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Out trend scouts have been on the road once again this autumn visiting kitchen fairs and exhibitions to see what hot this autumn. 2018 doesn’t only bring new colors and materials the new year brought also new creative planning ideas and new forms into the world of kitchen. And of course, one shouldn’t forget the technology highlights and innovative equipping possibilities for 2018. Be inspired by the top 10 new kitchen trends 2018!

Kitchen Trend N0.1:
Concrete and Slate

We already know this trend from last year. Surfaces using slate, concrete and cement are still very popular for the design of kitchen fronts and work plates. For the next year we see materials with a rough stone character becoming even more popular as kitchen decoration and building materials. Most sellers offer the surfaces as layers for decoration. These convince the interested buyer with their durability and ease of cleaning as well as the good price compared to real slate and concrete pieces.If one likes to use more authentic materials in the kitchen real slate veneer or concrete covered kitchen surfaces are a good option. These types of surfaces are more expensive and not as durable, but the look of the kitchen is hugely improved.


Especially eye catching are kitchens that are handle free and use big surfaces covered in slate or concrete. Using concrete in your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a completely grey kitchen. The color palette is diverse and ranges form light white concrete to concrete in stone grey or almost black concrete in slate grey. Slate veneer stone kitchen fronts can be colored in silvery grey golden green grey or dark anthracite.

Kitchen Trend 2:
Full-length Kitchen fronts

A new Trend for Kitchen design 2018 is full-length kitchen fronts, so no base is visible. The Base is still there though, and you can see it when opening the kitchen cabinet doors. This design makes the cupboards appear bigger resulting in a massive block like optic.

This type of design fits especially well for free standing cooking islands in the kitchen center making them appear like a monument in the room. Full-length kitchen fronts are part of a minimalist kitchen design which fits very well to designer kitchens that use handle less optics which use rails or bars fitted to the doors surface.


Kitchen Trend No. 3:
Kitchens using dark wood

The third trend presented today is perfect for people who like to fully enjoy their kitchen with all senses. This already starts with the fancy names chosen for the kitchen fronts in dark wood colors: Cognac, Smoke, Espresso, Nougat or Tobacco are well liked in the new designs of kitchen worktops and fronts. Typical for the popular wooden decoration surfaces with burl patterns something called synchronal pore. If one touches the surfaces with your hand one can feel the texture of the wood, you can feel what you see.


This very cozy kitchen design is the opposite of the Scandinavian kitchen design trend, that uses mostly light and white wood colors. The new wooden kitchens radiate warmth without drawing from the old already passé rustic oak style. Especially if the dark wood tones are combined with a handle-free optic and a modern planning concept, a fashionable designer kitchen is realized. If the all-around wooden look is too boring, one can use some color combinations like for example white or black kitchen fronts or some other material like a worktop with concrete optic.


Kitchen trend No. 4 stainless steel

After copper and gold have had their time in the last years a new metallic material has become popular this year – stainless steel. Stainless steel is used widely in restaurant kitchens for many years but in his case mostly for hygiene reasons due to the easy to clean surfaces stainless steel provides. The nice look of stainless steel are not to important for restaurant kitchens. This is different for home kitchens. Stainless steel as decoration materials can have remarkable effects if used in the scratched steel variety.


The Used Look adds an industrial style to your kitchen. It leaves room for combination with other materials and fits to almost all colors or materials. Even combining it with wood, natural stones or concrete leads to a great result. The metallic-optic provides a great look for cupboard fronts, sides, worktops or niche walls stainless steel.

Kitchen Trend NO.5
Colorful kitchens

As in the years before 2018 sees a trend of using colorful design and accents in yellow, orange, green or blue. The bright colors push certain elements of the kitchen into the view. You can color a certain cupboard in the top or bottom row of your kitchen in a bright fashionable color. Another area which lends itself well to coloring is the backwall of a niches or open shelves.


