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Ash kitchen cabinets are strong furniture created from ashwood. It is a type of wood that naturally has beige and brown shades with a straight grain. Thus, aside from durability, the main reason crafters love ash kitchens is that it is simply aesthetic in their own way.

Ashwood has been used as the primary material for making furniture items for several years. Now, it has one of the highest market demands because of its unique aesthetic that matches any home interior design. Whether you are interested in investing in ash kitchen cabinets or you happen to wonder how to take good care of them, then you’ve come to the right place.

Is Ash a Good Wood for Kitchen Cabinets?

The short answer is yes. Whether you will make a kitchen cabinet, dining table, or other furniture items, ashwood can be a great choice of material. Its durable attributes have enabled a great amount of history in the future of American crafting.

Making kitchen cabinets is undoubtedly difficult. Aside from ensuring that it is strong enough to hold heavy equipment, you also need to keep it lightweight and easy to install.

Ashwood got all of those critical attributes and is also capable of absorbing wood stains. This makes it ideal for painting furniture. Finally, kitchen cabinets that are made from ash are proven to be more complimentary to every interior and more pleasing to the eye.


Ash Cabinets vs. Maple

In the United States, two of the most widely used kinds of solid wood are called ash and maple. There seem to be a significant species of maple, which can be loosely categorized as either soft or hard maple. In a similar style, there are various species of ash, many of which are utilized frequently in the woodworking industry.

Ash and maple are two popularly known solid wood materials in the US. Both are light-colored woods, with ash having grooves that are more prominent than maples. Ashwood and maple are known for its shock-absorbent features. Therefore, they are mostly used in different home furnishings, such as flooring, sundecks, kitchen cabinets, and more.

Ash cabinets

Maple wood cabinets


Ashwood is a light-colored material used for making furniture items. However, its color may vary depending on its type. On average, Ashwood comes in blue which is quite denser than white. It comes with a medium to aggregate finish that looks like pine. Moreover, it also features linear grain sequences. However, the wood may feature haloing effect at random spots.

On the other hand, maple timber has been well for having a light, almost white color and a grain that is even and sleek. In contrast to other types of wood, the texture of this one is uniformly smooth, and you won’t see any pore spaces noticeable in the grain. Maple has a strong tendency to turn yellow with age. Spalting is indeed a treasured occurrence that can occur in this species, and scrunch or figuring often can be seen with the wood as well.


We do not contemplate either type of wood to be sturdy, but when comparing ash and maple, we find that it has a lower level of durability. This is due to the fact that emerald ash borer infestations are relatively common in the area. Both maple and ash are suitable for all kinds when used for indoor applications, particularly when protected by an appropriate completion.


Of the two different kinds of furniture, maple, and ash, ashwood is the more economical option. It also has a price that is comparable to that of pine and is not excessively high or low. Because of this, a significant number of crafters take advantage of these benefits when making cabinetry and other high-end furniture.

On the other hand, maple is considered to be among the most desirable wood species in the United States, possibly ranking fifth behind oak, cherry, walnut, and mahogany. It has a price that is somewhere in the middle, but hard maple is perhaps the most costly method. When using figured maple timber, you can expect to pay a significantly higher price.

How to Paint Ash Cabinets

A latex-based finish can be used to color ash wood, just the same as it is used to color other types of hardwoods. In order to guarantee that the surface will last for many coming years, you will have to carefully prepare the planks so that they can be decorated.

What You’ll Need

Tack cloth


Latex Primer


Paint Brushes

Paint Rollers

Latex-based Paint

Step 1: Sand the surface layer with sandpaper. The texture must be clean and even.

Step 2: Vacuum each and every sawdust. Eliminate sawdust from wood with something like a tack cloth.

Prepare the wood with a liquid base coat. The primer dries in 2 hours. Based on the scale of the area, use a brush or roller.

Paint with latex. Spread paint in gentle, equal strokes down the wood to minimize brush traces. Based on the manufacturer, let the paint cure for 4 – 5 hours.

Brush a second coat. This ensures uniform covering. 4 to 5 hours to finish.

How to Clean ASH Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve been dealing with the problem of greases and stains in your cabinet for a while now, we are glad to show you how to quickly clean ASH cabinets. Note that there are three ways how you can clean them, and you should only choose one method depending on the situation. If you prefer to watch it on-screen rather than reading, you can simply watch this comprehensive guide.

Cleaning Ash Kitchen Cabinet with Vinegar Solution

Set up a vinegar solution. To make a solution, combine a glass of water and a glass of vinegar. It’s safe to be used wooden cabinetry on a regular basis because it’s so light. The wood won’t be harmed, and the polish won’t be wiped off by it. After you’ve done cooking, wipe the cabinets’ exteriors with a damp cloth. Each time you prepare food, food scraps and debris collect on the cabinet’s coatings. Maintaining your kitchen cabinets clean by cleaning them off after each use will help to prolong their lifespan.

Once the cabinets have been cleaned, wipe them off with a fresh, dry towel. To prevent the wood from warping, wipe the cabinets down then with a dry, clean towel to eliminate any remaining cleansing liquid residue. Wipe out the cabinets inside and out regularly. Maintain anything inside your cabinet doors fresh by wiping it every several weeks if you keep seasonings or other items in them.

Clean the cabinets on a routine basis. Use a gentle and damp cloth to wipe both of the cabinet’s inside and external surfaces for moderate dust accumulation and polishing. Dusting the front of your cabinets is particularly important since cooking grease and heat will harden dust on cabinet panels, making it even more difficult to remove if you don’t do it regularly.

YouTube Video: How To Quickly Clean ASH cabinets.

About PA Kitchen

PA kitchen is a furniture company that was founded last May 2008. Its headquarters was initially in Foshan, China. They have two huge production sites, one in Foshan, China, and one in Jakarta, Indonesia. Most importantly, they are competent producers of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom vanities.

PA Kitchen deals with many clients, including wholesalers, traders, and brand owners. Since we sell in large quantities, they do not target retail customers. They have clients from continents around the world. We sell to the US, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia.



Is ASH a Good Wood for Cabinets?

In comparison to other hardwoods, ashwood is a more affordable option. When that comes to cheap wood kitchen cabinets, this is an excellent choice. It’s durable, shock-resistant, and built to survive a lot of use. As per the Janka Examination, a strategy is effective for evaluating the strength of wood kinds, it is among the most resilient. Natural ash wood is beautiful because it comes in a wide range of colors, from light brown and beige, making your cabinetry stand out. To personalize them even further, have them coated in any color you like.

Why Buy Ash Kitchen Cabinets from PA Kitchen?

The PA Kitchen factory in Jakarta makes use of the same kind of equipment as the plant in Foshan, which is located in China. The top management at the Jakarta factory is not only capable but also creative and has a lot of expertise. This guarantees that the product operates without any glitches. Because of the automated systems that they utilize, the procedure is free of the faults that are inevitably caused by human error. Each year, PA Kitchen is responsible for producing 150,000 different cabinetry sets. The client’s demands are their number one priority, and they will go above and beyond to guarantee that your purchase is effectively fulfilled. In addition, PA Kitchen is available to help you with just about any inquiries, explanations, or problems that may arise.


The greatest kitchen cabinets can only be purchased from a reputable provider who does have the know-how and competence to give you the finest cabinets that surpass your standards. PA Kitchen Cabinets are built using high-quality raw resources to safeguard durability. In addition, they offer the most up-to-date ash popular kitchen styles.

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