Door Polish Guide: Ways To Prolong The Cabinet Life

Door Polish Guide: Ways To Prolong The Cabinet Life

Door Polish Guide: Ways To Prolong The Cabinet life

The door polish for cabinet lacquer doors has been a hot topic. Those who want to maintain the doors to prolong the cabinet life are eager for effective tips. In the below guide, the major parts will be shown with the detail.

Door Polish By Cleaning Door Surface

1. Clean and wipe frequently, and keep the door panel dry.
2. The door panel with a bright surface shall be wiped with a clean cloth with fine texture.
3. Solid wood doors, such as oak, beech, walnut, and other materials, can be cleaned with furniture wax, which can keep the color of the log beautiful and long.
4. Crystal door panel can be cleaned and wiped with flannelette or lightly wiped with a dry cloth.
5. Paint the door panel with a fine cleaning cloth dipped with a neutral cleaning solution to avoid sharp contact to avoid scratches.
6. Finally, the action of opening and closing the door panel should be light, and the door hinge can be regularly oiled to extend the service life of kitchenware.
7. If the humidity in the house is too high, a dehumidifier shall be installed to keep the kitchen appliances dry and avoid deformation.

Door Polish by Cleaning Door Panels

1. Soluble cleaning agent is not allowed for the paint door panels.
2. All benzene and resin solvents should not be used as panel cleaners.

Cabinet Maintenance

1. The carrying capacity of the hanging cabinet is generally lower than that of the lower cabinet, so it is suitable to place lighter articles in the hanging cabinet, such as seasoning cans, glasses, and other weights, which are best placed in the lower cabinet.
2. The utensils should be cleaned and then put into the cabinet, especially the utensils should be wiped dry.
3. The hardware in the cabinet shall be wiped with a dry cloth to avoid water marks caused by water drops on its surface; the sink of the cooking table can be wrapped in the internal filter box with fine silk in advance to prevent vegetable chips and small residues from blocking the water pipe.

Body Cleaning

1. When cleaning the water tank, remember to clean the neck and end of the pipe behind the filter box together, so as to avoid the longer-term accumulation of oil dirt, the thicker it is.
2. If the oil dirt is accumulated in the sink pipe for a long time and is not easy to clean, try pouring some detergent from the kitchen to remove the oil stain in the sink, then wash it with hot water and then cold water.

Table Maintaining 

1. Keep the table dry and clean the kitchen waste in time
2. Prevent the knife from scratching the cabinet surface
3. Avoid damage to cabinet surface caused by high temperature
4. Avoid scrubbing the countertop with hard objects

Table Cleaning

1. Artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets should not be wiped with a hard cleaning cloth, steel wire ball, chemical agent, or steel brush, and should be wiped with a soft towel, soft cleaning cloth with water, or with brightener, otherwise, it will cause scratches or erosion.
2. The cabinet made of the fireproof board can be wiped with a household cleaner, nylon brush, or nylon ball, and then with a damp hot cloth towel, and finally with a dry cloth.
3. The natural stone tabletop should be cleaned with a soft cleaning cloth instead of toluene detergent, otherwise, it is difficult to remove the white spots. When removing scale, do not use strong acid toilet powder or dilute hydrochloric acid, or the glaze will be damaged and lose luster.
4. If the cabinet is made of wood, dust should be removed with a duster first and then a dry cloth or special lotion with logs to wipe. Do not use wet cloth and oil cleaning products.
5. Wash basin or gas stove should avoid knocking or being hit, and the joint of two worktops should avoid long-term soaking of water.

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