, with top line of German-machine engineering. We are professional kitchen cabinet manufacturer. We handle the export logistics to ship to your destination place.

Level of Production

We’ve exported approximately 100,000 units every year during our 10-year history. We give you the competitive edge!
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We've built a solid reputation for one-stop service and high quality craftsmanship in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom 'made to order' cabinets. Our kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity designs incorporate the latest materials as well as classic standbys. We offer kitchen cabinets in UV, Melamine, Veneer, Lacquer and Solid wood. As a kitchen cabinet manufacturer of great repute, we are sure to find the right materials and finishes for your project.


We label each panel with a scannable QR code, giving us all the information we need to manufacture, track and assemble your order without human error.
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PA Global Project Cases


Projects experience

Rich projects experience with more than 15 years cabinetry exporting business: Over 41,000 projects experience which can fully understand different countries requests for quality and designs.

By 2022, our products were embraced by 60+ different countries (1000+ clients) all around the world, such as Australia, America, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.. By 2019, more than 450 franchises all around the world.

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