On October 30, 2020, Overseas Partnership Program (OPP), on behalf of the headquarters and Indonesian branch of PA KITCHEN, officially signed a bilateral strategic cooperation agreement with ARTHABUMI, represented by Mr. EDDY SANTOSO. In the context of whole-house furnishing, the two parties have joined hands to promote the deep integration of furniture customization in Indonesia.

In this cooperation, ARTHABUMI was officially granted the agency right for the brand of PA KITCHEN in Indonesia. Following the concept of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, the two parties are determined to build a community with a shared future for home furnishing in Indonesia. More extensive and in-depth cooperation will be planned and carried out next to lay the foundation for the layout of the Southeast Asian market.

As the first official contract partner since the establishment of PA KITCHEN (Indonesia Branch), ARTHABUMI is a reliable and well-known home furnishing company, which has been providing customers with integrated and high-quality services such as interior design, interior product supply, interior decoration, etc in Jakarta.

With the globalization of the market and the ever-increasing competition in the furniture industry, ARTHABUMI has also encountered many development challenges in recent years: incomplete supply chains for local products and higher costs due to the import of raw materials; manual production resulting in low production efficiency and unstable product quality; the seaborne import of products and raw materials increases the delivery time, increases the time cost, and reduces its own competitiveness.

Under the premise of seeking development by itself, ARTHABUMI has carried out a comprehensive understanding of PA KITCHEN (Indonesia branch) through multiple channels: from factory scale to brand strength, from enterprise hardware to soft strength, etc. All has strengthened ARTHABUMI’s confidence in the cooperation with PA KITCHEN.

PA KITCHEN (Indonesia Branch) was officially established in Jakarta in December 2019, with the original intention of responding to the US market, and then covering the product needs of the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets. The establishment of the Indonesian branch is the beginning of the strategic layout of PA KITCHEN in the Indonesian market. Its development blueprint fully matches the trend of the local building materials market in Indonesia.

PA KITCHEN (Indonesia Branch) will adhere to the concept of manufacturing “healthy, safe, comfortable and elegant” products to its partners and countless consumers. It applies the same production equipments, technologies, raw materials and management modes as the headquarters. Environmentally-friendly materials, professional production lines, full numerical-control management syste, and scientific operation make it possible to create high cost-effective services.

PA KITCHEN (Indonesia Branch) takes style customization as the core, and puts forward the concept of “Fashionable Whole-House Customization + Environmental Home Furnishing Leader”. Its products cover living room, bedroom, dining room, cabinet, study, entrance hall, cloakroom, balcony and other rooms. Products have excellent quality foundation; product design has both beauty and originality; product functions emphasize high practicability.

In the process of gradual advancement and in-depth development in the Internet era, the home furnishing industry has also accelerated the transformation from manufacturing to service industry, soft decoration + whole house customization will bring a new business model. PA KITCHEN Indonesia branch has a strong supply chain, rich product line, and perfect logistics system, empowering various hardcovered rooms to meet the individual needs of users, and truly realize the bag-checking in the era.

PA KITCHEN Indonesia Branch joined hands with ARTHABUMI based on good trust. The two parties will focus on the long-term development strategy, will empower each other in the field of home furnishings, combine the advantages of the both, and strive to provide better services, products and brands for users.