Five basic principles to know when decorating kitchen

Five basic principles to know when decorating kitchen

Principles of operation process

When planning the space of the cabinet reasonably, try to determine the location of the articles according to the frequency of use, such as putting the filter screen near the sink, the cooker near the stove, etc., while the location of the food cabinet should be far away from the cooling holes of the kitchen utensils and the refrigerator, and keep dry and clean. Of course, we should pay attention to the safety when we store the goods.

Principles of energy lighting

Use sufficient lighting to improve efficiency and avoid the primary safety and efficiency of dangerous kitchen lighting. The light should be projected from the front so as not to produce shadows that hinder the work. In addition to using adjustable ceiling lamp as general lighting, a centralized light source is installed above the cabinet and work table, which makes it more convenient and safe to cut vegetables and find things. Some glass storage cabinets can be equipped with projection lamps, especially when some colorful tableware is stored inside, which can achieve good decorative effect.

Principles of lighting and ventilation

The daylighting in the kitchen is mainly to avoid direct sunlight, and to prevent the food, dry goods and condiments stored indoors from deteriorating due to the heat and light. In addition, ventilation is necessary. But there must be no windows above the stove, otherwise the flame of the gas stove will not be stable under the influence of the wind, and it will even be blown out by the strong wind, causing a major disaster.

Principle of efficient sewage discharge

Kitchen is a serious disaster area of room pollution. At present, the range hoods which are generally installed above the stove are all imitated foreign products, which are not beautiful and not very in line with China’s national conditions. Therefore, in the face of the fact that there is no ideal product in the market, it is necessary to install a ventilator at the top of the stove.

Principles of human engineering

When cooking in the kitchen, you must bend over for a long time, and through proper design, you can avoid the problem of backache. In addition to A-shaped kitchen, in other forms of kitchen, a triangular work area will be formed between the refrigerator, work table and stove table. The distance between the three sides must be more than 60 to 90 cm, so that the user will not be too close or too far when taking and placing food, and will not be too cramped when turning around.


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