Recently, PA Overseas Partnership Department Investment Promotion Department of PA KITCHEN has formally signed a bilateral strategic cooperation with Kerr Gui, a leading importer of home building materials in Gambia. Kerr Gui is officially authorized to obtain the exclusive agency right of the Brand of PA KITCHEN in Gambia; while integrating bilateral advantages, PA KITCHEN will also enter the Gambian market through Kerr Gui’s sales network.

The head of Overseas Partnership Department said: “The strategic cooperation with Kerr Gui in Gambia is of great significance to the company. This will surely become a new engine to promote PA’s performance growth. In the future, we will further strengthen operational management, Strive to achieve the second leap.”

Gambia is called the Islamic Republic of Gambia, located on the Atlantic coast of western Africa. Although the Gambia is the smallest landlocked country on the African continent, its market has huge potential for development: the Atlantic coast, a natural maritime port; the Gambia River runs east to west, runs through the entire Gambia, and has convenient water transport; the establishment of diplomatic relations with China also makes it Have the opportunity to catch the express train of development.

As the largest importer, wholesaler and retailer of kitchens and related home appliances in the Gambia, Kerr Gui responds to market trends and its own development needs. Based on the existing 1,000 square meters product operation center, its business covers cabinets and even interior custom furniture.

The strength of Kerr Gui in Gambia is obvious to all. Combined with the current opportunities and challenges in the home improvement industry, it is believed that as the cooperation between PA KITCHEN and Kerr Gui continues to deepen, the strategic advantages of the cooperation and development of the two parties will gradually become prominent and will surely drive Gambia Home Furnishing industry to boom.

Overseas Partnership Department (OPP) of PA KITCHEN was formally established in 2018, relying on the strong production strength and brand influence of the headquarters. OPP has always adhered to the basis of cost-effective products, market demand-oriented, and a variety of cooperation models, and is committed to making it a first-class overseas B-end cooperation service platform. At present, PA KITCHEN has successfully signed partners covering more than 20 overseas countries and regions.

In the face of the historical opportunities of great connectivity, great opportunities, and great platforms brought about by the “One Belt and One Road” national strategy, PA KITCHEN is actively developing and deploying overseas markets. In this cooperation, the two parties hope to use their own high-quality resources as the starting point to strengthen the in-depth and pragmatic cooperation between the two parties in various business fields, continuously focus on innovation, and open a new chapter of this cooperation.