How Semi Custom Cabinets Create Spaces You Love

How Semi Custom Cabinets Create Spaces You Love

What are semi custom cabinets?

Semi custom cabinets are a type of cabinetry between stock and custom cabinets in terms of price, quality, and customization options. They offer a balance between the affordability of stock cabinets and the flexibility of custom cabinets.Making them an attractive choice for many homeowners.

Key Features of Semi Custom Cabinets

1. Design Flexibility: Semi custom cabinets provide more design options than stock cabinets.Standard sizes and designs is including in it. You can choose from a variety of door styles, materials, finishes, and hardware.Allowing you to personalize your cabinetry to match your unique taste and home aesthetics.

2. Quality Construction: Different with high-end custom cabinets.Semi custom cabinets typically offer better quality and craft than stock cabinets. They are often made with higher-quality materials and feature more durable construction, ensuring that your cabinets will last for years to come.

3. Customizable Sizes: Unlike stock cabinets, which come in fixed sizes.Semi custom cabinets can be modified to fit your specific space requirements. While they may not offer the same level of customization as custom cabinets, they provide a greater degree of flexibility in terms of dimensions.Helping you maximize your storage and functionality.

4. Affordability: Semi custom cabinets are generally more affordable than fully custom cabinets.Making them a popular choice for homeowners who want to balance budget and design flexibility. While they may be more expensive than stock cabinets.They offer a higher level of customization and quality, providing better value for your investment.

Custom vs Semi Custom Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen renovations or new constructions, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right cabinetry. The type of cabinets you select can significantly impact the overall aesthetics, functionality, and budget of your kitchen project. In this paragraph, we will explore the differences between custom and semi-custom cabinets. Exploring their advantages and disadvantages.And how to decide which one is the best option for your kitchen.

Advantages of Custom Cabinets

1. Unlimited Design Options: Custom cabinets provide endless design possibilities. Allowing you to create a unique and personalized kitchen that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

semi custom cabinet

2. Precise Fit: Custom cabinets are built to fit your specific kitchen layout perfectly.Ensuring no wasted space and a seamless integration with the rest of your design.

3. High Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: Custom cabinets are often made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.Thereforce,they are durable and long-lasting.

Disadvantages of Custom Cabinets

1. Cost: Custom cabinets are typically more expensive than semi custom or stock cabinets due to the higher level of customization and craftsmanship involved.

2. Longer Lead Time: The production and delivery of custom cabinets can take longer than semi-custom or stock cabinets.It might be a concern if you’re on a tight project timeline.

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custom cabinet

Advantages of Semi Custom Cabinets

1. Personalization: With semi custom cabinets, you can create a unique and personalized look for your kitchen or bathroom.Tailoring your cabinetry to suit your design preferences and storage needs.

2. Space Optimization: By offering customizable sizes and configurations, semi custom cabinets allow you to optimize your space.Making full use of your available storage.

3. Better Quality: As they are often made from higher-quality materials and feature more robust construction.Semi custom cabinets are a more durable and long-lasting option compared to stock cabinets.

4. Cost-Effectiveness:Although budget of semi custom is not friendly as stock cabinets.Semi custom cabinets provide a more affordable alternative to custom cabinets, giving you greater design flexibility without breaking the bank.

Disadvantages of Semi Custom Cabinets

1. Limited Customization: Semi custom cabinets may not offer the same level of customization as custom cabinets.It could limit your design options.

2. Potential for Wasted Space: Since semi custom cabinets are not tailored to your specific kitchen layout, there may be some wasted space or imperfect fits.

semi custom cabinet

How to Choose Between Custom and Semi Custom Cabinets

When deciding between custom and semi custom cabinets, consider the following factors:

1. Budget: Determine your budget for kitchen cabinets. If cost is a major concern, semi-custom cabinets may be a more affordable option.

2. Design Preferences: Evaluate your design preferences and the level of customization you desire. If you have very specific design requirements, custom cabinets may be the better choice.

