Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinet?

Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinet?

Purchasing kitchen cabinets from China has become a popular choice for many due to the exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness these products offer. Those people who can find the great Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturer may be can significantly reduce cost for the same quality expectation. In addition to this, personalization and free design are also big selling points for kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China. PA Kitchen is also a Chinese manufacturer offers this type of service.

modern Chinese kitchen cabinets design

As we all know, due to the opaque prices of custom products, when it comes to custom cabinets, the prices are very high and then your costs can become very uncontrollable. Therefore, if you want to buy high quality and cost-effective custom kitchen cabinets in China, then this guide will give you a lot of useful tips such as tips on negotiating with manufacturers, and where to buy the most premium kitchen cabinets in China, etc.

What are the advantages of purchasing kitchen cabinets from China when compared to options from Vietnam and India?

There is no doubt that customization capability and quality control are the two major advantages that distinguish China from other developing countries. Compared with Vietnam and India, Chinese kitchen cabinets do not have price advantage, but Vietnamese are likely to produce RTA kitchen cabinets, which means mass production. This is very limited for builders, designers and customers who want to custom.

Most of the manufacturers in India are mainly produce modular kitchen cabinets, and the ability to customize is generally inferior to Chinese manufacturers. Another very important point is quality, although there are uneven levels of Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturers, but the overall quality is still relatively stable.PA Kitchen, as a Chinese kitchen cabinet maker, believes that China deserves the title of world factory.

Shipping And Logistics for Importing Kitchen Cabinets from China

“I’ve never bought anything from abroad at all”, “I don’t know how to arrange logistics”, for customers who are importing kitchen cabinets from China for the first time, these questions are like a high wall bothering them. With the popularity of internet, as if you can read this article from your computer or lying in bed with your cell phone, everything has become very easy. Not only can you easily find an agent in China, but it’s not difficult to find a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that offers shipping and logistics services, such as PA Kitchen.

Ordering Process and Timeline for Kitchen Cabinets from China

In fact, the process of buying kitchen cabinets from China is much the same as the process of buying it locally, so I won’t go into it here. The buying process is roughly design consultation, rendering, order confirmation, payment, production and shipping. The production time for custom kitchen cabinets is about 25-35 days, which varies slightly from one Chinese manufacturer to another. Shipping time will differ depending on the distance.

For example, it generally takes 15 days to ship from China to Sydney, Australia, 20 days to Brisbane and Auckland, and 15 days to Dubai. If shipping to Europe, it will usually require 30-40 days, for example, 28 days for Felixstowe in UK and 30-35 days for other ports in Western Europe. The ports in Northern Europe basically needs transit, so it usually costs 40 days. If you need more detailed information about time, please contact us, we are glad to help you.

Where To Buy the Best Quality Kitchen Cabinets from China?

Through the internet, you can easily find kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China, such as google search, alibaba.com and made in china.com, etc. So, I want to give you more useful information through “where”.


Buying cabinets from China does not mean you have to lower your expectations of quality, rather you can marvel at the quality. Guangdong Province is the concentration of top-quality kitchen cabinets in China, and not only do they export a lot to the whole world every year, but people from northern China like to come to Guangdong to buy kitchen cabinets. So, if you want to buy great kitchen cabinets from China, choosing a manufacturer in this place is the best choice.

When you’re still clueless and want to narrow it down even further, Foshan City is the center of kitchen cabinet production in Guangdong. You can buy most of your home furnishing products, kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, flooring, tiles and bathrooms, etc. Importantly, kitchen cabinets here are relatively more expensive than in other province of China, so it’s a trade-off between quality and price. Of course, an effective negotiation can also reduce your costs to some extent. Then, we will give you some useful suggestions about bargain in the following section.

About Kitchen Cabinets from China

Buy other products from China besides kitchen cabinets

In addition to the affordable kitchen cabinets, you can also purchase doors, windows, flooring, outdoor furniture and bathrooms, etc. Moreover, when it comes to shipping, you can greatly reduce your shipping costs by packing all your home furnishing products into one container, but the prerequisite is to find a Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturer that offers one-stop service, such as PA Kitchen. If you need more information, please visit our website or contact us.

How much time do I need to purchase kitchen cabinets from China?

The production times and shipping times mentioned above are ideal times. Keep in mind that plenty of time will have a positive effect on choosing a manufacturer for you to compare prices and sample inspections, negotiating kitchen cabinet details, and resisting force majeure factors (shipping delays).

Why Hire PA Kitchen?

1.Skilled Teams

250+ PA The team, take meticulous works in the production, research and development, sales, design, installation for one-stop services, we always set high standards for ourselves, to achieve surpassing and breakthrough, in each project sales performance ranks the top of the company; With our positive and optimistic attitude, we respond to the challenges of the market and win customers and markets with our excellent business skills and consistent intimate services.


2.Quality Guaranteed

PA plywood has 11-layers wood and only has very low formaldehyde release,can reach E1 standard, no any pungent smell.

PA countertop all are artificial quartz, strong hardness, too hard to scratch and break, heat-resisting and hard to be stained. There are a variety of countertop colors and patterns. The countertop edge shape can be customized according to client’s requirement.

PA drawer slider has soft closing, strong bearing capacity, smooth slider. It can bear more than 45kg weight. Actually, we tried to stand in it has no any problem.

PA lacquer has an even color, a smooth surface without bubbles, a good mirror

effect, not easy to drop paint.

