Tezian Collection of PA KITCHEN Leads in Entry Luxury and Interpretes Elegance

The positioning of light luxury is not to pursue luxury blindly, but to find a comfortable rhythm in luxury so that the pace of life is not rushed or slow, but both refined and personalized. Just like TEZIAN Collection, it embodies the quality of life just right.

TEZIAN Collection launched by PA KITCHEN is a solution combining simple design and modern methods for young families. Using simplicity to control the complexity, TEZIAN Collection not only brings a rich visual experience but also creates a more design-conscious living space. It makes the space flexible, unique, and profound, which perfectly presents the beauty of simplicity and luxury.

PA KITCHEN, Top Ten China Custom Furniture Brand, aims to create fashionable and creative home life for young families born in the 80s and 90s. With rich experiences in-home customization service for many years, PA KITCHEN takes the young fashion route as the brand origin, always maintains a forward-looking vision, and brings more new home ideas and new life experiences to every new generation family.

In the pursuit of efficiency and individualization, custom furniture that has more flexible space is more and more sought after by consumers. Therefore, PA KITCHEN takes environmental protection as the first element from the perspective of user experience and living experience and uses green and healthy panels that reach the environmentally-friendly level as the raw materials. On the basis of meeting scientific environmental protection and personalized customization, PA KITCHEN proposes a complete set of home solutions for consumers.

Life should not be rough, and home should be refined and stylish. TEZIAN Collection is decorated with brown and red combinations to create a home space, to interpret the exquisite taste like a gentleman. In this Collection, the deep red fabric sofa forms a conversation group, and the rich color contrasts sharply with the elegant ground and background, which deepens the visual dimension of the space.

TEZIAN Collection expresses the love of life and the feelings of space. These spaces may be the portrayal of our real life, ordinary but not wateriness. This is the meaning of home, and it is also the art of life.