When we talk about home, what are the keywords in our minds? The warm harbor, the home of love, companionship, security and comfort…

Home is the container of life, and life is the dwelling of the soul. Each of it exudes elegance and leisure, and carries the joy of life. PA KITCHEN creates infinite possibilities in a limited space, just for the exquisite quality of life.


In the future urban environment, the traditional home furnishing concept will exit gradually. The new generation of consumers has a stronger self-awareness and will have more diverse product and customization needs. In the future, consumers will pay special attention to furniture design, which is the expression of individuality and taste.

In the era of the “aesthetic economy” dominated by the post-80s and 90s, PA KITCHEN captures the latest market demand, and realizes that if the home furnishing industry wants to impress consumers and gain recognition, product design differentiation and service innovation are the keys to breakthrough. In 2018, product design of PA KITCHEN uses the industry’s hot “high-end gray” tones to create a fashionable industrial style with a forward-looking creative vision. It creates a sense of balance in the living space with creative and aesthetic products.


It is worth mentioning that Camilla and Glasgow Collections of PA KITCHEN combine Italian luxury with modern minimalism, offering people a sense of nature and randomness. They make every space low-key but delicate. The collision of metal and wood, and the transition of rich colors create a strong visual impact. The simple geometric lines outline a full-textured industrial style under the light, which delivers the enjoyment of art.

Glass is the quintessence of industrial style. PA KITCHEN adds glass elements to the Italian light luxury collections, which creates a real industrial sense. Through the flexible combination of wood, glass, glossy textures, and the gentle color transition, this collection brings a rich and varied subtle sense of space.

“Starts with love” is the slogan for PA KITCHEN, and it has been the philosophy for many years. The “Taste” envisions different life scenarios for different residents, considers different living habits. PA KITCHEN knows what you want, and gives you what you want by creating an ideal living space.