PA PVC has many color selections, the thickness of PVC film is 0.035mm, it can be used for 15 years long. PA uses German glue which is a very important material for PVC products, with high adhesion which makes the PVC film strongly stick on the panel, and hard to shell off.

PA melamine board is scratch resistant, even we use an iron brush to brush it, the surface still looks good installation.

PA PVC edge banding has strong toughness, not easily damaged; two different thicknesses of 0.6mm and 1.2mm. 1.2mm is used on the outside side of the panel, which is to prevent damage caused by closing the door. The three inside sides are 0.6mm, which can make the cabinet connected more closely; no glue mark on the board, the PVC edge is not easy to peel off, no bad smell.


PA KITCHEN, founded in 2008, it is a combination of perfect and art. PA KITCHEN has the spirit of pursuing perfection and art, starting from the kitchen, making love and food the theme of life. It expresses emotions with heart and love, and creates home furnishing products that are as delicate and perfect as works of art. In 2014, PA Kitchen spread to the whole-house customization, taking quality, design and innovation as the first criteria, adhering to the brand concept Quality life starts with love. It provides consumers with high-quality life experience by high-quality whole-house custom ized products and solutions. PA Kitchen always strives to create a warm and loving home for all partners and customers all over the world.


Giving back to the society PA Kitchen actively fulfills is social responsibilities a powerful brand in China’s home furnishing industry. PA Kitchen shoulders the corporate responsibility of “carrying up the national flag of the customized home famishing industry and actively participates in the call for public welfare and poverty alleviation, contributes to the country and gives back to the society.

The poverty was initiated by China Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with national and local industry organizations. PA Kitchen actively organizes all employees of the company to participate in poverty alleviation actions, and has been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and the industry.

5.Warranties Available

The biggest challenge for furniture customization is quality control. Since each job is customized, whenever mistakes like wrong holes, missing pieces, unclear labels, misleading drawings happen, the progress of installation at site will be messed and delayed, and eventually damage the schedule of inspection and completion. In order to get rid of the problems at site, PA has been persisting on removing the mistakes from the beginning, which is making sure the quality during production. To get the full solution to control the quality of every procedure, PA spent millions to build up the full system for connecting design and production data. This system, with the name Intelligent Design and Production System (IDPI system in short)manages all the data in the workflow and controls the outcome of manufacture. This is an efficient network covering every step and every position during production and making the workflow smooth.

Honor comes from strength, and heart creates brilliance Ten years of hard work, PA Kitchen has achieved fruitful results.

6.On Time & On Budget

We spend more than millions to develop the Intelligent Design and Production System (IDPI system in short), which integrates design, production and quality control, is a major guarantee for PA to maintain its comprehensive competitiveness. The data on design and production can be shared and used in one system:

7.15 Years witnesses strength

Honor comes from strength.   and diligence creates brilliance. After eleven years of hard work, PA KITCHEN has achieved fruitful results. It has achieved steady growth and development with a 60% increase for eleven consecutive years.

The product was awarded the best fashion product, and it was strongly logged on the central station Discovery Journey-Fortune Forum.

PA Kitchen Design and Production System was put into use, the international intelligent production line was introduced. The two-dimensional code was used to track the whole process and put it into the ERP management system. And the opened The terminal function is used for the client inquiry system for production follow-up. The brand has also won many awards such as Top Ten Cabinetry Brands of Chinese, Top Ten Export Brands, and The Most Valuable Brand Award for Investment.

Our Contractors Provides:

1.No-cost, no-obligation design consultations

2.Renovation, remodeling, and repair services

3.Professional & quality control

4.Stress-free kitchen remodeling

5.Start-to-finish project management

6.100% customer satisfaction guarantee

7.High-quality materials and fixtures

8.Also bathroom remodeling

We’ll make the process easy by finding the right professional for your project.


Whether you are a builder, designer or someone else, having a satisfying buying trip is more vital than anything else. We hope this article will help you find a quality kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China. If you would like to find more information about buying kitchen cabinets from China, welcome to contact us.


Chinese kitchen cabinets stand out for their customization capabilities and quality control. Unlike Vietnam, which focuses on RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) kitchen cabinets for mass production, and India, known for modular kitchen cabinets with less customization, China offers a stable overall quality and extensive customization options for various needs.

For first-time importers, navigating shipping and logistics might seem daunting. However, the process has been simplified with the internet and the availability of shipping and logistics services from Chinese manufacturers. Companies like PA Kitchen offer comprehensive services that include arranging logistics, making the process straightforward for customers.

The process mirrors that of buying locally, starting with design consultation, rendering, order confirmation, payment, and followed by production and shipping. Production times for custom kitchen cabinets range from 25-35 days, and shipping times vary depending on the destination but can be from 15 to 40 days.

Guangdong Province is renowned for producing top-quality kitchen cabinets, with Foshan City being the epicenter of production. Despite the higher prices in Guangdong compared to other regions, the quality and customization options available make it a worthwhile choice for those seeking premium kitchen cabinets.

PA Kitchen offers skilled teams for one-stop services, quality guaranteed products with low formaldehyde release, strong and stain-resistant countertops, durable drawer sliders, and various customization options. They also provide professional services, responsibility towards societal welfare, warranties, on-time and on-budget project completion, and comprehensive support, including free design consultations and renovation services.

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