Recently, PA KITCHEN FACTORY “DIGITAL TOUR”, organized by OPP (Overseas Partnership Program) and Export Department of PA KITCHEN came to a successful conclusion. This event invited and attracted the participation of dozens of international guests, who overcame the time difference, and had themselves in “presence” from Cambodia, Indonesia, Maldives, South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, more than 10 different countries and Regions.

“Digital Tour” allows all participated guests not only to enjoy the wonderful content of PA KITCHEN intelligent factory without leaving home, to intuitively experience the 12-year outstanding achievements of PA KITCHEN in the development of the whole-house customization industry, but also to see more three-dimensional corporate strengths of PA KITCHEN by the dimensions of the exhibition hall, base, and workshop from the perspective of live broadcast.
From ideas to results, from the factory to product, through online “one-to-one” interaction, PA KITCHEN not only demonstrates its strong development strength in the industry, but also allows the guests to feel the outstanding performance in many aspects such as products, manufacturing processes, and industry specifications. The holding of this “Digital Tour” of has won unanimous praise and appreciation from all guests.

“Thank you! The itinerary and your reception are really great. I learned a lot of information that I always wanted to know. It is really worthwhile to have an in-depth understanding of the operation of your factory.” Mr. Shiban, the second son of a well-known group company in Maldives, said so. When Mr. Shiban took over the family cabinet business in the second half of 2019, he got in touch with PA KITCHEN, and reached a number of broad consensuses on the in-depth cooperation between two parties. He planned to have a group visit to PA KITCHEN in early 2020, but the itinerary was cancelled due to the outbreak of epidemic. This “digital tour” is a “late visit” for him.

In the middle of 2020, PA KITCHEN first met Mr. Samphy, who runs a cabinet business in Cambodia. Through the interaction with him, we felt his enthusiasm for the cabinet business, his tight daily schedule, and his inherent “cautious” instinct of a businessman. Although through telephone and text communication, he has retained a good impression on PA KITCHEN, but he still lacks enough trust to take a step closer. This “digital tour” has really brought the distance between the two parties, as he said to us after the event: “Thank you very much for your reception. Cambodia’s construction projects are developing rapidly. No matter how long the pandemic will continue, business still needs to be done. I think it’s time to start our next step.”

“It really exceeded my imagination and my expectations. The custom furniture can be operated digitally in this way. After this event ends, let’s talk about the cooperation plan and details.”With surprise and shock, Mr. Benny from Indonesia said above after his participation in this “digital tour”. Different from Mr. Benny’s own handmade factory, which is characterized by low efficiency, high cost and unstable quality, PA KITCHEN intelligent production lines gave him a deep sense of shock.

As a well-known construction engineering service provider in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Hesham expanded his business to the supply of indoor home furnishing products based on the market demand. Due to the impact of the pandemic, his itinerary to inspect cooperating suppliers was put on hold. When he received the invitation of this “Digital Tour”, he gladly accepted it. The strong brand advantage, innovative research and development strengths, rich product categories and successful project experiences of PA KITCHEN have laid a solid foundation for the strategic cooperation between the two parties. After the event, what he said to us impressed us deeply: “We plan to goes to the order placing for cabinets in PA KITCHEN. We also have great interest and sincerity to become the Project Agent of PA KITCHEN in Saudi Arabia. The project I am dealing with now includes 2000 sets of cabinets, and let us moves towards the partnership.”

Walking through the workshop, listening to the explanation, and learning about the advantages and characteristics of PA KITCHEN during the “cloud” visit, all guests lay a solid foundation for strategic cooperation. With the lens, foreign “online delegations” have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of PA KITCHEN brand strength and the further strategic cooperation will be worth looking forward to thereafter!

From IDPI (Intelligent Design & Production) system, ERP system Management system, to raw materials, production equipments, PA KITCHEN introduced the production lines in detail and made in-depth interpretation of key production processes to the entire international guests. Advanced production equipments, complete and strict production processes, all is striving for perfection. In the future, PA KITCHEN will continue to use standard production as the engine and stable quality as the driving force to provide customers with excellent products and services, and to contribute the high-quality development of the industry!