What should kitchen pay attention to when villa decorates design?

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What should kitchen pay attention to when villa decorates design?

1. People often cook the best not to do the open kitchen, unless not worried about the problem of lampblack;

2. The range hood shall not be too far away from the exhaust flue hole, or the smoke smell of the room is full. Before the valve of the flue is installed back, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the valve piece can be opened and closed freely and can be opened to the maximum, otherwise, the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood will be affected;

3. Gas change pipe should be completed before tiling, otherwise, it may damage the wall. It is better to let the gas company draw a picture or make a mark on the wall because the cabinet company needs to open holes in the cabinet body according to the requirements;

4. The cabinet must be carefully selected, and the stable and solid work is good, because it is related to the kitchen sink, etc., so do not be greedy for cheap; although the cabinet leaves more doors and fewer drawers;

5. The kitchen should be equipped with several sockets and the floor tiles should be antiskid and well cleaned; for the sake of safety, the upper end of the kitchen door should be equipped with a socket, so that the gas alarm can be put in the future; the faucet of the sink must be able to be opened and closed by the back of the hand, and it is not easy for those who have to use their fingers to keep clean, and it is also difficult to rotate when there is oil on their hands.

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