3. Project Timeline: Consider the timeline of your kitchen project. If you need your cabinets quickly, semi-custom cabinets may be more suitable due to their shorter lead time.

Ultimately, the choice between custom and semi-custom cabinets depends on your unique needs, preferences, and budget. By carefully considering these factors, you will be able to make an informed decision and create a beautiful and functional kitchen that suits your lifestyle.

Different Types of Semi Custom Cabinetry

Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi custom kitchen cabinets offer a balance of customization and affordability. For many homeowners, semi custom cabinets provide sufficient flexibility to create a kitchen that fits their needs while keeping costs in check. They can choose from a range of door and drawer front styles.They can also modify cabinet heights, depths, and add features like pull-out trays based on their kitchen’s dimensions.While not fully custom, semi custom cabinetry allows for a tailored kitchen aesthetic within a reasonable budget. For those wanting more flexibility than stock but not wanting to pay premiums for fully custom.Semi custom cabinets are an attractive option worth considering for your kitchen remodel.

semi custom kitchen cabinet

Best Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets in 2023

Shaker Style:Shaker style cabinets feature a clean-lined design with a flat recessed center panel and square edges. They have classic look and pairs well with many kitchen aesthetics from modern farmhouse to contemporary. Shaker cabinets are a perennial favorite because they provide a timeless style.

Transitional Style :Transitional cabinetry blends elements of traditional and modern design. They might incorporate simpler lines and a subdued color palette with touches of moulding or ornamentation. Transitional style aims for a balance of casual elegance and simplified sophistication. It continues to gain popularity due to its broad appeal and ability to complement a variety of decor.

Modern Style : Modern kitchen cabinets have a sleek, minimalist style with simple slab doors and drawer fronts.It often using a glossy or high-gloss finish. They use streamlined pulls or touch latches and maximize storage space with full extension glides and deep drawers. The contemporary, high-design look of modern cabinetry has become increasingly popular.

Matte Black Finish : Matte black cabinetry, especially on lower kitchen cabinets has become an graceful designer choice. The rich black finish has a sophisticated quality. That provides contrast with countertops and backsplashes. When used on kitchen islands or base cabinets, matte black cabinetry creates a striking focal point in the room. It pairs well with brass or brushed nickel hardware for a fashion look.

Semi Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Semi custom bathroom cabinets provide an affordable customization option for your space. Rather than settling for basic stock cabinets or paying premiums for fully bespoke ones.Semi custom cabinets allow you to tailor sizes, layouts, and styles.Satisfy your bathroom’s needs while staying within budget.For cabinetry surrounding a vanity, semi custom allows you to create a gorgeous yet cost-efficient focal point. You can choose wood type, from oak to mahogany to maple.Select drawer and door fronts to match your decor.Revising cabinet box sizes to fit your wall space and storage needs. The result is a vanity area that balances style and functionality.While standard cabinet options work for some bathrooms, many homeowners find semi custom designs provide an ideal level of personalization.

semi custom bathroom cabinet

Best Semi Custom Bathroom Cabinets in 2023

Shaker style cabinets in gray or white: For small bathrooms, shaker cabinets in neutral colors like gray or white are graceful. Helping make the space feel open and airy. The simple, clean lines of shaker cabinets also give a timeless look.

Espresso or walnut cabinets: If you bathrooms are medium or large bathrooms.Darker wood tones like espresso or walnut will be popular for semi custom cabinets. These bold, warm colors can make a statement in a bigger bathroom.

Wood veneer or laminate cabinets: Wood veneer and laminate are high-quality materials for semi custom bath cabinets. They have many optons like oak, maple and ash.Providing a natural wood grain look. Thermofoil cabinets with seamless vinyl coating provide another budget-friendly choice.

Matte black hardware: Matte black hardware and knobs are popular choice.It can pair with semi custom bath cabinets in both light and dark colors. They provide an elegant finish. Brushed brass or brushed nickel also work well.

