How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets?

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets?

1. Look at the sealing edge of plates

High-quality cabinet edges are delicate, smooth, good feel, flat and smooth sealing line, fine joints.
Professional large factories use linear edge sealing machine to complete the process of edge sealing, broken ends, trimming, chamfering, polishing at one time. The coating is uniform, the pressure of pressing edge is stable, and the most accurate size is guaranteed.

The workshop type small factory uses brushes to glue, press and seal the edges manually, trim the edges with a castor knife, and polish with a manual polishing machine. Because of the uneven pressure, many places are not firm, and it also causes the volatilization of toxic gases such as formaldehyde into the air.

2. See punching.

Nowadays, panel furniture is assembled by three-in-one connectors. The matching and precision of the holes will affect the structural firmness of cabinet cabinets.
Professional large factories use multi-row drills to complete a number of holes on the edge and surface of a board at a time. These holes are a positioning datum, and the size accuracy is guaranteed.

3. Look at the cutting board.

Cutting board is the first process of cabinet production. Large specialized enterprises use electronic cutting saw to input processing dimensions through computer, and the accuracy of material selection is controlled by computer.

Moreover, several sheets can be processed at a time. The performance of the equipment is stable and the dimension precision of the sheet is very high. The tolerance unit is micron, and there is no stubble collapse at the edge of the sheet.

4. Look at the door plank.

Cabinet door panel is the face of the cabinet, as important as human face. Door panels produced by small factories are easily damped and deformed due to improper treatment of base materials and surface technology.

5. Look at the assembly effect of the whole cabinet

Any dimension error of production process will be reflected in the door panel. The door panel produced by large professional factories is horizontal and vertical, and the gap between doors is even. In the cabinet of small factory production combination, the door panel will appear uneven and uneven gap, with large or small size.

6. Look at the drawer slide.

Although it is a small detail, it is an important part of the quality of the cabinet. Because of the error of hole position and plate size, there are errors in the fitting of slideway installation size, which results in the drawer not moving smoothly or loosening left and right, and attention should also be paid to the uniformity of drawer gap.

Time will destroy everything. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet can not only withstand the devastation of time, standing in the future and looking back on today’s choice will have no regrets.

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