This a great for everyone who likes to see some color in his kitchen but doesn’t want a whole kitchen in bright colors. If the whole kitchen is designed in one bright color like for example sunny yellow, fiery red or full petrol, one can quickly get used to the color and wont even notice it anymore. Choosing to only color a few parts of your kitchen in your favorite color will lead to longer-lasting satisfaction with the new kitchen design.


Kitchen Trend No.6 Cubes

If you always wanted to try out some creative interior design, you can use the cubistic design trend. Here cube-shaped elements become a main element of your kitchen design. It is important to not just stack the cubes next to each other when positioning them in the kitchen. Play around a bit and position the kitchen elements freely to get the right effect.

Another cubistic design possibility is an asymmetrical organization of the kitchen elements. Height and depth of the cubes can vary. Some shelves can be longer then their neighboring elements creating an interesting eye-catching design.


This kind of design obviously needs some degree of courage but at the same time it offers new ways to organize your kitchen breaking up old and rather boring settings. While we play a round with the design, we shouldn’t forget to keep the kitchen functional. Here a professional planer can help you out. With a little luck and the aforementioned very important courage you can create functional artistic designs that surprise even the cubistic artist.


Kitchen Trend No.7 marble

Marble was already an up and coming trend last year but this year its fully in the center for attention. Real marble is a great material for worktops and back walls of niches. This natural stone comes with a certain price, but it will turn any kitchen into a place oozing elegance and style. A more cost-effective alternative is marble décor which can be used as kitchen front, elements or as well for worktop or niche back.


This design is especially elegant if light marble is used together with white kitchen fronts. If one uses dark marble a highly visible contrast is achieved which appears modern and extravagant. Depending on which marble one choses the design can be either highly sophisticated and modern or in a warm country house style.


Kitchen Trend No.8 Black handles

Design Trend Nr. 8 deals with a small detail that can have a big effect: black handles. Combined with white kitchen fronts they create an impressive contrast between these two colors. Another way to use black handles is to combine them with similar colors are anthracite or black which creates a different but equally satisfying look.


The color works even better if black is also used for other kitchen accessories, for example steel racks, chairs or metal baskets. This kid of design profits from the wide choice of handles available including classic bow handles, buttons or black rails for handle free kitchens.


Kitchen Trend No. 9 dark country house Style

If you like the homely look of a farmhouse kitchen your color choice has increased giving you more design possibilities. country house kitchens are mostly liked for their nostalgic and romantic design in light colors, including white, crème and magnolia as well as natural wood colors. If this kind of coloring is to harmonic for you, you will be well served with a kitchen in the dark-colored country house style. Colors included here are black, carbon, chocolate, nay, and graphite.


The dark design gives the country house kitchen a rougher modern look connecting to the still popular industrial style. This kind of design is completed by adding small accessories like wooden baskets, steel stools, a retro kitchen balance or beveled tiles making your kitchen look like a fashionable coffee-shop.


Kitchen Trend No.10 clever Details

To make your kitchen more functional and comfortable kitchen designers have thought out some new techniques and equipment. Useful accessories and furnishing ideas for the dining area can now be sourced directly as All-in-One complete solution from kitchen traders.

This includes, for example, child safety devices, reducing dangers in the kitchen. Drawers can be fitted with these child safety devices retroactively making sure your loved ones won’t ever again hurt their fingers closing a drawer too quickly. Simply order these extra devices when selecting your kitchen design.

As more and more people are uniting their kitchen with the dining area and living room, kitchen designers have started to offer dining room solutions. Diner tables and seating can be chosen that fits to the kitchen’s design creating a harmonic look all through the house. Perfect for everyone who also want to fit out his dining and living areas while buying a new kitchen with all parts fitting well to each other.


A new topic trending is the storage room and the laundry cabinet and how to keep it organized. One can only fully enjoy the cooking process when all necessary ingredients and tolls are easy to reach. Functional tools like useful sorting systems, easy to use drawers and clever gadgets help the chef.

Additionally, many kitchen makers have focused more on fitting out the Storage Room. New Ideas for fitting the washing machine and other washing related furniture into the room help to store cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner and stocks as well as organizing your laundry.

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