Open shelving: Adding open shelving to a semi custom bathroom is a trend for 2023. It provides a place to display decorative items like candles, baskets or linens. The open shelving also makes the space feel more open and airy.

How Semi Custom Cabinets Offer Personalization Options

Material selection

The material you choose for your semi custom cabinets is extremely important. It determines the overall look, feel, durability and cost of your space. Some of the best options include:

1. Wood veneer: Wood veneer uses thin wood sheets glued to cabinet panels. It provides an authentic wood grain look at a lower cost than solid wood. Popular choices include oak, maple and ash. Wood veneer works well for those wanting an organic yet budget is friendly.

2. Laminate: Laminate is a plastic layer that is bonded to cabinet panels Providing different finishes like wood or stone. Laminate lasts well and is resistant to impact, scratches, and stains. It offers an affordable choice for contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Thermofoil: Thermofoil is a vinyl film heat-bonded to medium density fiberboard (MDF) to create a seamless surface. It provides a perfect, low-maintenance finish at a lower cost. Thermofoil works great for modern semi custom cabinet designs.

4. Solid wood: For those wanting the ultimate in luxury.Solid wood like cherry, walnut or mahogany are premium options for semi custom cabinets. They provide longevity, natural beauty and value. While more expensive, high-quality solid wood cabinets are considered an investment.

solid wood semi custom cabinet

Door styles and finishes

The door style and finish you choose for your semi custom cabinets dramatically impacts the overall look of your space. Some of the popular options include:

1. Shaker style doors: Shaker style cabinet doors feature a simple, clean-lined design with a recessed center panel. They provide a timeless, versatile look that works well for both contemporary and traditional spaces. Shaker style doors pair nicely with most types of cabinet finishes.

2. Slab style doors: Slab cabinet doors have a flat, sleek design without any grooves or panels. They convey a very modern, minimalist style. Slab doors work best with laminate, thermofoil or high-gloss lacquer finishes.

3. Distressed or rustic finish: If you prefer a cozy feel.A distressed paint or stain finish with rubbed edges, wormholes and dents works greatly for semi custom cabinets. Distressed finishes like ash grey or tobacco go well in farmhouse, cottage and cabin spaces.

4. High-gloss lacquer: High-gloss lacquer finish in a bold color can express elegant. It usually has color in ruby red, emerald green or sapphire blue. Making a dramatic statement in an upscale kitchen or bathroom space. They suit for both traditional and modern cabinet door styles.

With so many door style and finish options for semi custom cabinets.Homeowners can truly create a space that reflects their unique style and needs. The choices are almost endless!

semi custom cabinet

Hardware choices

The hardware you select for your semi custom cabinets, including knobs, pulls and hinges.Providing the perfect opportunity to add a decorative finishing touch that reflects your personal style. Some of the top hardware trends for semi custom cabinets include:

1. Matte black hardware: Matte black knobs, pulls and hinges are a popular choice to pair with both light and dark cabinet finishes. Matte black hardware conveys a sleek dramatic style.Work well for contemporary, modern and rustic designs.

2. Brushed brass: Brushed brass hardware provides a touch of warmth. It coordinates nicely with wood cabinet finishes like walnut and chestnut. It also suitable for navy blue cabinets. Brushed brass hardware fits transitional, eclectic and farmhouse styles.

3. Brushed stainless steel: Brushed stainless steel is a classic choice for cabinet hardware.It fits almost any decorating style from industrial to traditional.Providing an understated, polished look and professional quality finish. Stainless steel hardware is rust and tarnish-resistant.

4. Hidden hinges: Hidden or concealed cabinet hinges are installed inside the cabinet. The door is only visible when closed. They provide a high-end custom finish at a lower cost than pocket doors. Hidden hinges pair well with styles like mid-century modern that emphasize a minimalist, streamlined design.

