Kitchen cabinet trends take the lead in kitchen and furniture design. In 2021, there are 5 new trends that amaze the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet trends


The outbreak of the coronavirus has from time to time forced the government to limit people’s movements and ways of socializing. Most people are now indoors as a way of trying to flatten the curve of infections. With so many people indoors, people have found themselves spending so much time in the kitchen trying out their favorite recipes.

It is at this time that people have realized what they can add or change in their kitchens to bring them up to date with the current trends and fashion. One of the many features that need an update is the cabinets. This article gives information regarding kitchen cabinet trends that will turn heads in 2021.

Kitchen Cabinet Trend One: Open Cabinets

Beautiful luxury home kitchen with white cabinets. Although it is construed to be an outdated trend, open cabinets seem to be slowly making their way back into contemporary life. People have begun reintroducing open cabinets and doing away with closed block cabinetry. One of the most intriguing features of this trend is the shelves inside the open cabinets. This trend is common with people that have precious souvenirs and want to display them to their visitors. The souvenir could be that heirloom dish from grandmother, beautiful flower vases, or even a collection of trophies. A glass door is then used as a shield to protect the contents inside the open cabinetry. There is no better way to introduce a visual interest design in the kitchen than with open cabinetry.

Open Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Trend Two: Storage in Cabinets

Storage is always a major concern amongst most homeowners; besides, no one likes crowded places. It becomes even critical if you have a limited amount of space in the kitchen. So many people are willing to pay any price to have as much space as they could. People with kids or bigger families know better. Deep cabinets, wall-to-wall, and floor-to-ceiling cabinets are used to increase storage spaces in the kitchen. Here, appliances can be tucked away from sight and only removed when needed. Some people have even gone a step further and made it possible to remove and tuck away the appliances at a single click of a button. Another addition you are likely to come across is a kitchen island underneath cabinetry for extra storage. You will be surprised at how much you can store in island cabinetry.


Kitchen Cabinet Trend Three: Painted Cabinets

For the longest time now, natural wood has enjoyed much favor amongst so many homeowners. This is because of its rustic brown color that displays the grains. However, in the recent past, painted cabinets are slowly making their way into many kitchens. This does not mean natural wood is going away anytime soon. It is not a wonder to see brightly colored cabinets in some kitchens. Some of the colors you may also come across in trendy contemporary kitchens include blue, green, white, and charcoal black. You can go either glossy or matte with each of these colors. You may also come across two-toned kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinet Trend Four: Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

As a way of creating extra storage, it is not surprising to see floor-to-ceiling cabinetry anymore. The countertop space between the upper and lower cabinetry is instead turned into extra storage space, leaving space for the sink and cooktop. This way, you have more floor space and enough space for tucking away appliances that used to clutter the countertops. For easy and faster access, people now have a kitchen ladder to reach the ceiling spaces. Even more surprising, the ladder is also tucked away from sight.


Kitchen Cabinet Trend Five: Clean-Lined Cabinets

Another trend to look out for in 2021 is clean-lined kitchen cabinetry. The framed cabinets with protruding handles are losing their popularity amongst a good number of homeowners. Instead, people are now turning to frameless glossy or matte cabinetry. For safe and clutter-free floor space, people are now opting for cabinetry without handles and recessed handles. Another great feature to look out for is the push-to-open buttons in clean-lined cabinets. This way, you do away with the handles that may sometimes prove a safety concern especially if you have kids around.

There you have it, some of the most intriguing kitchen cabinetry trends of 2021. The list does not stop here; we will see more inventions coming up as we go further into 2021 and beyond. It is imperative to note that only a great contractor can bring these trends to life. Choosing an inexperienced contractor can even make you regret embracing the change in the first place. Therefore, consider going for kitchen experts that have a good reputation.



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