Changing US Business Trip: Paving the Path for a Kitchen Revolution

Changing US Business Trip: Paving the Path for a Kitchen Revolution

In the bustling months of May and June 2023, PA Kitchen embarked on an enlightening business trip across the United States. And with over 15 years of global project experience, we are not just any kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, and vanity manufacturer. We have pioneered our space, and this trip was an evident testimony to our brand’s dedication to innovation and global outreach.

The PA Kitchen Legacy

Business trip USA

PA Kitchen stands out in the crowd of manufacturers because we bring more than just a product to the table. Our professional designer and sales teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that each creation not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also caters to the practical needs of homeowners. And with a dedicated factory in Indonesia, particularly aimed at serving the US market, we enjoy a unique advantage— 0 tax fee. This not only aids us in offering competitive prices but also assures that our products are curated, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the American populace.

Impressions from the US Trip

The United States, with its diverse architecture and design preferences, provided a fantastic platform for us to learn, innovate, and showcase our prowess. We traveled coast to coast, engaging with local dealers, interior designers, and direct customers. This presented a multifaceted insight into the evolving American home décor market.
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  1. Engagement with Local Dealers: Building trust with local dealers is paramount. We demonstrated our high-quality products, timely delivery commitments, and our advantageous tax-free pricing. The response was overwhelmingly positive, paving the way for stronger partnerships in the US.
  2. Meetings with Interior Designers: The talented community of interior designers in the US enriched our understanding of current trends and styles. These collaborations promise the birth of designs that resonate with contemporary American homes.
  3. Direct Customer Interactions: What’s better than hearing from the end-users themselves? Our pop-up showcases were met with enthusiasm from homeowners. Their feedback and reviews were invaluable.

Digital Footprint and Google Rankings

As a brand conscious of the digital age,  through we continually strive to increase our online visibility. Documenting our US business trip has been an essential aspect of this strategy. By sharing our journey, insights, and collaborations, we aim to engage a wider audience and solidify our position on Google.

To our readers and potential clients, we invite you to explore the PA Kitchen world. Dive into our collections, seek inspiration, and let us be a part of your home transformation journey.

Indonesian Cabinet Manufacturer

Whole-House Customization Cabinets from one of the top 10 brands in China and Indonesian, PA KITCHEN professional custom cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets over 15 years.

Cabinet Factory in Jakarta, Indonesia

PA KITCHEN branch factory is set up and started in the 3rd quarter of 2019 in Jakarta. The same model of production machines as the China factory is put into use.

PA China factory

Cabinet Factory in Foshan, China

Expanded to 40000 square meter factory, 100,000+ sets of kitchens, 20,000+ home furniture, 155,000+ bathrooms, are produced annually

In Conclusion

In the end,our US business trip was not just a venture into a new market. And it was a learning experience, a collaborative endeavor, and most importantly, a step towards understanding and serving our customers better. PA Kitchen is not just about cabinets and vanities; we are about dreams, aspirations, and the heart of homes. We thank the United States for its warm reception, and we promise, this is just the beginning.

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