Hardware is the ideal way to tie all the elements of your semi custom cabinets together. They can reflects your desired decorative style. Have fun with mixing and matching different hardware types, metals and patterns for a custom look. The options for upgrading your space with hardware choices are almost limitless!

cabinet door handles

Storage solutions and accessories

Semi custom cabinets provide the perfect opportunity to create customized storage solutions for your space. Some of the top accessories for maximizing cabinet storage include:

1. Pull-out trays: Pull-out trays, also called drawer organizers.It sit inside cabinet drawers to keep items organized and separated. They are ideal for organizing cutlery, utensils, makeup, craft supplies and more. Look for pull-out trays made of bamboo, steel or acrylic.

2. Lazy Susans: Lazy Susans provide accessible storage for items that would otherwise be hard to reach. They spin for easy access to spices, pots, pans, canned goods and other supplies stored in the back of corner cabinets. Lazy Susans made of solid wood, steel or acrylic is a good choice.

3. Roll-out shelves: Roll-out shelves bring cabinet contents forward for easy access, then slide back into place when done. They are great for storing pots, pans, appliances and pantry items. Choose roll-out shelves made of heavy-duty chrome, wood or steel for longevity.

4. Waste bin cabinetry: For an integrated look, choose semi custom waste bin cabinetry that matches your other cabinet doors and drawers. Waste bin cabinetry contains a built-in space for separating recyclables, compost and trash. They help keep waste organized and out of sight.

The customized storage solutions and accessories you choose for your semi custom cabinets depend on how you use your space and the types of items you need to store. Talk to your cabinet designer about the best options for your needs and decorating style. With so many choices, you can create a highly efficient yet stylish space tailored to your lifestyle.

Tips for Personalizing Your Semi-Custom Cabinets

Assess your needs and lifestyle

To create semi custom cabinetry suited to your lifestyle.Determine how you use the space and your priorities first. Provide this information to your designer so they can craft options tailored to your needs. Consider what’s important like: storage for your items; the level and type of storage you need; if you prefer built-ins or your own accessories; who shares the space and their input; your ideal feel – cozy or contemporary? This impacts materials, colors and hardware and your budget to guide choices. Focus the designer on what really matters to you. The results will be a highly functional yet stylish space you’ll love.

Choose a design theme or style

Selecting a design theme gives direction to your cabinetry project. Consider your tastes and how you want the space to feel. Maybe contemporary with clean lines, rustic for a cozy feel or traditional for an elegant style? Hardware, colors, materials and accents should reflect your theme.Let your designer know your style theme so they suggest cabinets, hardware and counters to bring your vision to life. Focus on elements fit to your theme and also meet your needs and budget. A perfect design makes a space feel professionally tidy.

Select a complementary color palette

Choosing a complementary color palette impacts the overall tone and feel of your space.Selecting colors that reflect your design theme so that you enjoy seeing and living with daily. Dark, bold colors create a dramatic look. While light, neutral tones open up a small space. Stain or paint color samples help to envision a scheme in the actual space.Discuss cabinet and accent colors you’re drawn to with visual samples in hand. Trust your designer to suggest a suitable palette based on your theme, space and tastes. The combination of cabinet and accent colors you select will influence your kitchen or bathroom becomes. Cabinet colors are highly impactful since cabinets visually dominate a space. A well-planned color palette results in a area you find stylish yet also reflective of your personality and needs. Consider your space, style and tastes when making this important design decision.

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Unique details and features add custom touches that make a space truly your own. Discuss special accents with your designer to incorporate into cabinetry suited to your style.Glass cabinet doors to display decorative dishware in a kitchen. Distressed cabinets with intentionally rubbed edges for rustic charm. Cabinet panels installed only partially up the wall for architectural interest.Above these are nice details for your semi custom cabinets.Your cabinet professional likely offers or can source a variety of details to reflect your personal tastes. Focus the conversation on accents that make you smile and bring joy whenever you see and use them. Those special touches create a space that feels fully customized to your lifestyle and design preferences.Though cost and feasibility must be weighed.Do not forget to budget for unique features important to you. Once installed, custom cabinetry details generate satisfaction for years to come through their style.

