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People in new era become more diligently and seem never feeling tired at work. They are struggling to race against time, often failing to see the flowers blooming around them, the singing of insects and birds…
The beauty of “the bright moon shines on the pine, the clear spring flows over stone” has always existed, but modern people pass by in a hurry, often ignoring the natural charm. Combining traditional culture with modern aesthetics and connecting interior design with our lives, Ligacy Collection launched by PA KITCHEN has enriched the cultural temperament of traditional classical home furnishings, allowing us to smell a trace of nature while we are in the midst of busy work.

Citing the core value of Oriental culture, relying on contemporary interior design techniques, Ligacy Collection of PA KITCHEN is positioned as a New Oriental style, which is expressed as “reviving humanistic aesthetics with design”.
The overall style of the collection is elegant and natural, showing the beauty of elegance and quietness. When you are in it, you can easily feel familiar with Eastern culture under the superficial form. This is a New Oriental style residence with beautiful scenery, authentic meaning, strong emotion and elegant taste.

Traditional Chinese culture has always advocated balance, with stability, peace, and harmony as its symbols. It is close but not flatulent, and far but indiscernible. Entering the living room for the first time, the calm dark wood color sets the tone of the space, which gradually extends from the wall. The light gray sofa creates a visual tension invisibly. From this point of view, the carpet complements it without delay, like a smudge of ink, slowly scattered.

In 2020, PA KITCHEN has carried out a forward-looking product upgrade, and newly launched Tezian, Epselp, Phedos, Tenexy, Awadea, Cilnio, and Ligacy seven product collections. The upgrade of the product, in addition to the simple and natural visual effects, has a moving spiritual core. The beauty of simplicity, harmony and difference between the oriental artistic conception and the western form, the pleasing beauty of the traditional style where the traditional white space meets the modern simplicity, and the details of the combination of classic skills and future craftsmanship are warmly welcomed by the market.
PA KITCHEN is writing a new industry vane with its own brand language, and also writing the spiritual core that impresses mainstream young consumer groups.

Finding yourself in the “pop”, coming back to be yourself, knowing what you want. This is the lifestyle portrayed by PA KITCHEN.
In modern life, it is incredible to be able to create such charming home furniture like PA KITCHEN; it is even more remarkable to find such a home environment that can bring joy to one’s body and mind.