How to make the kitchen decoration more reasonable

How to make the kitchen decoration more reasonable

How to make the kitchen decoration more reasonable

The first thing to consider in the kitchen is lighting, ventilation, lighting and concealed works. This is most important of kitchen decoration. The location of the socket also needs to be appropriate, as well as details in various cabinets. The assembly line of ambry wants to keep smooth, the distance between sink and hearth best can keep above 40 centimeters. Dishwasher and hidden garbage can be placed under the sink, and oven can be placed under the stove (the model and size shall be confirmed and the position shall be reserved before cabinet construction), which will make the assembly line more smooth. The sink of the basin below the stage can let ambry mesa more convenient to manage, the height of mesa should adjust according to the height of user. The height of the sink is different from the height of the stove. The height of the sink should be 10cm higher than the height of the stove. This height will make washing and cooking more comfortable.

The most suitable cabinet or drawer, easy to operate, but also convenient to find things. Hanging cabinet can use multi-layer lattice, about 30 to 40 cm wide, opposite cabinet door or folding door is more convenient (but this is more suitable for height). As for the height can not reach, then you can use the lift pull basket, so it will not be embarrassed, and it will be safer. The gas pipeline can’t be wrapped, but it can be “wrapped” with stone. The gas company is also convenient for maintenance, and the whole kitchen is more beautiful.

The lighting in the kitchen is very important at night. The main lighting is the foundation and the local lighting is the details. When cooking in the evening, the local lighting under the washing, cutting and hanging cabinets is very important, and the switch should be convenient. With these local lighting, you can see the dishes clearly and cut them more safely.
Especially in families with children, kitchen safety is particularly important. For example, install guardrails to prevent bowls from falling, and put all kinds of detergents in special cabinets, knives and other sharp ones in safe drawers. In addition to the commonly used household appliance sockets in the kitchen, in addition to the commonly used switches, one or three sockets can be reserved. Sockets with switches can avoid the trouble of plugging in and out. Kitchen lampblack stains more, those concave and convex good-looking tiles are not very suitable. In addition to the color and luster, the kitchen tiles should also consider dirt resistance and comfort, of course, skid resistance is also very important.

The ceiling of the kitchen needs more convenient cleaning, fire prevention and heat resistance, and it also needs to be selected according to different routes of water and electricity. Waterproof gypsum board, waterproof latex paint, etc. are very beautiful, of course, in the case of water and electricity. Water and electricity ceiling is not suitable for these ceilings, dust collection ceiling will be more suitable at this time. It is not only convenient for inspection and maintenance, but also can detect water leakage in time.

The choice of cabinet material, ceramic tile stainless steel is good, the price of ceramic tile will be cheaper. If the table is made of stainless steel, it is slightly uncomfortable because it is afraid of scratching. The table top is relatively good, quartz stone. The water retaining strip on the table is also needed. It’s better to make a circle. The kitchen door with glass sliding door is the best, so in the visual kitchen will be a little bigger.

Everyone has different views on the effect of kitchen decoration, but the practical needs of the kitchen are the same, who doesn’t want to make their own kitchen the best one to use! For exchanging more ideas, please be free to contact us.

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