Cost of Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Material:

Wood veneer or laminate: $50 to $200 per linear foot
Stained or painted wood: $100 to $500 per linear foot
Stainless steel: $200 to $800 per linear foot

Door Style:

Slab: $50 to $100 per door
Paneled or detailed: $75 to $200 per door
Glass: $100 to $300 per door

Cabinet Grade:

Economy (vinyl, melamine): $200 to $500 per cabinet box
Mid-range (wood, plywood): $400 to $1,000 per cabinet box
Premium (solid wood, dovetail): $700 to $1,500 per cabinet box


Pull-out tray: $50 to $200 each
Waste/recycle bin: $200 to $500 each
Lift system: $500 to $1,500 per mechanism
Built-in charger: $100 to $300 each


Laminate: $20 to $50 per square foot
Ceramic tile: $10 to $30 per square foot
Granite: $50 to $100 per square foot
Quartz: $50 to $120 per square foot
Concrete: $80 to $150 per square foot
Wood (butcher block): $30 to $70 per square foot

The total cost of semi custom kitchen cabinets typically ranges from $10,000 up to $50,000 or more for a standard 10×12 foot kitchen. The national average cost is around $20,000. Your final price depends on the specific materials, accessories, and countertops you choose. Discussing your budget upfront with your designer will help guide you to choices. That provide the look and function you want at a price aligned with your goals.

Best Semi Custom Cabinet Manufacturers

After knowing the advantages of semi-custom cabinets, you must be eager to create your own charming semi-custom cabinets. Choosing a good manufacturer is the first step to building a successful one. Here are the top ten best semi-custom cabinet manufacturers.And I will introduce them one by one for you.

1. Diamond Cabinets

semi custom cabinets makers

Diamond Cabinets is an affordable semi custom cabinets maker producing high quality semi-custom wood and laminate cabinets in traditional, contemporary and transitional styles. They offer everything from solid wood cabinetry to thermofoil and laminate, covering all price points. With a huge selection of on-trend finishes like gray and white washes, they make it easy to get a custom look at lower cost. Diamond Cabinets receives very good reviews for style, value and service.

Key Products

  • Semi-custom wood cabinets 
  • Laminate and all-purpose cabinets

2. KraftMaid Cabinetry

semi custom cabinets manufacturer

KraftMaid is a excellent semi custom cabinets manufacturer of semi-custom wood, laminate and painted cabinets. They are known for a wide range of budgets from the Essentials line up to their Premium and Designer series. Their Cabinet Solutions site makes the selection and ordering process straightforward. KraftMaid receives top reviews for beautiful, quality products that are readily available and easy to get installed. They are a great choice for DIYers and homeowners looking for a trusted brand at an affordable price.

Key Products

  • Semi-custom wood
  • Laminate and painted cabinets

3. MantelCraft

semi custom cabinets manufacturer

MantelCraft produces high quality heirloom-style wood cabinets in rustic, traditional and contemporary designs. Using solid woods like oak, hickory and alder, they handcraft each semi-custom cabinet. MantelCraft is recommended for homeowners wanting stunning fully custom cabinetry at a lower cost. Their cabinets are highly rated for craftsmanship, stylish looks and a lifetime warranty, though the ordering process can be more complex than other brands.

Key Products

  • Semi-custom wood cabinets with rustic
  • Traditional and contemporary styles

4. Waypoint Living Spaces

semi custom cabinets maker

Waypoint Living Spaces offers a wide selection of framed and full access semi-custom wood cabinets. It is a mature semi custom cabinets maker.Ranging from entry level to completely custom, they provide cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, closets and garages. Waypoint is a great choice for homeowners wanting high quality wood cabinets tailored to their needs with styles from classic to modern in the latest finish. They feature a variety of wood types like oak, maple and hickory as well as paints and stains. Shipping and installation services are also available. Reviews mention their good value for the quality.

Key Products

  • Semi-custom framed cabinetry
  • Full-access cabinetry

5. Marsh Furniture Company

semi custom cabinet supplier

Marsh Furniture is a semi custom cabinets supplier.Providing premium wood, laminate and veneer semi-custom cabinets at more affordable prices. Founded in 1946, Marsh offers traditional stained and painted cabinetry for kitchens, pantries, bathrooms and libraries. They are rated well for American-made customizable cabinetry, an easy selection process and fast shipping throughout the U.S. and Canada. Reviews describe Marsh Furniture products as high value for the quality. Their frameless cabinets provide modern looks at lower cost.

Key Products

  •  Semi-custom wood
  •  Laminate and veneer cabinets

6. Home Decorators Collection

semi custom cabinet manufacturer

Home Decorators Collection sells stylish semi-custom wood, MDF and laminate cabinets for kitchens and baths through Home Depot. With on-trend choices like gray cabinets, matte white finishes and brushed nickel hardware, they make it easy to get an upscale custom look at lower cost. Home Decorators is a good option for DIYers wanting fashionable yet affordable cabinetry and convenient shipping and installation through Home Depot. Reviews rank them high for selection and value.

Key Products

  • Semi-custom wood
  • MDF
  • Laminate and veneer cabinets

7. Aristokraft Cabinetry

semi custom cabinets provider

Aristokraft Cabinetry produces mid-range semi-custom wood, laminate, melamine and veneer cabinets for kitchens, baths, offices and garages. As a brand of Fortune BrandsAristokraft provides a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary in stock and made-to-order options. Aristokraft receives good reviews for offering reliable, quality cabinetry through local dealers at reasonable prices. They are a trusted, well-known brand for those wanting classic custom options on a budget.

Key Products

  • Semi custom wood
  • Laminate cabinets
  • Melamine cabinets
  • Veneer cabinets

8. Kitchen Cabinet Kings

semi custom cabinets provider

Kitchen Cabinet Kings manufactures and sells semi-custom wood and MDF cabinets direct to homeowners. By cutting out the middleman, they are able to provide high style at a lower cost. Their shaker, modern and traditional cabinets come fully assembled and with a lifetime warranty. Kitchen Cabinet Kings is a highly affordable option for renovating kitchens, baths and offices on a budget. They ship cabinets across the U.S. and Canada, with most orders delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. Reviews mention great value for the quality and style.

Key Products

  • Semi-custom wood
  • Plywood cabinets
  • MDF cabinets

9. Dynasty Countertops and Cabinetry

semi custom cabinets supplier

Dynasty Inc is a family-owned company that has produced high quality semi-custom wood cabinets and countertops for over 30 years. They are known for a custom design process tailored to each client’s needs, budget and style preferences for kitchens and baths. Dynasty uses premium woods such as cherry, maple and hickory along with natural stone countertops. They provide handcrafted cabinetry in traditional, Tuscan and contemporary designs. Dynasty receives strong reviews for custom style, craftsmanship and service, though at a higher cost. They are a good choice for those wanting a full custom experience.

Key Products

  • Semi-custom wood cabinets
  • Stone countertops
  • Tile

10. PA Kitchen

semi custom cabinets suppliers

PA Kitchen designs and manufactures high-quality kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and bedroom wardrobes for the global commercial construction industry. They are semi custom cabinets suppliers and builders choose most often for quality work at big cost savings.PA Kitchen uses solid construction techniques and top-grade materials to ensure its kitchen products are built to last. Not to mention that the company’s automatic intelligent manufacturing helps streamline customization capability.

Key Products


In conclusion, semi-custom cabinets offer homeowners a best choices.More personalization options than stock cabinets as well as lower prices than fully custom options. By choosing from a range of materials, door styles, finishes, hardware and storage solutions. You can create cabinetry that is uniquely suited to your space and needs.While still fitting your budget.

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